Tony D and Zoey Foxx

So once we interviewed Levi Cash here at, we decided that the guys in porn just don’t get the credit they deserve. I know both men and women watch porn for the girls, but if you haven’t noticed lately, there are a hell of a lot of awesome guys in XXX movies. So, enough with this “stunt cock” business. Let’s meet the men who deliver the goods again and again for your entertainment. I’m happy to present once of the most enthusiastic dudes in adult today, the charming DILF Tony D.

I couldn’t wait to watch The Baron’s Whores (Les Putains du Baron in French), the latest plot-oriented porn video from French powerhouse studio Marc Dorcel. Dorcel has long reliably been recognized as a producer of sumptuous, high-end XXX movies. Just watching the trailer my co-worker made piqued my interest:

I was hooked by the Baron’s (played by Clarke Kent)’s quote at the beginning of the film, “Don’t ever say it’s just sex.”  And so begins the tale of JJ, a photographer’s assistant who becomes a fabulously wealthy pornographer whose life is heavily peppered with sexual adventures. Unfortunately, the Baron is suffering from creative, though not sexual, stagnancy. How meta of Dorcel to make a smut film about the trouble with making smut films! Not only that, but JJ is making amends for screwing over the models he shot earlier in his career by taking care of their daughters. As he says, “I haven’t always treated the women in my career well, but I make sure their daughters will never be exploited. Who knows how many of them could be mine?”

Everything about The Baron’s Whores signifies luxury-from the all star cast of both American and European porn stars, to the lush sets, tantalizing costuming, and the amount of heart-stopping group sex in the film. The Baron’s world is a world of exclusivity, and Dorcel’s production value paired with Gazzman’s directing excellently elevate this porn film to decadently chic hardcore. I suggest you take your time to watch the whole film. You can skip to the sex, but there really isn’t too much acting between the XXX scenes. Besides, it’s worth watching Dani Daniels direct a porn scene; the performers really don’t get raunchy with one another until she steps in to emphatically show them how to grab cocks and rub pussy. This is just one of a myriad of highlights from the film.

Dani Daniels in Dorcel's The Baron's Whores

Dani Daniels directing the a group sex scene before joining the fun

There simply isn’t a bad sex scene in this movie. My personal favorite scene is the second one as it alternates between JJ’s limo blow job from redhead Amarna Miller and Samantha Bentley‘s deliciously endless fuck scene with Mike Angelo. Samantha is one of the girls JJ is to look after, but she has other plans with her cook, Mike, recommended to her by JJ. It’s like watching the adult version of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. JJ plays with his iPad while Amarna sucks his rock hard cock, yet he seems disinterested in the act. It’s almost as though sex might be “just sex” for him in person while it’s much more than that when it comes to profiting from porn.

Look, I don’t mean to read too deeply in this fuck flick. It’s just a bit like sipping Laphroaig and letting the flavor settle into your palate while you get richly tipsy. Nothing is wasted in The Baron’s Whores. Everyone is the movie is getting what they want, and I encourage you to do the same.

Watch Marc Dorcel’s The Baron’s Whores now on Click here for are a few more clips to show you just what I’m talking about.



Porn Star, Director, and Studio Owner Levi Cash

Levi Cash is actually too busy to lean in real life.

After all of the films porn star Levi Cash has done as a performer and as a director, we’re thrilled to welcome him to the fold as a bona fide XXX studio owner too. Cash’s latest venture, Manipulative Media, has already hit the ground running here at In order to celebrate our exclusive 30 day release of Father’s Forbidden Fantasies 2, Manipulative Media’s debut film, we’ve this thoughtful interview with renaissance man Levi.

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Sexually Explicit 2 from B SkowFollowing the well-received, original Sexually Explicit, part 2 of the B. Skow’s Sexually Explicit series certainly does not disappoint. The film features four vignettes that are each visually impressive and deliciously different from the next. Beautifully shot in high definition with sexy close-ups that are lovelier than they are lurid, each scene begins with the premise of a wanton woman masturbating to her wildest fantasy. Each fantasy is then played out in full glorious detail for the viewer’s satisfaction.

Fans of B. Skow are familiar with his penchant for soundtracks that are both enticing and perfectly matched to his sexually explicit scenes. Each scene in Sexually Explicit begins with a musical interlude that sets the stage for each  lustful lady’s fantasy to play out as she imagines. , Anikka Albrite, , and perfectly play the roles of sexually driven women in need of fulfillment, performing their roles so expertly as to be completely believable. No faked orgasms here, these ladies are sizzling with authentic passion!

Particularly pleasing is the scene with real-life spouses Anikka Albrite and , a wild afternoon romp that combines hardcore lust with seduction that is both titillating and fully satisfying. Anikka sees Mick with another woman and cannot help but wonder what it would be like to have his hands running over her body instead. Mick’s oral skills elevate Anikka’s already red-hot passion and push the scene to new heights of ecstasy. Next, Holly Michaels is in lust over a beautiful car while  is in lust over the masturbating girl inside the car. Driven by Johnny’s man power and Holly’s’ desire for a true car guy, the scene moves from the garage to the living room, and continues to deliver with hardcore action and satisfying money shots!

