Cartoon Sex – Does it make you tingle?

I’d seen it around, and it was something I’d often wondered, can animated porn really get you off? This is how I kind of unwittingly discovered the answer.

A little while back I found myself in a very strange world. It was in an online game, one of the first, and something which I was unfamiliar with at the time. It was a game where people could basically be any character they wanted to be, from human to animal to mythical being to anything in-between or even otherworldly; your imagination was the only thing limiting your options. The large majority chose to be a human-like avatar, they could portray themselves however they wanted, from clothing to appearance to personality. It was a bespoke alter-ego if you will, like a cyber doll roaming the diverse and rambling world that is known in this case as Second Life. You may have heard of it? I hadn’t, but I saw it on an episode of CSI one evening and it had sparked my curiosity enough for me to go take a look.

I’ve never been a huge gamer, so the initial in-world experience for me was a bit weird. It was effectively a cyber-world where you could interact with other people just as you do in the real world, the obvious difference being that in this world you were now presenting yourself as your character and not your real-life you. As with anything online, anonymity is a big factor. In this world you could be either sex, and in theory nobody would know any the better that the sex you chose to be in-world wasn’t your actual real life gender. There were many supposed girls who were actually g.i.r.l.s (guys in real life) and vice versa. Equally you could play any character you wished – you may be a polite middle aged accountant real-life, but in-world you could be anything from an obnoxious teenage skater boy to a street walking transsexual (of which there were surprisingly many).

As I said the initial experience was one that was weird and extremely surreal, but interesting enough for me to hang in there. After a week or so I was slowly getting the hang of it, and was starting to enjoy the fruits of this rather odd place. The first thing you really notice, is how people liked to make their avatars look. This was an opportunity for those who were perhaps less blessed in real life to make themselves the perfect little mini-me. The men were all 7ft tall with muscles on their muscles, granite chiseled chins and cocks swinging in the breeze like jungle vines; probably, I mean I’m just hazarding a guess, but their avatars were probably the exact opposite to their real life appearance. The women followed a similar path, imagine Barbie meets Pamela Anderson – mile-long legs, tiny waistline, tits like honeydew melons and hair as big as a house! This really was the opportunity for people to actually look like the person they always wanted to be, unfortunately it seemed like everybody’s ideal was exactly the same thing! Initial observations aside, I made myself a decent looking avatar, trying to avoid the clichéd excesses of everybody else, and continued exploring.

Now, on my in-world travels, somebody had once mentioned to me that it was possible for these little characters to indulge in sexual activity. This got my attention, because firstly, sex gets everybody’s attention and secondly, I thought it sounded ridiculous. Cartoon characters having sex? What kind of sexual gratification could anybody possibly achieve from that? So I thought, in for a penny, in for a pound, there’s no better way to find out than to try it out myself! First things first, I needed a cock. Your little avatar person didn’t come with male or female ‘bits’, so you had to purchase them and affix them to your character yourself. Like I said, this was a strange place. The cock of choice seemed to resemble an elephant’s trunk in size, which looked completely ridiculous, so I was a little more modest and got something a little more proportionate. Cock purchased and fitted, I was ready to go get me some pixel sex, but the thing is, I didn’t know where to find it.

I typed the word ‘sex’ into the in-game search engine and up popped over a hundred pages of possibility. Awesome! So I hit the first thing my cursor fell upon, a strip club in the red light district. It sounded perfect! Before I knew it I was teleporting through time and space (this is how you travel throughout this world – just like those dudes on Star Trek), and emerging from the ether in what was a gentleman’s club. There were girls working poles on stage, music was pumping, guys hanging around watching the girls and tossing them tips with in-world currency. It was just like a real life strip club, only on my computer screen. So I kind of settle in awhile, make myself comfortable and just try to get a feel of things. Before I knew it I got a message in my inbox. Communication in-world could either be public, for everybody in the vicinity to see, or private between the two parties. This message was private, and it was from one of the girls dancing on the stage. It was warm and friendly, putting me at my ease as I was a new face. Obviously the nicer the girls are to you, the more likely you might toss a tip their way, so it was important to not mis-understand their motives, as so many men seemed to do, falling head over heels in love with these cartoon characters within minutes – an ill advised practice considering that as I said, many of these girls are in fact g.i.r.l.s.

