Emanuele box cover

If you missed it, HotMovies made some breaking news this weekend. Remember that video of Justin Bieber sleeping that was posted by Tati Neves and popped up all over the internet? Well, guess what? It turns out Tati Neves used to go by another name. See, before there was Bieber, Neves was known by the name, Emanuele. And she wasn’t just hooking up with famous pop stars back then. She was doing porn.

Here’s a sneak peak.

 The full video is only thirteen and a half minutes long. But for someone who’s not a full time porn star, she shows a lot of promise. I would not be upset if due to this news that Neves decided to make a return to porn. She should embrace her past and just run with it. I mean, she’s better than a lot of stars out there today already.

 Watch the full video here!

How many times have we seen stars say that they are retiring from their respective professions only to come back at a later time? The answer…about a billion. The list includes names like Brett Favre, Michael Jordan, and many more. Well, let’s make it a billion and one. Because perhaps the most famous porn star of all time, Jenna Jameson, is making a return.

Remember in 2008 when Jameson announced at the AVN Awards that she would “never ever ever spread my legs again in this industry”?

Apparently that was a lie. But what’s the reasoning behind the famous starlets’ comeback? Her children, of course! See, Jennas been going through some money problems lately. Which is tough to imagine after she made countless millions in the industry, but alas, it’s true. So, naturally, she’s returning to the thing that got her all of that money and fame in the first place. Seems like a smart decision on her part.

There’s only one problem. Jameson doesn’t exactly look like she used to. If you’ve forgotten, she used to be a total babe!

Jenna Jameson hot

However, age and a battle with an OxyContin addiction have not treated her well. The star’s current appearance is just a little different. This is from a recent interview in which Jenna came off as just a tad bit spaced out and crazy sounding.

Jenna Jameson now

Hopefully a return to porn will rejuvenate what was once the greatest adult star there was. It would be awesome if she could somehow recapture some of the magic from back in the day with films like I Dream Of Jenna and Jenna Jameson Exposed. However, I won’t be holding my breath. I imagine if her second attempt has any success at all it will be due solely to the fact that her name is on it and not because it’s actually a quality product.

oculus rift

Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset that is in the process of being designed to create a fully immersive gaming environment. It’s a really cool idea that would open the world of gaming up to an incredible amount of possibilities. Imagine playing a game like Skyrim or Grand Theft Auto Vwhich have such detailed and interesting worlds, and feeling like you’re actually inside the world that you’re playing in.

But let’s be honest…

If virtual reality reaches the levels that Oculus Rift is hoping to reach then we’re going to want to use it for more than just games. There are too many possibilities for entertainment with such a device to limit it’s uses solely to gaming.

Well, not to worry. Because in some recent leaked footage, it appears that the Oculus Rift will be able to be used for virtual porn. That’s right. Finally, you’ll be able to create a perfect, customized version of yourself and get all the ladies that you never could in the real world. Want a 10 inch dick? No problem! You could finally put yourself in this guy’s shoes.

Okay, so there are definitely some weird things that go along with this. For instance, you apparently need some weird mechanical sensor pretending to jerk you off. This may create some awkward moments if someone were to walk in on you. Traditionally, with regular porn, you can just open up a new tab and pull your pants up. Now, you have a whole list of things that are going to give away the fact that you were just masturbating.

Still though, the possibilities with this technology are endless. It doesn’t just limit you to hand jobs. No, no. You can go all the way with this virtual porn. Although, again, you’re probably going to want to make sure that no one is around for the foreseeable future if you decide to use this. Because if someone catches you air-humping this thing wearing virtual reality goggles; there’s a good chance you’re going to be getting made fun of for quite a while.

For more info on the Oculus Rift and news on how the project is going, check out their site. Sure, these videos look kind of amusing now and it’s a little hard to imagine this becoming a household item all over, but this technology is awesome. I, for one, cannot wait until more developments come out in the field of virtual reality.

The other night at NYU there was a debate on the ethics of porn. On the pro porn side of the talk was the famous adult film star, Ron Jeremy. On the anti porn side of the discussion was Craig Gross. While I’m sure you are all aware of who Ron Jeremy is; you may not be as aware of who Mr. Gross is. Craig Gross is a pastor for the website XXXChurch.com.

What exactly is XXXChurch.com? Well, it’s a site for porn addiction recovery. Now, I think it’s important that people are careful with pornography. Obviously it’s never good to become addicted to something to the point where it’s harming your everyday life. However, this site doesn’t talk about just being careful and moderate when using porn. They’d prefer that the porn industry shut down completely.

pro porn woman

So now that we know the two parties involved, let’s go over some of the debate.

As is generally the argument against the adult industry, Craig Gross talked about how porn creates unrealistic expectations of sex for people. So Ron Jeremy responded with about as good a response as you could ask for in defense of the industry.

