The Porn Star Tournament is coming! We reviewed the most searched-for stars on our site and came up with the top 64 porn stars on We need your fan votes to determine who will win the tournament. The #porntourn kicks off on Monday, March 16th, 2015. Porn Star Tournament

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Styled after the NCAA’s March Madness tournament, voters will determine the winners from 32 head-to-head match ups. Each week, votes will be tallied and the winning starlet in each match up will move on to compete in the next round, until only the final two remain in the championship showdown. The winning porn star will get a prize for herself and will donate $500 to a charity of her choice.

It’s very easy to cast your votes. Voting is free and runs from March 16 through April 26th, 2015. Since your participation as fans will determine which star wins, we implore you to vote in every bracket each week. Voting on the final two contestants will commence on April 20, 2015, and the winning starlet will be announced on April 27, 2015.

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Mother-Son Secrets IV features a Desi Dalton and Levi Cash in a passionate blackmail scenario.

In more exciting VOD news, Forbidden Fruits Films has released their latest taboo XXX movie, Mother-Son Secrets IV, on Forbidden Fruits Films consistently ranks in the Top 10 most popular studios each month on our site, and they don’t show a sign of slowing down either. You won’t want to miss these fiery hot MILFs  as they slickly seduce their own sons. And until November 1st, we’re the only online site that has Mother-Son Secrets IV.

Watch the trailer now and tell me this doesn’t pique your interest (and maybe more than that):

The sex scenes are believable constructions are very popular taboo family fantasies. It’s not easy to decide who to watch first- openers , head MILF in charge at Forbidden Fruits, and ?  Latina MILF and ? Maybe it’s the poolside scene with beautifully freckled and  ? Then again you might prefer the blackmail fuck between and .

Make your viewing choice right now and watch Mother-Son Secrets IV on

Treacherous from Severe Society Films is now live on HotMovies! We, along with our sister sites, are the only ones to have this epic fetish film available online for the next 30 days. Check out the trailer now (give it a few seconds to load):

Mistress Dee Severe and Jimmy Broadway, the owners of Severe Society Films, have been working on this 4 hour long film for over a year, along with co-director Aiden Starr. While the main players in this film include Aiden, Tim Woodman, Caroline Pierce, Slut Bottom Chris, Nikki Darling, Jessie Parker, Mickey Mod, Charli Piper, Ruckus, Dana DeArmond, Kiki D’Aire, Jay Taylor, Maia Davis, Marcelo, Anna Valentina, and Megan Cox, along with both Mistress Dee and Jimmy, there are approximately 50 people who appear in Treacherous.

Remember, you can only watch it online with us for the next month. And as a bonus to celebrate the VOD release of Treacherous, new users can get 10 minutes free on with the promo code TREACHEROUS.

Clear your schedule now-you’ll want to see every minute of this kinky masterpiece!


Reconciling With Porn

Well any reader, my brief respite from porn has come to an abrupt end over the weekend.  The loneliness of a timid introvert was a key ingredient in eliciting such a change of heart.  My short-lived guilt-free eyes are no longer such as I lie watching bouncing bazookas and lust stiffened-members collide unabashedly in orgy infested rooms.   I cannot tell a lie – the traces of shame that linger after watching adult movies is no match for the glee that accompanies this titillating viewing experience.  A poem commemorating this fateful day follows:

Oh wanton, neglected love knife!

Where is thy succulent tulip?

Vibrant, pulsing night dreams

in a crowded, lonely city-

Guide your inquisitive essence.

Hi, any reader!  To introduce myself, I am the Sensitive Pornographer, a once avid fan of the medium now jaded by working for an adult VOD company. What once was a passion has now become a job – who would have thought one could tire of porn? To commemorate this parting of ways, I think a letter is warranted.