So me and this girl (at the time I was fairly sure she was female and subsequently managed to confirm it) were chatting and it was all very pleasant, and then up pops the subject of private rooms. She mentions to me that if I was willing to pay the fee for the room, we could go there and do anything I wished! The fee was equivalent to maybe a dollar in real currency so I was like, ‘Go go go!’ She jumps off her pole, and was soon to jump on mine but before that, she led me around the back and told me to hit a button. Button hit, I re-emerged in another room with a bed and a little hot tub. She was already up there, and now in a state of undress. Her little pixel character was now stood before me, as naked as the day she was um, ‘rezzed’. Just for information, the process of making anything appear in this world is known as ‘rezzing’. She told me to take off my cyber clothes, and jump onto the bed. It took awhile as I fumbled around taking off various garments and the occasional body part, I think my cock came off twice and my hair came off like three times but I did exactly as she asked and eventually got naked with all relevant bits in place except for one. I clicked another button and my cartoon cock re-appeared on my cartoon groin. One more click and what was once flaccid, was standing to attention like a Queen’s Guard. All good so far. However, I wasn’t quite sure how I was to jump on the bed, this was all still very new to me, until she explained that I was to click on the blue ball that hovered above it, and in doing so my avatar would then be animated. I did and it was! She clicked on a pink ball that hovered with it, and all of a sudden my little mini me was banging her little mini her on this great big bed! I was, as they say where I come from, gobsmacked! Our little people were going at it like rabbits. A menu then appeared on my screen, with a list of different well known sexual positions, doggy, missionary, 69, cowgirl, etc etc. I clicked on doggy, and in the blink of an eye our little players were tossed around and I was doing her doggy style. I clicked anvil, and then I was nailing her like a blacksmith! Very much to my surprise, I found myself feeling slightly aroused by what I was seeing. I couldn’t believe it but it was actually kinda hot! I’d never particularly been one to cyber, but this was made for it! So I started playing out a scene with some descriptive writing, like a narration of what was going on before me on screen and what I’d be doing if it were real life – to which my partner responded very warmly, adding her perspective in consecutive posts. I’d post a paragraph, and she would follow. It was cybersex with moving pictures and it was really rather enjoyable.

Two hours later, I’d fucked her all over the room, in every position you’ve ever heard of and some you probably haven’t! Suddenly, without moving my fat, lazy ass from my living room chair, I was a GOD! My partner, who I assume was pretty experienced in such activity, it was after all her chosen in-world employment, told me that she’d orgasmed 6 times in real life over the course of our cyber play session. ‘Wow!’ I thought to myself as we clicked our clothes back on. It was like a regular one night stand, you meet a stranger, get naked, fuck like animals, and then go your separate ways, only it was all on my computer screen. It was bizarre to say the least, but nonetheless enjoyable. We subsequently got together a few times more but now with a spring in my step, and an added confidence in this strange world, I set about playing the cyber field.

It was at this time that I realised that a good 90% of people playing this game were playing it for the reason of sex. It was basically why almost everybody was there. And as I gained more experience it was also clear that some people were very good at it, but most were not. With experience it also became easier to establish who was actually female and who was not. There were tell tale signs that usually gave it away. The other thing that surprised me was that you could find an avatar, a pixelated image, attractive. That notion alone seemed ridiculous to me, and something that beforehand I would have claimed an impossibility as far as I personally, was concerned. I mean come on, it’s a cartoon after all! But I did. Just as in real life, petite little dark haired girls were my thing. Add some tattoos, some piercings and a nice round ass and I was sold! It was really quite surprising to me. What was also surprising was the overall satisfaction you could achieve from cybering in this way. If you found a partner who was on the same sexual wave length as yourself, and into the things you were into, just as in real life some amazing sex could be had. In this world, you could be anything you wanted to be, and you could play out any sexual fantasy you wished to play out. For those with a creative mind and perhaps a sexual need they couldn’t satisfy in real life for whatever reason, this place was nirvana.

Obviously sex of this kind involves plenty of masturbation to actually make it a physical experience. But I would contest that it goes further than that. I found that with the right partner, you didn’t need to masturbate to get off. You could achieve a cerebral satisfaction, a kind of sexual euphoria that was akin to that of real life sex, just without the physicality. It was quite staggering to me, but nonetheless very real. There was a satisfaction to be had from logging on and finding yourself immediately in a scene instigated by somebody else, which together you developed to the point of sexual interaction through creative writing. I think that was the ultimate satisfaction for me, it was a challenge to my creative mind as much as it was a means of some form of sexual gratification.

The creative side notwithstanding, I also found the whole concept of cartoon porn, the fact that these images that looked like humans having sex, could be arousing to witness. The mere fact these images were in human form, mimicking human sexual activity, was enough to make my brain think wow, that’s really hot. The entire experience really opened my eyes as to what we as humans can find arousing. In basic terms, if to all intents and purposes something appears to be adult humans indulging in sexual activity, we can find it attractive. I am sure there have probably been studies exploring the subject in huge depth, but forget those, because we have a huge selection of animated porn for you to study in great depth right here on CLICK HERE to check it all out, and maybe next time I’ll tell you all about the time in-world when I was bullwhipped and butt fucked on a spit-roast by something I actually suspect was a dude! And guess what? That was kinda hot too!! I’m starting to think I might be a perv? Hmm…

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