“These fantasies are not ever going to be reality. What you’re looking at on a screen is never going to happen, or should happen, in your sex life,” he told the audience. Jeremy argued that porn is just another form of escapism, like Star Trek conventions, and should be considered as just another form of entertainment.

 Ron says what I’ve been saying for months now. Porn is just another for of entertainment. If you go to the movies and see an action star jump out of a 10-story building, shoot a helicopter down, and then land on his feet, you don’t go out and try it with your buddies the next day. Well the same goes (or should go) for porn. Just because you see a video about gang bangs doesn’t mean every girl you sleep with is going to want to have an orgy with you and you’re friends.

But although the two men come from very different worlds, Ron actually discussed how they were alike.

“We’re actually very similar,” Jeremy opined. “I do it with a few thousand women, he’s done it with his wife a few thousand times. It’s the same thing.”

Although I disagree with the stance of XXXChurch.com, I think it’s important and a good move that Ron and other supporters of the adult industry respond like this. These people are certainly entitled to their opinions and don’t deserve any harsh reactions or to be yelled at. Using humor and logic is the best chance the adult industry has in defending itself. What’s important is for people to be careful and realistic and accept that some will enjoy pornography and others will not. As is the case with most things in life, moderation is key.

For more info on the event check out http://www.xbiz.com/news/169624.

Just like it’s social networking competitor Facebook did back in 2012, Twitter has now decided to go public. There are many reasons that a private company may decide to go the route of an IPO (initial public offering). A couple would be access to a wider range of investors and being open to more advertisement possibilities. Both of these reasons make it a sensible choice for the guys at Twitter to want to go public. Twitter has struggled in the past at finding ways to monetize the success that they’ve had with their site. But all of this stuff is on the business end of things, which isn’t particularly important as far as us users are concerned.

What I’m worried about with Twitter’s decision to go public is the potential restriction on free speech. One thing Twitter has always had an advantage in over all of the other social media sites is the allowance of uncensored content. This is what makes Twitter great and helps it stand apart from its competitors. With more investors and more eyes looking in at the company after going public, there are bound to be tough decisions to be made regarding this matter.

Now, considering I work in the world of pornography, I would prefer that Twitter not be censored. In a censored Twitter world, I would not get to see near the amount of boobs and butts on a daily basis. And I happen to enjoy the current rate of naked ladies I see in my feed every day very much. Take Riley Reid for instance. Her Twitter account is a haven for debaucherous content. Sure I can go watch her get a facial really easily. And that’s great and all. But sometimes I don’t have time for that. Sometimes I just want to see a quick little nip slip in my Twitter browsing.

While images like this are surely adorable, I want MORE!

I much prefer seeing Vine videos of her boobs and butt like the ones below.



Hopefully the future public investors of Twitter realize that what makes it such a great and different platform than other social media sites is its free speech and unrestricted content guidelines. As much garbage and nonsense as you’ll find in the Twitterverse, it would still be a sad day to see it go the way of restricted and censored content.

We see porn stars nowadays doing a lot of different things after they stop making videos. You have someone like Sasha Grey who models, acts, and even plays in a band. Then there’s Misti Dawn who does social media consulting and runs a blog on her own site. However, back when pornographic actress Gauge left the scene, the internet and life outside of the business was not quite the same.

Gauge broke in to the world of porn back in the late 90’s at the age of 18. For a number of years until the mid-2000’s she was at the top of the industry and a fan favorite. But after she called it quits she soon learned that life outside of porn was a lot tougher. In a recent interview with Billy Watson Gauge explained some of the struggles that she faced after leaving the industry and why she’s making a comeback.

Although she’s coming back to the world she feels comfortable in; Gauge, who’s now 33, may find it more difficult than she did back in the day. The porn industry is incredibly competitive these days, as it mentions in the interview. There are tons of girls out there fighting to get a chance. So it’s going to be interesting to see if Gauge can rekindle some of the magic that she had with films like Aurora Snow Vs Gauge.

Perhaps nostalgia will help ease her back in, though. Some of the comments to this interview on YouTube indicate that a lot of people are excited for her return. 

I dumped SO many loads to her back in the day!! Next to the original Devon- there is no other porn star I want to bang more! Yep- would still gnaw off my own arm for the opportunity to blast on her face!!


love this girl, I was lucky enough to hang out with her last year,she’s one of the realest gals I have met, loved her vids waaaaay before I met her

-James Morris

Whether Gauge is able to make a complete comeback to porn or not is something that we’ll have to wait and see. But either way I am excited to see what she puts out and if it’s as good as what we have come to expect from her.

The Future of Porn?

