Hillary Scott

The legendary HotMovies.com Blog continues our countdown of the most prolific female porn stars at HotMovies.com with the ultra-sexy Hillary Scott. Dig this- with over 55,000 porn stars at HotMovies.com, making into the top 10 most prolific stars is no small feat. These vixens have a huge sexual appetite and a prolific outpouring of material to keep you cumin’ for weeks.

No. 4 – Hillary Scott (695 scenes): The former $1 million Sex-Z Pictures contract star was once just a petite vixen with a shy smile, an unquenchable appetite for dirty sex and the possible need for a boob job. Then she made this movie. Then she got a fat contract and worked like few can work, on set ridiculous hours every week for a year. When that ended, did she take a leave of absence? Did she rest up? Nope, she just kept shooting. Today she’s the top blonde on our list and a fan favorite who’s equally adept with a cock in her hungry mouth or her teeny booty. Even today, Hillary can still pull simply her hair into pigtails to look like a college girl, which is appropriate since at the end of the day she’d rather be reading a book (for real).

Featured movies on Hotmovies.com are a great way to surf some of the best movies available on video on demand. Hard core fanatics usually have their preferred niches where they find the movies that whet their wicks. However, everyone, no matter how devoted to a star or a fetish, could use a little variety from time to time to make his porn viewing that much more exciting.

So the point of this post is to show everyone how easy it is to find a change of pace to add some fresh content to his porn viewing experience. And it really is easy to do if someone is willing to do a little surfing on the front page of Hotmovies.com to check out the featured movies.

Have a look at these four samples to get an idea of the variety of movies that you can find to watch:

Goddess is a movie that features one of the sexiest stars today, Sunny Leone, in some sexy solo scenes and performing oral sex that will drive you crazy. Sometimes, just straight up sexy stars doing sexy things is an excellent break from the hard core sex in other movies. Take a moment to soak up this beauty, and you’ll be exploding afterward.

Girls Get Fiery is an option for those people who are wondering what the lesbian craze is all about. Seriously, some porn watchers haven’t given a good lesbian movie a try. If you are one of them, now is a great time to branch out and catch one of the featured movies that features women making love in the hottest of ways.

Black Attack Gangbang 4 is a great interracial movie. Watch these studs give Allura Bond and Emma Starr enough cock and cum to fill up five women. It’s a penetrating affair for these hotties, and whether it’s in the mouth, pussy, or ass, these women love them some dick. You’ll love watching them get it.

Finally, try branching out with Full Bush Amateurs 2. The going can get hairy, but for those porn lovers who can remember the days when not every snatch was clean shaven, this movie will bring back good memories. Big, hairy bushes are just the cure for the fans who want something a little more natural, and sexy.

These are only a few of the featured movies that you can find at Hotmovies.com right now. Take a browse through the entire featured lineup, and we think you’ll agree that there really is something for everyone there!

Star Wars XXX is now live on Hotmovies.com! Porn parodies are common now, but most porn lovers will immediately see that this movie is anything but common. With a stellar (pun intended) cast and all of the special effects to make this movie line up nicely with the real thing, the illusion is complete. Throw in every nerd’s dream of Princess Leia mashing the muffin on camera, and this one rates as a true summer blockbuster.

SPOILER ALERT: By now, most people have a good idea about the plot for this movie, because it closely mirrors the actual version. That said, significant differences do exist. If you want all of the storyline without a spoiler, click here to watch Star Wars XXX right away (10 minutes free to new users). And now the review will begin.

Would love to get some hand solo on this

This is a high budget, high production value adult movie.

From the beginning this movie recreates the galaxy from a long time ago and far, far away in very thorough detail. The sets are intricate and well done. The costumes are also well crafted to keep with the spirit of the original movie. Of course, storm troopers in a porn flick are going to be differently equiped than their mainstream counterparts (see also: “breast” plates). And the aliens throughout this movie are also more exotic than their mainstream couterparts. But on the whole, the movie is a fun homage to the iconic imagery of the original.

