Tupac Sex TapeFree porn tube giant, YouPorn, has allegedly offered $150,000 as a bid for the newest hot celebrity sex tape. An anonymous adult company has also offered to pay much more for the Tupac sex tape, but only under the condition that they be able to view the celebrity sex tape first. The video is said to feature deceased West Coast rap legend, Tupac Shakur, receiving oral sex from an unidentified woman while drinking a cocktail and smoking a joint. The Tupac sex tape is also reported to feature Digital Underground member, Money B, wrapping his arm over Shakur’s shoulder in celebration of his ongoing blowjob.

Viewers of the Tupac Shakur sex tape have also expressed there may be another video connected. Many of them commenting on Tupac’s motion to continue the night’s affairs at the end of the current sex tape in question. Of course, this information has leaked very curiously. Considering a large anonymous adult company wishes to purchase the Tupac sex tape, but has not viewed it, it is difficult to understand how others have laid eyes on the footage so easily.

We’ll keep an ear to the ground and continue to update you on this story.

Scarlett Johannson seems to be a little more kinky than previously thought. The work of an alleged hacker group targeting Hollywood celebrities has revealed self-taken cell phone photos of Scarlett Johannson in the nude. Immediately Photoshop experts rushed to analyze these photos for authenticity, and the results are in.

These are REAL nude photos of Scarlett Johannson!

Citing previous photos of Scarlett Johannson‘s home, experts have matched her choice in wallpaper to validate them. It also helps that Scarjo has yet to deny anything about her leaked nude photo work. She is currently enlisting the FBI to help her find the hacker culprits.

To the Hollywood Hack Squad: Good work gentlemen. Keep those IP Randomizers working overtime.

To Scarlett Johansson: We now love you more than we did in the first place. Nice butt.

Article to Follow: Vivid Entertainment CEO Stephen Hirsch Offers Scarlett Johansson Pennies to Shoot Porn.

Scarlett Johansson Nude Photo

Scarlett Johansson Naked Pic

Pippa Middleton Porn

The following is an article published by The New York Daily News.

Kate Middleton’s sister Pippa is very xxx-citing to some people.

After racy photos surfaced last week of a half-naked Pippa dancing with an equally un-dressed male, porn company Vivid Entertainment has offered Prince William’s sister-in-law $5 million to shoot one “explicit” scene.

Vivid president Steven Hirsh has sent the 27-year-old a letter, which TMZ obtained, telling her that she was the real star of the royal wedding and that her “beauty and attitude” would make her a huge adult star.

“After seeing photos of you having a great time at a party, I decided to offer you a role in one of our upcoming movies,” Hirsch wrote…


Steven Hirsch,
(Yes, I apparently can spell your name better than the NY Daily News)

I can fully understand how much fun it must be gaining immediate press coverage over writing empty casting offers with lots of zeros to international mainstream celebrities, but the gimmick is becoming trite very quickly. Everyone knows Pippa Middleton is not going to accept this letter, and would not be allowed to do so whether she wanted to or not. If having fun with the opposite sex, in your underwear, at 27 years old is grounds to be casted in a porn film, I’m fairly certain you’d be writing me letters daily.

Not to mention, 5 million American dollars is almost a slap in the face of Pippa Middleton. Remember, her sister is Her Royal Highness Princess William Arthur Philip Louis, Duchess of Cambridge, Countess of Strathearn, Baroness Carrickfergus. I sincerely doubt 5 million American, 3,498,095 Euros, could buy her anything her own family wouldn’t on a whim. If you really thought you had a chance at casting Pippa, you would at least offer her a nice high, round number in her own country’s currency.

Quit crying wolf, and put your money where your mouth is.

– T.J. HotMovies

PRINCETON, N.J.—Two of the biggest names in freestyle rap and condoms, Ludacris and the makers of Magnum condoms, are joining forces in a nationwide search for the best freestyle rap artists in the country.

The second annual Magnum Live Large Project features rap competitions in four major cities (Detroit, San Francisco, Miami and New York) and an online voting competition on YouTube. Semi-finalists will be invited to appear on stage alongside Ludacris.