Dear Porno,

My heart is leaden with sorrow to mention that our time as companions must now come to an end.  It pains the very core of my being that you and I will never again be known as such, you and I.  You were there for me, in the waning hours of blackest night, always lending me a helping hand in times of need.  Your “oh yeahs” and “baby harder, that’s right” will not be forgotten, I assure you.  When you proclaimed with urgent immediacy, “Fuck me like there’s no tomorrow!” I crumbled inside, knowing in the most knowing of manners that your sincerity was indeed real.  Alas there will be no such tomorrow, for your fidelity, or lack thereof, has driven us apart.  I saw it coming, my newly departed beloved, when I walked in on you and name has been deleted engaged in a position I thought reserved for only us.  The remembrance of this occasion has become unbearable and I fear that it would only make matters worse, should we continue to see one another.  I leave you with happy tidings and the wish of bountiful rosy tomorrows in your future life.  Goodbye Porno, goodbye.


Kudos to those studios whose graphics departments design sleek yet understated box covers that serve to entice potential customers to their products. One such alluring example is Elegant Angel’s feature entitled The Bombshells 5 and is depicted below:

What I particularly like about the above image is the functional use of negative space. In other words, the cover is not crowded with too many illustrations nor is it too busy like certain other, lesser designs. The simplicity piques the viewer’s interest and makes them want to examine the content included in the movie. Elegant Angel is a good primer to consider in the course I’ve designated as Box Cover Aesthetics 101. Pay attention, apt students of pornography!

Another fine example to heed is titles from the New Sensations Romance  line. Take, for instance, the cover for The Laws Of Love shown below:

By having the performers shot fully clothed on the front cover, the studio lends something to the imagination of the viewer. While other studios may feature more graphic covers with all sorts of sexual activities emblazoned on the front, the New Sensations Romance line invites the user to explore the content to see what lurks inside. It also adds the romance aspect to porn and shows that sex isn’t always just fucking!

That’s all for this edition of Box Cover Aesthetics 101, folks. More to cum later!

The Super Bowl is coming up this Sunday, and one of the biggest parts of the whole spectacle is the commercials. The creative, over the top ads seem to be almost equal reason to watch as the game itself these days. People who aren’t interested at all in football will still tune in so they can be up to date the next morning at the water cooler talking about the funniest commercials from the night before.

Well, to join in on the fun, has made our own “Super Bowl” ad. The commercial’s main star is, the one and only, Ron Jeremy. Ron is then joined by 4 beautiful industry ladies: Asa Akira, Skin Diamond, Dani Daniels, and Claire Robbins. The hardest part about this commercial is deciding who looks the best.

 ron jeremy dave navarro

The 2014 XBIZ Awards were handed out on January 24th at the Century Plaza Hotel in California. is happy to announce that we have been named the 2014 XBIZ VOD Site of the Year. This is exciting news for us, and we’d like to thank all the fans out there who helped us win this. It was an exciting night full of stars and all of the best people in the industry. But since most of us aren’t lucky enough to attend this event and see all of these lovely ladies dressed up in person, some pictures will have to do.

remy lacroix

Here’s Remy LaCroix looking beautiful as ever posing with her award. I really like the outfit she chose. So many of the stars seemed to forget that they’re at an awards show for porn and tried to be way too glamorous. Remy was the perfect mix of looking good but fitting in the situation.

 skin aiden kissing

 Then this happened. Skin Diamond and Aiden Ashley taking a break from the festivities for a little make out session. I don’t think anyone was complaining.

 james riley trophy

James Deen and Riley Reid took a moment to joke around and pretend that their trophies were penises.

(more photos here)

As you can probably tell it was a fun night full a wide array of characters. But as always, it comes down to you guys, the fans, that make all of these awards possible. So thanks, and let’s hope we never get tired of watching porn.

Every month we like to take a look back at the previous year to see what movies were the most viewed. Well it just so happens that this time around it’s the recap of 2013 as a whole. So who reigned supreme over the course of the year? Well, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Girlfriends Films actually had the top 5 movies on the list. Number one on the list was a great film that’s well deserving of the title featuring a solid mix of mature and young stars including Jodi West, Brandi Love, and Prinzzess. So if you haven’t seen it, I’d highly recommend checking it out along with many of the other films here.