Much nicer clones here

The plot has some interesting twists.

Right away, one issue should be addressed. The porn version of the dysfunctional family isn’t happening. Darth Vader may have a cock big enough to be anyone’s daddy, but he has no family ties with the rest of the Skywalker clan. No incest occurs in the porn galaxy.

Obi Wan getting his Kenobi on

Next, if someone is looking for a “blow by blow” (pun intended again, the force is with me today) knockoff, that person will be disappointed. The plot here is similar, but the action moves quickly apace. Key elements remain the same, but the movie moves quickly through them. Also, be ready for a surprise at the conclusion of the attack on the Death Star. Nope, it will not be spelled out in this review, but it is a great payoff for a porn movie.

A Princess Leia we can all get behind

Finally, the characters have their own mojo, or force, in this movie. Be honest guys (of a certain age, that is), you really would have given up your baseball card collection to play a game of hide the Hut, or wank the Wookie with Carrie Fisher, right? Now imagine a Princess Leia who shows her tits like it’s Mardi Gras, and rubs the muff up close for the camera for you. No, we don’t mean imagine Carrie Fisher’s personal life, we mean it’s in this movie. The other characters all have their own quirks as well.

The force of friction will be with you

What makes this worth the watch?

Everything. This is an amazing blend of parody and porn. It’s fun at times, erotic at times and fun and erotic at times. This is a movie that will bring back great memories and plant some hot new ones. Check out Star Wars XXX on Hotmovies.com and see for yourself. The force (behind your zipper) will be with you always.

Oh, and new members of the Hotmovies.com rebel alliance get 10 free minutes to get their force on!

News is in from Iowa, where the Porn Star Road Trip sponsored by Hotmovies.com is making its point by taking porn to the people! The Road Trip is a way for adult performers to connect with their fans, and to make the case that people enjoy their adult entertainment from sea to shining sea.If you enjoy porn, you should show your support when the Road Trip makes its way to your neighborhood.

These stars are some of the hottest in the industry. And they’re making a statement on behalf of an industry that is growing and reaching new audiences.

Here’s the latest dispatch.

“(Las Vegas, NV) Last Friday and Saturday, the Porn Star Road Trip came to Council Bluffs, IA for a two nights of feature dancing at the Bottoms Up Lounge. As usual, the bus was parked out front of the nightclub to promote the fact that porn babes Charlot Temple, Tori Taylor and Gemma Owens along with the PSRT crew were in town. But the residents of the Twin Cities were in an uproar over the bus. They even called the local news station to voice their concerns with school-age children being subjected to the bus. Lead anchor, Chase Moffitt, referred to the bus as “adult entertainment on wheels”, and it was the lead story on WOWT News Saturday night.

Hotmovies on the Road
“We’re bringing porn to the people and there’s absolutely nothing questionable about the bus,” says Cory Biggs, CEO. “It’s very tasteful, we were very careful to design the bus without salacious images that some might consider inappropriate. We acknowledge our product is for adults only and at no time have we ever intentionally marketed our product to children. We were in a legally zoned area and had permission from the club to park the bus in front, like we always do. Our goal is to bring porn to the people and we’re doing that. We applaud Bottoms Up Lounge who, in these difficult economic times, look to expand their business by offering their clientele our unique service and do not shy away from unfair public criticism.”

No criticism here, and you’ll enjoy your time in the presence of some extraordinarily sexy AND intelligent people. Find more information here.

While perusing the endless array of porno on HotMovies.com, be sure to take notice of our new look.  You may notice that you no longer get hardcore cravings for cheeseburgers while you watch porn.  Hell, you might even looseA Sexier HotMovies a few pounds.  When HotMovies looks good, you look good.  You can’t say we don’t care about your health and well being beyond all of the masturbating we assist you with on a regular basis.  You’re welcome.