At each city, local judges select the top three performers, and then videos of the winners will be posted HERE, where people can vote for the best rapper from each city. People who can’t make it to the local events will also have the opportunity to compete for a spot on the Magnum Live Large League by uploading their own performance video under the “Submit” tab. The leading vote getters will join the Magnum Live Large League.

These winners will then have the opportunity to appear live on stage alongside Ludacris at a hip-hop concert May 29 at Spring Fest in Miami, one of the nation’s biggest music events. Winners will also receive a $5,000 cash prize and a year’s supply of Magnum condoms, the original gold standard.

“In keeping with the true spirit of Magnum, we challenged ourselves to make this year’s project bigger and better, expanding the scope to secure more of the ‘voice of the people,'” said Jim Daniels, vice president of marketing for Magnum. “True to Magnum form, we’ve enhanced the competition to make the pool of entrants larger, the events larger, and the ultimate payout larger.”

For the second year in a row, Ludacris will be partnering with the Magnum Live Large Project.

“Living Large is really the only way to live,” said Grammy-winning artist Ludacris. “That’s why I’m a part of this project for the second year. I’m a huge supporter of the product, I live the life, and I love how Magnum is giving other people the chance to shine and represent the gold standard.”

The Magnum Live Large Project is part of an ongoing commitment from the makers of Trojan Brand Condoms to provide a variety of audiences with the tools they need to enjoy a sexually healthy lifestyle.

For more information and contest rules, go to www.MAGNUMLiveLarge.com or www.YouTube.com/MAGNUMLiveLarge.


The seemingly untouchable blockbuster pop star, Usher, has allegedly been offered a saintly deal by CEO of Vivid Entertainment, Steven Hirsch.

This past Decemeber, Usher Raymond IV had his vehicle robbed of a cool million dollars worth of goods. Included within the stolen property were two laptops, where a sex tape was found of Usher and ex-wife Tameka Foster. Of course, the tape has been shopped around the Adult Industry…and Steven Hirsch receives every celebrity sex tape possible. Although, it seems that Mr. Hirsch has found another avenue in dealing with such situations.

Vivid has offered Usher their services in the opposite of selling his sex tape. One must wonder why a giant Adult Entertainment label, which has made millions marketing other celebrities’ poorly produced video sex romps, would suddenly have a change of heart and decide to stop another release. None the less, the offer is on the table.

“We’ve learned that a sex video of you and your ex-wife is making its way around the adult industry,” reads the letter. “As a result of this being an intimate and very personal tape we can certainly understand why you would want to stop its distribution. We may therefore be able [to] assist you in stopping your own video from any type of circulation.” – Steven Hirsch to Usher

Sources: PopEater.com

Kacey JordanLatest Sheen drug, hooker, and sex fueled blowout involves frequent JM slut Kacey Jordan

Chatsworth, CA – It was just a few short months ago that Hollywood megastar Charlie Sheen thrust the sperm-burping hired hole Capri Anderson into mainstream headlines following his New York City drug, booze, and hooker fueled hotel room destroying meltdown. And now, Sheen and his whores are back in the headlines again. Taking full advantage of a week-long hiatus from his popular sitcom, Sheen threw a marathon drug and porn fueled party at his Los Angeles home that ended with him being rushed to the hospital because of a “hernia.” Sexy 22 year old porn super slut Kacey Jordan was in attendance at the event, and has not been very shy at all about dishing up scandalous accounts of the evening to the mainstream and tabloid media!

While Kacey will no doubt be hitting the talk show circuit in the upcoming days and weeks, we here at JM Productions would like to think that we knew of her ball draining and cumguzzling skills well before Mr. Sheen. “Kacey Jordan is absolutely amazing,” explains JM director Jim Powers, “This girl is so young, cute, and perfect you just want to permanently attach her face to the end of your cock.”