HotMovies is proud to report that 80 percent of the top adult film studios have pledged their earnings on April 15 to help overturn Measure B, the Los Angeles County law that requires condom use in filming sexually explicit movies.

Over 100 adult studios have pledged to donate to the FreedomStreams cause. HotMovies is matching contributions up to $10,000!

HotMovies.com organized the FreedomStreams event to benefit the Free Speech Coalition (FSC), which is spearheading efforts to repeal the measure.

“Ordinarily you think of April 15 as ‘tax day,’ but this year it means something even more important for the adult industry — it’s a chance for us all to exercise our rights and overturn a ridiculous law that affects an entire industry,” said Marci Hirsch, vice president of Vivid and FSC board member.  “For any consumers that have been planning on streaming or downloading a hot new film, we urge you to do it through HotMovies.com on April 15 so you can help this vital cause.”

Performer Ron Jeremy also weighed in on the efforts.

“As you may have read in the news, Measure B broke my heart. Seriously though, I’m not letting anything stop me from supporting this great cause and I encourage everyone to join me.”

Said Cybert:

“We had a very positive response to our initial announcement that we were organizing the ‘FreedomStreams’ program. Along with Vivid, many of the biggest names in the industry are on board, including Evil Angel, Private, Adam & Eve, Hustler Video, Pleasure Productions, Wicked Pictures, Ed Powers, Girlfriends Films, Porn Pros, Homegrown Video, Forbidden Fruits Films, Mile High Media, Combat Zone, Brandon Iron, New Sensations, Kink.com, West Coast Productions, Zero Tolerance and many others.

This is not the first time HotMovies has rallied studios to help protect First Amendment rights. Long time customers may remember the event we first held way back in 2006. Past FreedomStreams events have raised tens of thousands of dollars for FSC, which lobbies in Washington and other key battlegrounds to protect First Amendment rights on behalf of the entire adult industry.

More from Cybert:

“More than ever, we are under attack. The AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) pulled the wool over voters’ eyes last fall and the result was a measure that is designed to suppress adult filmmaking in greater Los Angeles under the guise of worker safety. It requires all adult performers to use protective barriers such as condoms and dental dams when performing any act likely to generate bodily fluids. It creates the need for oversight by already taxed law enforcement and government agencies and it is entirely unnecessary because the industry already polices itself very, very effectively. Measure B completely ignores all common sense and, perhaps most importantly, the overwhelming desire of the performers themselves.”

Helping us with this great cause is easy and best of all it should be a lot of fun.  Just make sure you visit HotMovies on April 15th and watch as much porn as you can reasonably manage from any of the participating studios, which will be featured prominently on that day. We appreciate your support!

Trina Michaels

Believe it or not, for the most part working in porn is much like working a “normal” job. Sure, you’re allowed to view NSFW content at your desk and you’re constantly surrounded by tits and ass and big schlongs, but you’re still expected to work hard to make money. This goes for everyone: The webmasters, the producers, and most especially, the stars.

Sure, being a porn star has undeniable moments of glamour and decadence. Red carpets and awards, traveling and seeing the world, entertaining fans at shows, drinking mai tais on the beach while topless, and checking out legendary spots like Berlin’s Kit Kat Club are some examples of bucket list items you might experience. But when it’s time to pay the bills, you get your test and your enema, you break out the lube and prepare for a serious rogering. At least if you want to be one of the girls who works and works and works.

Yes, the girls that work the most are a dirty bunch. You’ve got to really love some crazy sex. There’s going to be anal, certainly. Maybe some double anal. ATMs are par for the course and you’ll always be expected to give a serious BJ, balls deep and tongue active. Squirting is ALWAYS a plus. Throw in some good ball sucking skills and/or an affinity for rimming, and you’re ready for your close-up!

And then…lucky you, HotMovies viewer! Because when they shoot ’em, we get ’em. And over the next two weeks, we celebrate ’em. So, let’s take a little looksee at the most visible girls in porn today, the top 10 busiest (and in many cases, most lascivious) starlets on HotMovies.com. Up first, number 10:

No. 10 – Trina Michaels (642 scenes): Let’s start our countdown with a busty blonde who does it all. Yes, calling all boob men with a passion for hardcore pleasures, because here’s your queen. Anal? Of course. ATM? Take it to the bank. Analingus? You bet your ass. Squirting? Break out your rain jackets. But above all, there may be no girl in porn who loves a big black cock deep in her asshole more than Trina Michaels. Check out this or this if you want proof. Yessir, if blacks on blondes is your thing, look no further.

Girlfriends FilmsAVN has announced Famed porn director B. Skow has inked a deal to produce Girlfriends Films‘ first ever Boy/Girl films. HotMovies.com will have the films available as soon as they are released at Girlfriends Films Official HotMovies Studio Page and GirlfriendsFilmsVOD.com.

“CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Girlfriends Films and director B. Skow have agreed on a one-year distribution deal featuring boy/girl content marking the award-winning lesbian studio’s first foray into distributing DVDs containing boy/girl sex.

Releasing in late September, Voilà is the debut boy/girl title from B. Skow under the distribution deal. The trailer is currently available exclusively on AVN.com.

‘We thought long and hard about the decision to venture into the boy/girl market, realizing how big of a step it was, but when the opportunity to distribute B. Skow’s gorgeous and original feature films presented itself, we knew it was a great fit,” Girlfriends Films Vice President Moose said. “His movies are of the highest caliber and will revolutionize the couples market.’

Skow‘s movies for Girlfriends will be story-driven feature films geared towards the couples market. According to the director, plots will vary from light-hearted romantic comedies to intense sexual dramas with an edgier feel.

‘While the movies may contain boy/girl sex, I think people will realize many of the core values which make Girlfriends Films exceptional are still present,” B. Skow said. “The movies will always be sex-positive with high production values and an emphasis on aesthetics.” – Read Full Article.

Ed Powers Back from the Brink

HotMovies to Exclusively Debut First Dirty Debutantes Title in Six Years

Ed Powers

Philadelphia, PA – After more than six years away from the business spent battling a life-threatening weight problem, Ed Powers, the most prolific producer of pro-am in the history of adult movies, is healthy again and making his long-awaited return. Known as the “original dirty old man” of porn, Powers has announced the continuation of his Dirty Debutantes line, volume 370, appearing exclusively on HotMovies websites including EdPowersVOD.com. The premiere is set for Wednesday, August 1st.

Powers began his career in adult as a hired gun more than 25 years ago, but said he ultimately decided it would be more exciting to do the filming himself. He would go on to produce more than 800 titles over the next two decades. He pioneered many now familiar pro-am techniques, including interviewing and then fucking the freshest female talent while making strong use of handheld POV shots.Ed Powers and Ivy Winters

But with the fame and the appeasement came tremendous weight gain. No amount of calorie-burning sex could solve what was quickly becoming a serious problem. By the time Powers shot Dirty Debutantes 369 in 2005, the 5’8” former dynamo was up to 300 pounds.

“My blood sugar was so high, 491, I should have been in a coma,” he said in an Interview with HotMovies. “I was lethargic. I could hardly bend my knees.”

Powers said he battled depression and anxiety and, because he didn’t feel comfortable on camera, he stopped producing his popular movies. “I knew I needed a change or I might not be around much longer. It was a real wakeup call. That’s when I got serious about my diet and working out.”

He hit the weights. He did cardio training. He swapped simple carbs for the more complex variety and drastically cut the bad fats from his diet, learning to love a new way to eat. “I even enjoy fish now,” he joked.

It wasn’t easy but eventually the work paid off. Since his last appearance, Powers said, he has undergone a complete physical transformation, losing more than 150 pounds. He now feels “better than ever.”

Ellie Mae WestEven during the darkest times, Powers said, there was still a silver lining. As his body spiraled out of control and he stopped producing, Internet VOD was giving his movies a second life. Older fans returned to the titles they fondly remembered sliding into a VCR while younger fans sought out the earliest releases of featured blue chip performers such as Courtney Cummz, Inari Vachs, Audrey Hollander, Aurora Snow, Brianna Banks and countless others.

In 2011 a much healthier and happier Ed Powers approached HotMovies about releasing the comeback production he’d just finished shooting. Today, the editing complete, Ed Powers Presents All New Dirty Debutantes 370 is ready for its close-up and the original dirty old man feels young again in his excitement to share it with his fans.

“The Internet is the now,” Powers said. “As technology expands, more people are going to the Internet as their first choice for watching movies. And HotMovies is the best of the best so I’m really excited to show the world the new Ed – and of course a whole bevy of incredible fresh young girls.”

The Dirty Debutantes selection on HotMovies will also expand to include the rarest and earliest movies in the series and the Cockless series of lesbian movies. HotMovies will now boast the most extensive collection of Dirty Debutantes movies available online.

Ed Powers with Jesse and Salo

“This is not only a great movie and a great collection but it’s such a tremendous story,” gushed James Cybert, director of business development for HotMovies. “Ed’s not only a well respected filmmaker but he’s just a great guy. We are really proud of him and happy for him and we can’t wait to see where he takes it from here.”

Hotmovies.com and EdPowersVOD.com feature over 175,000 titles currently available for streaming and download, and continues to add new titles daily. For more information about HotMovies.com, the Dirty Debutantes acquisitions, or Ed Powers Presents All New Dirty Debutantes 370, contact the HotMovies studio team at 1-800-611-MOVIE.