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HotMovies is making a lot of changes.  All are great, but from a user’s perspective, these are two of the best.  I like looking at sexy websites and I like keeping tabs on my porno peeps.  HotMovies cares about your adult movie watching experience (and your cholesterol levels).  Take advantage of it.  Take a moment to press pause on those glorious bouncing breasts and check out the new look.  Then subscribe to the Big Tits category by clicking on the little envelope icon at the top left corner of the page.

Certifiably Delicious

You may be familiar with Porn Pros, but it is even more likely that you are more familiar with their hit franchise “Massage Creep.” That wouldn’t be surprising since those movies are among some of the hottest properties in porn these days. “Massage Creep” and “Massage Creep 2” have created a mass following of fans and continue to grow in popularity. The stellar cast and brilliant direction will keep the movies relevant for years to come.

Now, almost anyone can say that, but let’s use the original version of Massage Creep to give you some insight into why you want to have a look at these movies.

Nothing creates success like investing properly in a venture.

From minute one, it’s obvious that the Porn Pros team invested in the best. It begins with the obvious – the set. It’s sometimes fun to watch porn set in a seedy brothel or cheap motel, but the premise of this movie is that an aspiring massage therapist (or so he wants these women to believe) is heading out to do private massages. The women who can afford that luxury don’t live on Baltic Avenue; they live on Park Place, and this movie is all blue squares on the old game board.

If that were the extent of the lavish work in this film, most people would yawn. Anyone can rent a mansion and throw some beach towels on the floor. That doesn’t happen here. Go “inside the biz” with the Pros here for a moment. In one scene, the sex furniture involved is a Liberator Wedge. That’s a pricey piece of equipment. It’s the same effect as seeing a car chase movie where a Maserati (or pick the pasta rocket you prefer) is involved. It has a much more realistic appeal than a movie made today featuring junkers from the 1970’s.

It may not seem like that big of a deal at first, but the net effect is a visually pleasing environment that allows the eyes to focus on the action, with soothing peripherals. Those peripherals are the difference between paying attention to a gorgeous brunette with some big balls in her mouth, or a nasty used condom wrapper on the end table. Most reasonable porn aficionados would agree that those kinds of peripherals make a huge difference.

Casting, casting and casting can make a movie soar above the rest.

Let’s begin with a visual aide:

Chanel Preston

That’s a way to start a movie! And Chanel Preston is just the beginning of the sexiness that oozes from this feature. Cindy Hope, Madison Parker, Ella Milano and Kourtney Kane round out the female stars that are stunningly sexy. If you’re thinking about trying to get Johnny Castle’s number to see who he paid off to score a lead in 4 of 5 scenes, don’t bother. His number is unlisted. And don’t ask how we know.

Mikey Butders does a great job in the last scene, and that brings us to another point.

Good porn requires a good buildup, and the Porn Pros didn’t get their name by accident.

Think about it, a good formula for porn would include many things, but these are premium:

  • A woman should give a succulent blow job.
  • If pussy licking is involved, please let it be the kind that puts her into a passionate spin.
  • The performers should explore positions that get the most out of their bodies.

Now, let’s up the ante and throw in some great massage of stone cold knockout bodies. Let’s enjoy every nook and crevice on those bodies. Let’s see some fidgeting with the interesting spots. That’s what we get here.

Finally, let’s enjoy some long run down and dirty fucking.

That’s ultimately the bottom line, right? One or two camera angles, and one or two positions? Please. The Porn Pros tease the viewer with striking poses, angles and positional sex that is second to none. And the payoff is pure pleasure.

If you haven’t seen Massage Creep yet, you’re going to want to see it. Check it out in the Evolving Hotmovies.com format on the Beta player.

As for the Porn Pros, you probably want to get familiar with them as well. Here’s how they describe themselves:

“Porn Pros, a name in porn you can trust. If you’re done with cookie cutter movies that have the same faces on the same couch over and over again they you have come to the right people, The Pros. Featuring the best Reality content in unique niches and the most beautiful brand new faces. If you see the stamp of approval, you know we guaranteed it!”

We’d add that this is a unique studio producing top notch content that will probably be around for a long time. So beat the rush and become a fan today. You can find more of their titles here. Your friends will envy your foresight.

