mother's forbidden romances 2 box cover

Your favorite MILFs are back in Mother’s Forbidden Romances 2! Just last week, HotMovies got this new Forbidden Fruits Films’ movie exclusively through mid-November. So if you were a fan of the original, Mother’s Forbidden Romances, then you definitely have to check out this new installment in the series.

Who’s in it?

Well returning from the first film are Jodi West and Shay Fox. This sequel has a new MILF appearing on the scene, though. AnnaBelle Lee makes an appearance in scene 4 in a great lesbian scene with Jodi West.

Why You Should Watch

No one does MILF and forbidden romances better than Forbidden Fruits Films. And who among us hasn’t thought of a romantic counter that they wanted so badly but just couldn’t have? It’s such an intriguing idea and fantasy. So if that’s the sort of thing you’re in to, then you will be hard-pressed to find a better studio for those types of movies.


Mothers Forbidden Romances is back, and filled with more mothers making bad decisions, but the bad decisions feel so good! Five tales of forbidden romances between people who should never come together; blended families gone very wrong!

Watch the full video here.

Thanks to my good friend @emmmmja, we have a big interview lined up today with a special someone that I think you’re all going to enjoy. I’m not going to reveal who it is, though, and ruin the surprise. You’ll just have to wait a bit to find out. That being said, I’m awfully busy today preparing to make it the best interview it can possibly be. So today we’re just going to have a small post and not get into anything big.

Keeping with the secrecy theme and vague direction that this post seems to be going in, HotMovies had some exciting stuff going on yesterday. Our good friend Ron Jeremy teamed up with some lovely ladies on set to do some great work. Let’s take a look at some of the behind the scenes photos.

In this pic (from left to right), you’ll find Claire Robbins, Asa Akira, Ron Jeremy, Skin Diamond, and Dani Daniels. The HotMovies team has never looked so good!

hotmovies team

They say the NFL is the greatest sport in the US. But I think if these ladies started a team it’d be way more popular. They’d have the best tight ends of any team by far. And their penetration skills would be hard to beat.

hm football

 While the other pics are filled with incredibly attractive women that I love, I still think this one of Ron doing gymnastics is my favorite. That is a body in peak physical shape if I ever saw one. I’m all for letting Mr. Jeremy represent the US in the 2016 Olympics in Rio. It would provide so much entertainment even if we came in dead last.

ron jeremy gymnastics

 That’s it for today. Hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes look into HotMovies. Keep an eye out for when you can catch the finished product from this shoot to get the full picture of what was going on. And remember to check back over the next few days to catch the surprise interview!

Alex ThompsonGreetings future friends! Alex here, and I just started working at HotMovies earlier this week. I wanted to make my first post just a little introduction of myself and where I see this blog going for the foreseeable future.

The main thing I’d like to accomplish with this is to get an open line of communication going with you all. Sure I have some ideas and topics I think you guys are going to find pretty entertaining, but I want you to tell me what you’d like to see more of. This blog is for you, the people, after all.

Alright, so what are you going to see with this blog? While we can all agree on a love for porn, I really want to change things up a bit. I’m into a lot of stuff outside of the world of sex. Whether it be film, television, music, sports, bourbon, cats or whatever. You name it, and we can talk about it. There’s going to be a lot of opportunity for you guys to chime in. Maybe I make a top 10 list, and you disagree…that’s cool, send your feedback! In the future I also want to get some contests going where you guys get a chance to win some sweet stuff. So be sure to look out for that.

This is going to be a community. A community of harmonious laughter and glorious civility. Let your voices be heard! I promise I’ll listen.

So that’s it for now. I must go prepare for next week when this blog takes off with a new post every day. I don’t want to disappoint you folks after all. In the meantime, tell your friends. Hell…tell strangers on the street that this is going to be the new place to be on the interwebs. But don’t worry, I’m only a tweet away in the meantime.

Find me over at @AlexT_HotMovies.

And to give you a little taste of exactly what I’m into…here’s a picture of two of my favorite things!

kitties and titties

I was doing some spring cleaning today and stumbled across some of my favorite ads for HotMovies.