Rank Δ Title Studio
1 new Mother-Daughter Exchange Club Part 25 Girlfriends Films
2 new Women Seeking Women volume 85 Girlfriends Films
3 +4 Twisted Passions 7 – Lamoyne Hotel Girlfriends Films
4 new Lesbian Triangles 26 Girlfriends Films
5 new Girls In White 2012 Part 2 Girlfriends Films
6 new Girls Kissing Girls Volume Eleven Sweetheart Video
7 new Lesbian Analingus Sweetheart Video
8 new Deep Anal Drilling 4 The Ass Factory
9 new Evil Cuckold 6 Evil Angel – Sean Michaels
10 +17 Lesbian Storytime Theater Episode 1 Girlfriends Films
11 new Couples Seduce Teens Vol. 24 Pink Visual
12 new Anal Sweetness (Disc 1) Mike Adriano Media
13 new Anal Sweetness (Disc 2) Mike Adriano Media
14 -4 Taboo II Standard Digital
15 new Belladonna’s Dark Meat Five (Disc 1) Belladonna
16 new Memoirs Of Bad Mommies Vol. 17 Forbidden Fruits Films
17 new Memoirs Of Bad Mommies #16 Forbidden Fruits Films
18 new My Mom Likes Girls 2 Addicted 2 Girls
19 new MILF Shakes Filly Films
20 new Field Of Schemes Part 5 – Episode 18 Of The Thornhill Diaries Girlfriends Films
21 new Black Bi Cuckolding 10 Kick Ass
22 +22 Lesbian Seductions Older/Younger Vol. 40 Girlfriends Films
23 new Pump My Ass Full Of Cum 3 Jules Jordan Video – Jules Jordan
24 new Suck It Dry 10 (Disc 1) Jonni Darkko
25 new Fuck My White Wife 4 Black Market
Rank Δ Title Studio
1 new Women Seeking Women Volume 83 Girlfriends Films
2 new Women Seeking Women Volume 84 Girlfriends Films
3 new Lesbian Triangles Episode 25 Girlfriends Films
4 new Girls In White 2012 Part 1 Girlfriends Films
5 new Naughty Black Mom’s On Redheaded Babysitter Love’s Kitty
6 new The Masseuse Volume 3 Sweet Sinner
7 new Lesbian Masseuse Girl Candy Films
8 +8 Lesbian Storytime Theater Episode 1 Girlfriends Films
9 0 Taboo II Standard Digital
10 new Lesbian Truth Or Dare 8 Sweetheart Video
11 new Mothers & Sons Hard Candy Films
12 +39 Massage Creep #4 Porn Pros
13 new Deep Kissing Lesbians Girl Candy Films
14 new Mandingo Massacre 6 (Disc 1) Jules Jordan Video – Jules Jordan
15 new Mom’s Cuckold 10 Reality Junkies
16 +51 Mindy McCready – Baseball Mistress Vivid Celeb
17 new Lesbians Love Strap-Ons Girl Candy Films
18 0 Lesbian Seductions Older/Younger Vol. 40 Girlfriends Films
19 new Pump My Ass Full Of Cum 3 Jules Jordan Video – Jules Jordan
20 new Sinn Sage In: Lesbian Adventures Wet Panties Trib 3 Sweetheart Video
21 new Memoirs Of Bad Mommies 12 Forbidden Fruits Films
22 new Mandingo Massacre 6 (Disc 2) Jules Jordan Video – Jules Jordan
23 +9 Cuckold Stories 6 Digital Sin
24 -17 Mother-Daughter Exchange Club Part 24 Girlfriends Films
25 +17 Cougars, Kittens & Cock 2 Jules Jordan Video – Jules Jordan
At the beginning of every month I like to post this list to show what the most popular stuff on is. Well, I think it’s safe to say that you folks like Girlfriends Films. Seven out of the top twenty-five most watched videos on the site belong to the studio. Make sure to check back at the beginning of December to see if anyone can overtake Girlfriends Films for the number one spot!