Kacey revealed in a recent interview that she had a two hour porn movie viewing session in the private theatre located in Mr. Sheen’s luxurious mansion and we can’t help but wonder if Charlie is a JM Productions fan. “We find it interesting that both Kacey and Capri Anderson are both in JM’s Gag Factor 30,” explains JM publicist Tony Malice. “We can only speculate that Charlie is working his way through the throats of all 10 of the movies cast members. Eight left to go!”

Much like Charlie Sheen, JM’ resident sex addicted degenerate director Brandon Iron prides himself on having fucked every girl in the porn industry. “I had the pleasure of fucking Kacey’s super tight holes and watching her eat my precious cum in She Is Half My Age #4,” boasts Iron. “She was so special that I put her on the cover.”

Kacey’s fucking and sucking talents are on full display is numerous JM Productions’ films. Perverts everywhere can check her out in American Bukkake 39, Fucked Up Handjobs 2, Gag Factor 30, She Is Half My Age #4, Liquid Gold 18, Midnight Prowl 17, Teenage Babysitters, and last but not least, the romantic comedy Cum Dump 3.

Distributors should contact JM Productions to order these fine titles now and cash in on Kacey’s new found fame. Orders can be placed now by calling Wyatt at (800) 550-3659. For more information or to acquire your copy please visit Jerkoffzone.com on the web today!

Charlie Sheen with Bree Olson

After Charlie Sheen‘s fantastic 2011 AVN Awards and Vegas weekend, some new developments have arisen.

Our back story resembles Charlie Sheen‘s average stay of fidelity with any one woman, brief at best. The “Two and a Half Men” star filled his hotel room with some minor comforts after the AVN Awards. Strippers, Hookers and a plethora of booze would be more than enough for any normal man to stay entertained through an evening, but we’re talking about one of the original “Men at Work” here. Normal tits and ass are no longer part’s of the Cheer Up Charlie plan.

So, what could possibly satisfy the sexual appetite of such a man? Porn stars of course. Charlie Sheen invited both Michelle “Bombshell” McGee and Bree Olson back to his lone bachelor after party to raise the stakes. The two reportedly spent the night at the hotel room, and the news we’ve picked up since has been fairly interesting.

Since their little sleep over party, rumor has it that some romance may have erupted between Bree Olson and Charlie Sheen. “She’s definitely seen him many times, but she thinks there is more,” a source reported about Sheen and Olson. “She doesn’t understand why he doesn’t get serious with his girls.”

I’ll let the massive “Awwwwww” dissipate before tainting this budding love story. Some in the industry have decided against jumping on this bandwagon too soon after hearing ugly rumors. Bree Olson had reportedly attempted shopping a “tell-all” about Charlie Sheen last week.

Is this a grand story of sexy love saving a falling star, or yet another tale of how seduction may be the world’s most dangerous weapon? We’ll keep you posted.

Demi Lovato, star of Disney’s “Sonny With A Chance”, continues to get help at an undisclosed treatment facility since being admitted for treatment for emotional and physical issues. Lovato has been in rehab since October, after the actress physically harmed a dancer during the South American segment of the Jonas Brothers’s world tour.

In photos obtained by The Superficial, the actress-singer is seen putting her cleavage on display as a friend snaps a picture.

In the first image, Demi Lovato is pulling down her top, almost exposing her breasts, as female friends – one of which appears to be back-up dancer Alex Welch, whom Lovato punched.

Lovato, 18, struck a similar pose in a second photo, with her hand pulling down her top and her tongue to her gal pal’s cheek.

The site also posted a series of images of the singer posing in a lacy bra.

Demi Lovato abruptly left an international tour with the Jonas Brothers after her altercation with the 21-year-old Welch. According to Welch, Lovato wrongly believed the dancer had tattled on her for a late night of partying.

recently reported a source’s claim that Demi Lovato had also “videotaped herself getting it on with a young man over the summer,” while her uncle, Francisco Lovato, allegedly prevented anyone from entering her tour bus.

Lovato‘s rep countered that “the sourcing on this report is so spotty that it is hard to fully respond.”