Obscenity is weird moving target that you only know you are guilty of after you’ve been convicted.

Many smaller companies skirt the edges of extreme and obscene while others jump right over the edge into the unknown legal abyss.

Being a large US based company with hundreds of employees in the states we are forced to be somewhat conservative when it comes to content.

You’ll hear me mention the rule of thumb from time to time.
During the filming of insertion coming close to fisting the general rule to avoid legal complications in the US is the thumb must be visible.

There are many other content guidelines that we follow as well. Providers who work with edgy content should speak with their studio representative.

Censorship attacks us all on many fronts. It does not make us happy to have to self censure, but we have to think of our employees and customers.

Better work on your grip.

Quit smoking and you’ll have more time.

Sharing is caring.

Don’t make me get my whip.

Give a gift that really means something to you.

Put down the knitting, The book and the broom

She’s sexy and I know it.

Damned infernal gizmo. My kingdom for a left-handed can opener.

Girlfriends Films' Poor Little Shyla 2

Did she just fall down the stairs? Hawt.

Philadelphia, PA – Poor Little Shyla 2, the sequel to Video on Demand’s most popular title of 2011, has been released exclusively on HotMovies.com. In just a few days it has skyrocketed to the number one spot.

With the landmark success of Poor Little Shyla‘s exclusive release on HotMovies.com, Girlfriends Films was happy to release the sequel only on HotMovies.com. Poor Little Shyla 2 is already the most watched movie on HotMovies.com, a phenomenon that did not surprise James Cybert, HotMovies director of business development. “Girlfriends Films was as happy with the popularity of Poor Little Shyla as we were. They spent the last year carefully crafting Shyla 2 to capitalize on the same hot power play and real lesbian sex. They really put their best foot forward with a whole new cast,” said Cybert.

Shyla Jennings is back, along with the fan favorite Julia Ann, and adorable newcomers Lily Carter and Sensi Pearl. Shyla 2 features elitism, sadism, pity, lust and unspoken desires; helplessness, dominance, and altruism all rushing into a thrilling tale of interconnected lesbian encounters.

The controversial original, featuring the exploitation of a handicapped young girl and portrayed by a stunning cast of models, was originally going to be called “Molesting Shyla.” “It’s amazing to me the kind of things that get popular,” said Cybert. “This is a movie about a young girl, confined to leg braces and crutches, who is teased by her classmates. As an act of hazing, they take sexual advantage of her and in doing so, release an unspoken Sapphic desire inside her, and inside them.” Poor Little Shyla 2 is even more edgy than the first. Cybert said, “It’s a premise that seems really creepy. You look out of curiosity and find a find a story so titillating it sucks you in like a clit into a lipstick lesbian’s mouth.”

Featuring coerced sex, older/ younger lesbian seductions, and breathless Dionysian group sex, the Poor Little Shyla franchise plays with your emotions far more than any other typical lesbian sex movie. Girlfriends Films specializes in this kind of intensity between the characters, and Poor Little Shyla 2 is it’s most daring and successful movie to date.

Girlfriends Film’s record breaking Poor Little Shyla was a masterpiece of power dynamics and acting. The actors were hot too, from the pouty, nubile Shyla Jennings to the vampy ginger goddess Faye Reagan; RayVaness with her buxom, matronly performance and Georgia Jones as a coy, slender prep with mischievous machinations, the actors brought to life an entire spectrum of body types and attitudes. Combined with Girlfriends Film’s high quality production and writing, it’s easy to see how Poor Little Shyla topped the Video on Demand charts for all of 2011.

Poor Little Shyla 2 is available now exclusively on HotMovies.com.

Top 10 Porn Videos 2011

As 2011 comes to an end, we have tallied up all of the user views and ratings over the new releases this year. The following list of adult videos available on HotMovies.com are the indisputable Top 10 New Releases of 2011. Although this list seems rather one sided toward both the lesbian genre and Girlfriends Films, remember that the staff of HotMovies has had no part in choosing which of porn videos were ranked. Every film featured below was selected by HM Fans simply using the site.