Still a bit sad that Spooge while you Luge didn’t make the cut.

The Future of Porn?

HotMovies is proud to report that 80 percent of the top adult film studios have pledged their earnings on April 15 to help overturn Measure B, the Los Angeles County law that requires condom use in filming sexually explicit movies.

Over 100 adult studios have pledged to donate to the FreedomStreams cause. HotMovies is matching contributions up to $10,000! organized the FreedomStreams event to benefit the Free Speech Coalition (FSC), which is spearheading efforts to repeal the measure.

“Ordinarily you think of April 15 as ‘tax day,’ but this year it means something even more important for the adult industry — it’s a chance for us all to exercise our rights and overturn a ridiculous law that affects an entire industry,” said Marci Hirsch, vice president of Vivid and FSC board member.  “For any consumers that have been planning on streaming or downloading a hot new film, we urge you to do it through on April 15 so you can help this vital cause.”

Performer Ron Jeremy also weighed in on the efforts.

“As you may have read in the news, Measure B broke my heart. Seriously though, I’m not letting anything stop me from supporting this great cause and I encourage everyone to join me.”

Said Cybert:

“We had a very positive response to our initial announcement that we were organizing the ‘FreedomStreams’ program. Along with Vivid, many of the biggest names in the industry are on board, including Evil Angel, Private, Adam & Eve, Hustler Video, Pleasure Productions, Wicked Pictures, Ed Powers, Girlfriends Films, Porn Pros, Homegrown Video, Forbidden Fruits Films, Mile High Media, Combat Zone, Brandon Iron, New Sensations,, West Coast Productions, Zero Tolerance and many others.

This is not the first time HotMovies has rallied studios to help protect First Amendment rights. Long time customers may remember the event we first held way back in 2006. Past FreedomStreams events have raised tens of thousands of dollars for FSC, which lobbies in Washington and other key battlegrounds to protect First Amendment rights on behalf of the entire adult industry.

More from Cybert:

“More than ever, we are under attack. The AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) pulled the wool over voters’ eyes last fall and the result was a measure that is designed to suppress adult filmmaking in greater Los Angeles under the guise of worker safety. It requires all adult performers to use protective barriers such as condoms and dental dams when performing any act likely to generate bodily fluids. It creates the need for oversight by already taxed law enforcement and government agencies and it is entirely unnecessary because the industry already polices itself very, very effectively. Measure B completely ignores all common sense and, perhaps most importantly, the overwhelming desire of the performers themselves.”

Helping us with this great cause is easy and best of all it should be a lot of fun.  Just make sure you visit HotMovies on April 15th and watch as much porn as you can reasonably manage from any of the participating studios, which will be featured prominently on that day. We appreciate your support!


We have something special for you and your partner this Valentines Day!

When it comes to the art of love, love making, and down-right raunchy sex play, there a few more knowledgeable and dedicated than the wonderful staff of HotMovies’ sister site, HMFH Coordinator and Head Perv, JD Bauchery has put together a list of the Top 5 Instructional Videos For You and Your Partner on Valentines Day!

Apart from her daily workings at HotMoviesForHer that includes adult movie reviews, a specialization in sexual pleasure, and the interests of sexual minorities, JD has a Masters Degree in Human Sexuality and Education. She puts this knowledge to use on reg while she’s hosting monthly sex seminars with her ScrewSmart sex education group in Philadelphia and throughout the US. JD and her HotMoviesForHer team have created one of the Internet’s best and safest communities to express sexuality and talk about pleasure. So when we say we have an expert list of the best instructional adult videos below, you know we’re not exaggerating.

JD has been kind enough to create a 20 MINUTE FREE OFFER good for new users on any movie below or any movie at or

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Top 5 Instructional Videos For You and Your Partner on Valentines Day!

If increasing the horny is what you’re looking to do, there is nothing sexier than hearing that someone is interested in your pleasure. You’ll be dropping panties left and right when you let your lady know that their enjoyment is at the top of the list. Let awesome sex educator fill you in on all the special tips and tricks to bringing your lady the best of the big O!