“Francisco Lovato is the brother of Demi‘s estranged father. He never traveled on the tour, and certainly didn’t serve as some sort of chaperone,” the rep explained.

Steven Hirsch, CEO of Vivid Entertainment, tells TMZ, “After everything that Demi Lovato has been through, we would never consider distributing a sex tape with her. In fact, we would purchase it and either give it back to her or destroy it.”

Hirsch is a recovering addict and even owns Hollywood Recovery Services, an outpatient recovery center. His personal connection to the addiction and recovery process is being credited for his uncharacteristic handling of such a celebrity sex tape.

NY Daily News – Demi Lovato Racy Pictures

NY Daily News – Demi Lovato Sex Tape Unfounded

Demi Lovato Sex Tape 1

Demi Lovato Sex Tape 2

Normally when someone approaches describing reality porn and vans, an Adult Industry employee immediately thinks of two guys trolling the streets of California for “unsuspecting” amateur porn stars. Well, Tanya Tate has been recognized for her use of the two across the sea in Ireland.

Tanya Tate went on a quest in 2009 across Ireland, having sex with men who wished to meet her. Among those men was a top Irish sports star named Greg Jacob, a highly rated Hurler for Wexford. The result was “Tanya Tate’s Sex Tour Of Ireland” which won Best Reality Scene at the UK Adult Producer’s Awards held in London.

Tanya Tate stated when accepting the award, “it was very thrilling to win this award.We had a lot of fun on the shoot. It was exciting. The sex was hot and I’m happy it was recognized with an award.” Greg Jacob said he had no regrets about appearing in the film. It was just a bit of fun,” he said, “a dare from the lads.”

Tanya Tates Sex Tour of IrelandDelicious Tanya Tate decides it’s about time she got up close with some of her fawning fans. After some deliberation she plumps for perhaps her most deserving and neglected fans, the Irish. To ensure plenty of pussy pounding action in case Irish cocks aren’t rising, she enlists Peter O’Toole to tag along.

Firstly, Tanya travels to Galway and takes on three eager local lads in the Connamara peat bogs! These well-hung Irish studs slip her their sizeable shamrocks and make her squirt!

Then Tanya enjoys lusty times in Limerick with Darcy, Greg and Pete. The local lads are big fans of our MILF slut and give her pussy a hard three-way pounding that leaves her covered in spunk.

Moving on the rugged coast of County Cork, as the waves crash on the rocks below, Tanya looks forward to some hard Irish sausage crashing against her crack.

It’s a long way to Tipperary, but Tanya gets on her bike for an appointment with three hunky local studs anxious to hump their MILF idol. They decorate her tits with Irish cream!

Last but not least, randy Irish guys Stephen and William are anxious to show Tanya what an Irish cock can do. They both shag her rotten, making her squirt in the process!

Watch Tanya Tates Sex Tour of Ireland

Erica Langston, star of “The Bad Girls Club“, has reportedly sold one of her two shopped celebrity sex tapes to Vivid Entertainment.

Celebrity sex tape aficionado Steven Hirsch has struck again with this purchase. The Bad Girls Club is a reality television program that has been on the Oxygen Network since December 2006. The show was created by Jonathan Murray and is produced by Bunim/Murray Productions (the same company that produces the reality series The Real World). The show’s premise follows seven women with a number of personal, behavioral, and psychological problems — deemed “bad girls” — as they live together for four months. Cameras record their relationships and their attempts to accomplish specific goals.

Erica Langston was recently a contestant on Season 5 of “The Bad Girls Club” in Miami, Florida. She made it all the way both on the show, and on video with her boyfriend. Two reported sex tapes have been shopped around by this blonde reality TV bombshell. One, involving Erica, Erica’s boyfriend Adrian, and a third undisclosed participant, failed to receive an offer due to the third party requesting too much money. The second celebrity sex tape is a simple erotic event between just Erica and her boy toy. So simple in fact, that it made getting paid a six figure sum look pretty easy.

The Erica Langston sex tape is set to be released just in time for Christmas 2010.