10 Girlfriends Films Net Skirts 6

Watch HERE

Net Skirts 6.0

Stars: Katsuni, Kayla Paige, Jelena Jensen, Amber Chase, Nina Mercedez, Prinzzess, Lily Carter

Nearly 3 hours of 100% Real hot lesbian sex awaits you in the sixth episode of Net Skirts from Girlfriends Films. These 7 gorgeous sex kittens cannot wait to get their paws on each other and show the world what authentic lesbian orgasms really look like. One of our favorite sultry blonde lady lovers, Prinzzess, makes an appearance in two scenes during this hot lesbian video. First she straddles Lily Carter for some beautiful tribbing, then manually takes control of Katsuni’s wet pussy back to back. Net Skirts 6.0 is well worth every second for a real lesbian sex fan.

9 Jules Jordan Video Mandingo Hide Your Wives

Watch HERE

Mandingo: Hide Your Wives!

Stars: Julia Ann, Mandingo, Lisa Ann, Jenna Presley, Nikki Sexx, Alanah Rae

Jules Jordan takes us on a giant black cock adventure with Mandingo: Hide Your Wives! Five cock craving cheating wives salivate and shutter waiting for Mandingo to fill their every hole with his massive dick. Many snicker at the reactions shown during porn today, but we can assure you that every wince, moan and grunt made by these slut wives are 100% real. Mandingo has a hard time fitting into most women’s vaginas, but when he does…it is always some of the greatest interracial sex you’ve ever seen. Don’t miss him stretching out these adulterous housewives and letting them work his hot cum all over their pretty, married faces.

8 Girlfriends Films Lesbian Seductions Older Younger 35

Watch HERE

Lesbian Seductions Older/Younger 35

Stars: Inari Vachs, Melissa Monet, Sophie Dee, Asa Akira, Magdalene St. Michaels, Persia Monir, Sarah Shevon, Britney Beth

Girlfriends Films graces the list once again with the hottest Lesbian Older/Younger series to date. These gorgeous lesbian cougars may be even more tenacious than their straight counterparts, and they show us why during this hot lesbian video. Four highly impressionable young lesbian girls get completely taken advantage of by an equal number of experienced clit licking ladies. Recent news sensation, Bibi Jones, is one of the young lesbian hotties having her pussy controlled in this lesbian video. Her sexual relations with big time sports stars made quite a splash in mainstream media during 2011.

7 Sweet Sinner The Masseuse

Watch HERE

The Masseuse

Stars: Evan Stone, Manuel Ferrara, Bobbi Starr, Asa Akira, Kate Kastle, Zoe Voss, Tim Cannon

Renown female adult industry director Nica Noelle takes us behind the scenes of one personal massage parlor in Sweet Sinner’s “The Masseuse.” Wildly popular Canadian/Asian porn star Asa Akira stars in this tale of mischievous happy endings that go against the establishment’s wishes. Head masseuse Bobbi Starr is not a fan of how Asa likes to make her clients leave with an extra special smile on their faces, and even less supportive of her spreading her massage techniques to other girls in the parlor. Once Bobbi has had enough of being nice, she decides to take advantage of Asa Akira for herself and solve the problem for good.

6 Sweetheart Video Lesbian Truth or Dare 6

Watch HERE

Lesbian Truth Or Dare 6

Stars: Evelyn Lin, Chastity Lynn, Taylor Vixen, Alison Tyler, Zoe Voss, Ella Milano, Jessie Andrews, Sensi Pearl

Nica Noelle makes yet another splash on our top 10 list of Adult Videos in 2011 with Lesbian Truth or Dare 6. This Sweet Sinner story tells the tale of one girl’s dark sexual secret, and how it suddenly came to light under the most awkward set of circumstances possible. Evelyn is an up-tight bride to be who has reluctantly decided to attend the bachelorette party her crazy sister in law has thrown for her. After some innocently sexy gifts and games, someone new arrives to the party. Stripper Gram girl, Chastity Lynn has come to give the betrothed a hot lesbian lap dance by special order. When the dance gets a little too steamy for Evelyn to handle, her secrets become a little less private and a lot more fun.