In the third scene, Bonnie Rotten fantasizes she’s a naughty cheerleader, taken by  in an empty kitchen, her head bouncing off the cabinet doors while she’s being taken. Poor thing–the pounding below must have made her oblivious to the pounding her head was taking! Not to worry, this tattooed tart likes it rough! Finally, Brooklyn Chase dreams about a romantic interlude with  in an empty house. Complete with tasty treats that enhance her sweetness when St. Croix goes in for a taste, this scene is passionate and slow, the couple building up the tension until they can’t hold out another moment!

Director B. Skow pushes the boundaries of perception regarding what women truly desire with his newest line of films with Girlfriends Films. Traditionally a lesbian production company, Girlfriends Films and B. Skow engage audiences by depicting hardcore fantasies that are female driven, giving these films a validation that other production companies cannot boast. B. Skow expertly blends hardcore action with tasteful seduction that will appeal to both couples and singles looking for a tasty treat. This editor is perhaps a bit overzealous in her recommendation of the film, but is nonetheless eager for fans of masterful movies to see this stunning piece of work.

Watch Sexually Explicit 2 now on Need a little taste of the film to whet your appetite? Check out the free clips here.

Native American women in porn? It sounds like some PC protester’s dream, campaign doesn’t it? Adult entertainers who are connected with First Nations are exotic gems for many porn connoisseurs. Not that these ladies are using their heritage to brand themselves-quite the opposite, actually. No matter how much eroticism tribal heritage may hold for some, the business of sex doesn’t reserve special appearances for Native women who cannot perform. We give thanks to these women who can dance around ethnic stereotypes and bless the industry by putting it all on the table.

The Legendary Hyapatia Lee

Hyapatia Lee-This AVN award recipient is probably one of the most well known Native American woman in porn. Hailing from the “Golden Age of Porn,” Hyapatia is revered for her beauty. She graced many films with her voluptuous body and sizzling sex. Her fan base is worldwide, making her the most well known Native American woman in porn. Read the rest of this entry »

Every once in a while you come across a scene or an actress and think, “boy, I really wish she did porn.” It’s not hard to imagine some mainstream stars switching from Hollywood to porn. However, what if some mainstream directors made the switch? There are a bunch of directors out there that have a unique and very specific style. For instance, you always know a Tarantino when you see one. Well, this got me thinking. What would porn be like if certain Hollywood directors were the ones running the show?

Michael Bay

Michael Bay explosions

Michael Bay loves explosions. It’s as known as the sun rises in the east that if you’re watching a Michael Bay flick, you’re going to see some shit blow up. This would make a fantastic transition to the world of porn. There is a serious lack of action-themed porn movies out there right now. Imagine if a guy was about to blow his load on a girl’s face and right as he did…BOOM! Just explosions everywhere, leaving the entire room destroyed with only remnants of semen left.

Tim Burton

Tim Burton Johnny Depp Helena Bonham Carter

Tim Burton totally has a secretly fantasy about Johnny Depp having sex with his wife, Helena Bonham Carter. I mean, he uses them both in pretty much every movie he’s ever created. Who knows, maybe he has some cuckold fetish. I suppose there are worse choices for having someone bang your wife than Johnny Depp. He’s pretty dreamy. Aside from this angle, Burton would also create probably the weirdest porno ever.

Christopher Nolan

Michael Caine Christian Bale

Nolan is a master of plot twists in his films. Think of movies like The Prestige and Memento for example. He would create the most complex porn ever. You’d most likely have to watch it 4 times before you could actually jerk off to it just so you could understand what it is you’re jerking off to exactly. But then when you finally get it, it’ll be the greatest masturbation session you’ve ever experienced. Or maybe it’d just be gay sex between Michael Caine and Christian Bale… Plus, if Nolan directed porn, he could totally throw in that “BRRRAAAWWMMM” sound from Inception.

Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson

If Wes Anderson made a porn movie, it would be the artsiest and most angsty adult film ever created. The characters would all be severely depressed and rarely say anything or make any noises. However, when they did become audible, it’d be sure to come off as something incredibly profound. Have you ever heard a pretentious orgasm? Well I bet you would in this film. When the guy was about to finish I imagine he’d look at the girl with a gloomy look on his face and state, “I’m going to cum on your face now.” But this would be said in the most deadpan way imaginable.  The girls face, void of any emotion at all, would be covered in this freshly blown load, and the screen would fade to black.