Use the 50 Shades hysteria to your benefit with this steamy intro to kink. By starting with an instructional, you offer a video that’s both a little less intimidating and full of all the basics you need to keep your BDSM safe and sexy.
Sure, you know the old standards, like missionary, cowgirl and doggie style, but what about all those other gymnastic feats you’ve been watching in porn for years? Lucky for you, these attractive couples spent a week on location in Jamaica with sex educator to learn 101 different positions to help you increase the amount of plays in your playbook. Whether you are looking to last longer, give her a fuller orgasm, or just spice it up a bit – this instructional is the one to watch.

It’s pretty impossible to look through how-to movies and not stumble upon the amazing Nina Hartley. This beautiful blonde has been around the block more than a few times and become a not only a legend in the industry, but also a M.V.P. when it comes to giving folks the info they need to have the best sex they can have. Let Hartley give you the basics on joint climax – I promise she won’t let you down.

Alright, so this movie isn’t like all the other instructionals I’ve listed. In fact, I don’t know if I would even call it an instructional as much as porno queen Belladonna’s extremely hot stream of conscious fuck fest. It’s definitely like no other how-to I’ve seen before, though Belladonna does break down her killer blow job techniques and makes sure to give us demos. Basically, if you are looking for an educational movie that’s a little harder and edgier, Belladonna is the one for you.

A list to end all lists. That’s what we have here with the Top 100 Straight Movies at In a library of over 170,000 XXX movies, we’ve calculated the the TOP 100 based on most minutes viewed in 2012.

What exactly can we tell from this list? Forget the costumes, double-anals, role-play- You perverted fucks love your muff on muff, older + younger scenes, big black cocks, more muff on muff, secretaries, and MILFs.. Did we mention muff on muff? Girlfriends Films and their Lesbian cohorts dominated the list to the chagrin of stiff stunt cocks worldwide. Puny white men love to see their wives nailed by big black cocks… You get the idea.

We’ve made this simple for you. A full link list of the Top 100 with Dirty Thirty Clips of 10 choice cuts on the zeros. Enjoy

1. Please Make Me Lesbian! Part 1

2. Poor Little Shyla 2
3. Mother-Daughter Exchange Club Part 19
4. Mandingo Massacre 2
5. Women Seeking Women Volume 72
6. Lesbian Babysitters 6
7. Seduced By Mommy #3 Read the rest of this entry »

Sandra Romain

Our top 10 Most Prolific Porn Stars on list ups the exotic factor with the induction of Sandra Romain.

No. 3 – Sandra Romain (744 scenes): The first European on our countdown, but not the last. Hint, hint at the top spot slot: It’s her fellow traveler and sister in crime…. Anyway, let’s just say Sandra Romain has known what it takes to please a man for years and she romains (sorry) a go-to girl for porn shooters the world over to this very day. There might be a little Kelly Wells-style cray cray in there, or there might not. What we do see for sure is a definite willingness to go the extra mile on set. She’s a brunette endurance specialist who started in eastern Europe and rode her nasty streak and work ethic — and a shitload of cocks — to global stardom.

Hillary Scott

The legendary Blog continues our countdown of the most prolific female porn stars at with the ultra-sexy Hillary Scott. Dig this- with over 55,000 porn stars at, making into the top 10 most prolific stars is no small feat. These vixens have a huge sexual appetite and a prolific outpouring of material to keep you cumin’ for weeks.

No. 4 – Hillary Scott (695 scenes): The former $1 million Sex-Z Pictures contract star was once just a petite vixen with a shy smile, an unquenchable appetite for dirty sex and the possible need for a boob job. Then she made this movie. Then she got a fat contract and worked like few can work, on set ridiculous hours every week for a year. When that ended, did she take a leave of absence? Did she rest up? Nope, she just kept shooting. Today she’s the top blonde on our list and a fan favorite who’s equally adept with a cock in her hungry mouth or her teeny booty. Even today, Hillary can still pull simply her hair into pigtails to look like a college girl, which is appropriate since at the end of the day she’d rather be reading a book (for real).

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