5 Viv Thomas Story of She

Watch HERE

Story of She

Stars: Sasha, Lisa, Sandra Shine, Marlyn, Antonya, Lexi Lowe

Viv Thomas chimes in with the rags to riches story of Lexi Lowe in Story of She. This hot lesbian video shows how Lexi came from nothing, and built both her sexual prowess and financial standing to heights she never thought possible at the beginning. Six hot lesbian sex scenes take Lexi further and further down the rabbit hole, each experience becoming less innocent and more depraved. She eventually finds herself living in a fantastic mansion, having hot lesbian group sex you should not miss. Story of She is a strong adult video at number five on our most popular list.

4 Girlfriends Films Pin Up Girls 6

Watch HERE

Pin-Up Girls Volume 6

Stars: Jelena Jensen, Sara Stone, Magdalene St. Michaels, Taylor Vixen, Victoria White, Jayden Cole, Aiden Ashley

Hot lusty women in lingerie take us back to a time when things were much simpler, and much more taboo. The Pin up Girls series is host to some of the most tasetful and seductive lesbian sex available today. 7 busty lesbian sweethearts peel away layers of 40’s and 50’s demure to engage in girl on girl acts you would never hear spoken of at the local soda-pop bar. These timeless looks create a heightened eroticism boys could only dream of 70 years ago. Lucky for us, Girlfriends Films is there to show us how lesbian sex was done well before it was acceptable.

3 Girlfriends Films Imperfect Angels 11

Watch HERE

Imperfect Angels Episode 11

Stars: Dana DeArmond, Brenda James, Hayden Night, Missy Martinez, Heather Starlet, Darryl Hannah, Magdalene St. Michaels, Zoey Holloway

Darryl Hannah and Zoey Holloway play psychologists in Imperfect Angels. Their goal is to help young women like Heather Starlet and Missy Martinez untangle their sexual confusion. Although, no one is ready for the lust which escapes when they finally figure themselves out! Three hours and four hot lesbian sex scenes later it becomes difficult to keep your own clothes on watching this kind of intense sapphic heat. Scene 2 between Missy Martinez and Zoey Holloway is a personal favorite around the HotMovies offices. Life is good when two red hot lesbian brunettes become passionately enthralled with each other.

2 Girlfriends Films Women Seeking Women 71

Watch HERE

Women Seeking Women Volume 71

Stars: Madison Young, India Summer, Wenona, Hana Black, Juliana Jolene, Prinzzess, Sophia Sutra, Vicki Chase

The Women Seeking Women series from Girlfriends Films is a perennial owner of top 10 positions on HotMovies. The raw style of cinematography, coupled with extremely modest wardrobe and highly authentic lesbian sex, make for some of the hottest scenes of any genre we offer. Four scenes of highly erotic lesbian sex make up two and a half hours of pure sexual bliss. Tribbing, cunnilingus, fingering and the Hitachi Magic Wand are all major parts of our number 2 release in 2011.

1 Girlfriends Films Please Make Me Lesbian 2

Watch HERE

Please Make Me Lesbian Part 2

Stars: Zoe Holloway, Taylor Vixen, Aiden Ashley, Veronica Avluv, Lily Carter, Aubrey Belle, Dani Daniels

We’ve reached the point where if nothing else has tickled your g-spot, this is where your balls drop. Please Make Me Lesbian Part 2 is the absolute most popular streaming adult video released in 2011 on HotMovies.com. Regarded by many as some of the most real lesbian sex ever recorded, this hot lesbian video explores multiple facets of girl on girl action. Fingering, cunnilingus, scissoring, older/younger and even some mild fetishes are represented by these sweet, innocent looking ladies. Congrats to Girlfriends Films and the cast of Please Make Me Lesbian Part 2 for topping the charts at HotMovies during 2011!

Happy New Year!!!