The Porn Star Tournament is coming! We reviewed the most searched-for stars on our site and came up with the top 64 porn stars on We need your fan votes to determine who will win the tournament. The #porntourn kicks off on Monday, March 16th, 2015. Porn Star Tournament

Vote for your favorite porn stars in our Porn Star Tournament

Styled after the NCAA’s March Madness tournament, voters will determine the winners from 32 head-to-head match ups. Each week, votes will be tallied and the winning starlet in each match up will move on to compete in the next round, until only the final two remain in the championship showdown. The winning porn star will get a prize for herself and will donate $500 to a charity of her choice.

It’s very easy to cast your votes. Voting is free and runs from March 16 through April 26th, 2015. Since your participation as fans will determine which star wins, we implore you to vote in every bracket each week. Voting on the final two contestants will commence on April 20, 2015, and the winning starlet will be announced on April 27, 2015.

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Mother-Son Secrets IV features a Desi Dalton and Levi Cash in a passionate blackmail scenario.

In more exciting VOD news, Forbidden Fruits Films has released their latest taboo XXX movie, Mother-Son Secrets IV, on Forbidden Fruits Films consistently ranks in the Top 10 most popular studios each month on our site, and they don’t show a sign of slowing down either. You won’t want to miss these fiery hot MILFs  as they slickly seduce their own sons. And until November 1st, we’re the only online site that has Mother-Son Secrets IV.

Watch the trailer now and tell me this doesn’t pique your interest (and maybe more than that):

The sex scenes are believable constructions are very popular taboo family fantasies. It’s not easy to decide who to watch first- openers , head MILF in charge at Forbidden Fruits, and ?  Latina MILF and ? Maybe it’s the poolside scene with beautifully freckled and  ? Then again you might prefer the blackmail fuck between and .

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Treacherous from Severe Society Films is now live on HotMovies! We, along with our sister sites, are the only ones to have this epic fetish film available online for the next 30 days. Check out the trailer now (give it a few seconds to load):

Mistress Dee Severe and Jimmy Broadway, the owners of Severe Society Films, have been working on this 4 hour long film for over a year, along with co-director Aiden Starr. While the main players in this film include Aiden, Tim Woodman, Caroline Pierce, Slut Bottom Chris, Nikki Darling, Jessie Parker, Mickey Mod, Charli Piper, Ruckus, Dana DeArmond, Kiki D’Aire, Jay Taylor, Maia Davis, Marcelo, Anna Valentina, and Megan Cox, along with both Mistress Dee and Jimmy, there are approximately 50 people who appear in Treacherous.

Remember, you can only watch it online with us for the next month. And as a bonus to celebrate the VOD release of Treacherous, new users can get 10 minutes free on with the promo code TREACHEROUS.

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*This is actually Jack Benny.

Please allow me to introduce myself (you can get back to the category list in just a second, just hear me out awhile). My name is Si, and I’m very pleased to be making your acquaintance. Truth be told, when I got the gig here with I thought about it and did flirt with the idea of adopting a spiffy new porn name. You see them around, and some can be quite clever. The likes of Si Nner, or Exta Si were possibilities, but crap and too stripper! I then considered going South American (cos everything is a little more racy down there!) and was gonna use Juan Huppa DaBumBum, but thought that a little too ridiculous to ever expect anything I write to be taken seriously (it did become a twitter account though, and why I ever expect to be taken seriously is a mystery in itself). So anyway I played it safe, abandoned clever, and went with what my parents christened me!

Don’t ask me how I got here, I don’t even know myself. The phrase “more luck than judgment” springs to mind. You know those trips you have when you go away with the boys (or the girls), maybe on a stag or a long weekender, and you end up in Amsterdam or Vegas or somewhere equally “salubrious?” You hit the town on the first night convincing yourself you’re gonna pace yourself and before you know it you wake up face down in a park three days later, in a different city altogether, head thumping and wearing underwear that isn’t your own, with the faint scent of sex and melon-scented body spray wafting from various parts of your anatomy. You know you had a good time, but you just don’t know anything about the sequence of events that got you there. Well, that’s kinda similar to how I got here. I have absolutely no idea of what happened when and where or between whom, but here I am. Most would call it the dream job. I used to work in a law firm and yeah, there’s really no comparison – though both jobs involved lots of cocks and people being screwed, so I guess there are similarities in the most unlikely of things. I am, of course, very pleased to be here.

So my purpose here? Well, I’m not entirely sure (just kidding – I am totally sure, really now). I shall be sharing my thoughts about this, that, and a bit of the other, reviewing new movies, old classics, as well as discussing hot topics and hot movies (haha, see what I did there? That was possibly a little bit clever. A very little bit. Gimme a break. It’s my first post already!). Plus, I’ll be reviewing exclusives and generally talking about all things that fall under the huge banner that is sex. I come from the same point of view as you; I am a consumer and a fan who likes to watch people fuck. Let’s face it, if you can’t find what you like on to quench your pornographic thirst, then frankly you better give up trying! Have you seen the category list? There’s stuff on there Hef never even heard of! And they’ve created a way for you to get it, all rather brilliantly, on your very own terms! I mean holy load blower, is this not the best damn click your mouse ever made? I think it is!

So that’s my little introduction. Hello again, and goodbye for now, we shall meet again, probably very soon or possibly never at all when they read this and think, “That new guy, huh?”

See ya! is thrilled to announce that we exclusively have Digital Sin‘s latest installment of the Tabu Tales series,  All In The Family, a month before anyone else does. Check it out now to get your dose of family fun featuring , , , , , , , and .

Are you a non-essential government employee that got furloughed due to the government shutdown? If so, that really sucks, and I’m very sorry to hear that. I always like to think of the words of the great Ron Swanson in these moments of government absurdity.

ron swanson government quote

However, as shitty as the news has been lately for you; one company is trying to help out. has come out with one of the best promotional ideas I’ve seen in a long time. For all you government employees out of work, you have the chance to get a FREE vibrator from the site.

And this isn’t just some trick to get you to by something else from them. There’s no “spend $20 and get a free vibrator” or anything like that. is simply giving away 200 of these sex toys a day during the government shutdown.

free vibrator

 Now, the site has no way of verifying if you are or aren’t an actual government employee. So do the honorable thing and save the vibrators for those who really need it! If you’re still lucky enough to be working at your job, think about those poor folks sitting at home who have been deemed “non-essential”. They’ve had it tough as of late. And honestly, what else are they supposed to do besides masturbate all day with no job to go to? So stop being greedy and save the sex toys for those who really need a pick-me-up.

Oh, and if you think you can pull a quick one on the site and take advantage of this offer by ordering a bunch of free vibrators…think again! You see, has a strict one per person policy. Try to be sneaky, and you might just end up with nothing

We are canceling orders from greedy people. Order twice or order two different free gifts without making purchase and you will get nothing.

So instead of just sitting around and watching Republicans and Democrats fuck over the American public; turn on some literal dirty politics and have some fun with your brand new free vibrator.