Today, March 14th, may just be the most important day of the year for men everywhere. That’s because 3/14 isn’t just Pi Day. The day exactly one month after Valentine’s Day also happens to be Steak and Blowjob Day. It’s a holiday for men in which there are no cards or flowers or expensive gifts. There are only two things needed on this glorious day. Steaks and blowjobs. And really, could you ask for a better combination of things? I think not.

steak and blowjob day

The only problem is that sometimes it’s hard to find willing participants to just randomly offer you blowjobs. I mean, if you don’t have a significant other, you can always cook yourself up a nice steak on your own. But the bj will prove to be slightly more difficult if you’re riding solo this March 14th. That’s where HotMovies comes in. We realize not all of you out there have a special someone to go down on you today. And that makes us sad. It’s a damn holiday after all. There shouldn’t be a man out there deprived of a blowjob today. Well, don’t worry. We’re here to help.

See, at over at you can find over 4,500 videos that focus around blowjobs. That’s a shit ton of videos to choose from. I highly doubt any girl you might be with is willing to go down on you more than like 3 times today. But that’s why we’re better than a real girl. Because here, you can watch thousands of different bjs. And all different styles, too! You want the girl to deepthroat? No problem. Maybe you want to see some facials. Can do. Let’s be real. Chances are if you have a girlfriend, she’s not going to give you the type of blowjob you’ll find in porn. Yeah it’ll be good. But it’s not going to be that sloppy, aggressive kind of blowjob that’s just so hot. So hell, even if you’re not alone this Steak and Blowjob Day, forget your girl and come watch the kind of bj you’re into. Don’t settle for 3 minutes of reluctant sucking because she feels guilty. You deserve better!

I know Kate Upton doesn’t do porn… at least not yet. I’m still hoping that one day this will change. However, when I saw that she did a Zero G shoot for the latest  Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, I couldn’t not mention it. That’s right, the 21-year-old model defies the laws of gravity in this new issue. And it is quite the site to behold.

Kate Upton zero g

And then there’s this picture of her. You would have thought that it’d be impossible for her boobs to get any better than they normally are. But here we are. Apparently the wonders of zero gravity take already amazing boobs and make them even better.

Kate Upton zero g

But all this Zero G talk got me thinking. Since Kate Upton is unlikely to ever actually do porn, then maybe we should take porn to zero gravity! Think of the possibilities. I think the best part about Zero G porn would be the facials. The intricate levels that you could take  bukkake to would be unbelievably hilarious. Just imagine the guy blowing his load on one end and it slowly working it’s way over to a girl being held down on the other end. Then BOOM! Gravity defying cum shot right to the face. You could even make it a game. Have two guys getting blow jobs one one side and another girl on the other side. When the guys cum, they have to try and aim their loads so it hits the girls face on the other side. Whoever hits the girl wins. Someone get some porn stars on a zero gravity flight and make this happen ASAP!

Today is Valentine’s Day. Quite possibly the shittiest of all the holidays to be alone on. Everywhere you turn romance is being shoved down your face. Don’t even think about going on Facebook today if you’re already feeling down and lonely. You’d have to be a true masochist to do that to yourself. It’s nothing but photos of couples being affectionate and long written statuses about how much people love each other. But as tough it is, don’t get too down. There is one thing out there that is always there for us loners. And that thing would be porn.

bender valentine's day meme

Forget the fancy clothes, expensive dinner, and roses that are just going to die after a few days. Is that stuff really what you want? No, it’s not. Chances are the only reason you’re feeling down this Valentine’s Day if you’re alone is because you’re not going to get laid. Well screw those people. You know what we’re going to do? We’re going to jerk off all damn night. While all those couples out there are having their 20 minutes of sex and calling it a night, we’re going to go at it for hours! We’re not going to have to try and buy our way into getting a blow job. No, you want blow jobs? Here, have all the fucking blow jobs and deepthroating you could ever ask for.

And if you really want to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit, then you can check out these films to get the full experience!

Valentine’s Day Getaway

 Valentine’s Day Assacre 2

So instead of being sad and mopey this Valentine’s Day, think of all the money you’re saving and how you don’t have to beg for any type of specific sex that you might want. You have something so much better. You have the company of tons of hot girls who will give you whatever you want. Let porn be your Valentine this year.


Ron Jeremy porn

This is the Ron Jeremy we’re used to seeing. He’s most often seen accompanied by a beautiful naked woman. Jeremy has made a career out of XXX material. The porn legend has been appearing in adult films since the late 70s. But now he’s taking his talents to a PG-rated movie. Ron Jeremy will be playing a role in the new film British Hustle, a parody of the Oscar-nominated film American Hustle. Ron will be playing the part of the con-man portrayed by Christian Bale in the original. This is the perfect fit. I have complete faith that Mr. Jeremy can pull off this role.

Just as Christian Bale is nominated for Best Actor at the 2014 Oscars, Ron Jeremy is nominated for Best Actor at the Toscars, an award show specifically dedicated to parodies. So make sure you tune in on the February 26th to see if he won. This is just another notch in the belt for Jeremy’s career. With the recent ‘Wrecking Ball’ parody video and now this; it appears that the porn star is still going strong and will keep making quality entertainment for us all to enjoy for years to come.