Rob Ford is the gift that keeps on giving. The Toronto Mayor is now well-known for his crazy antics and crack smoking. I could not be happier about it, in all honesty. The faces this dude makes, alone, are reason enough to want to keep him in the news. Just check out those crazy eyes. You know this guy is down to party with a face like that.

Rob Ford

Well, Ford is back in the news, and this time it’s not drug related. See, the mayor has been offered a couple gigs to make appearances in porn videos. Sure he’s kind of creepy looking, overweight, and just generally an unattractive individual…but I still hope this happens! There’s even a female counterpart lined up for it. Brandy Aniston has come out and said that she would indeed co-star in the porn flick with Ford.

Yeah, that’s right. Brandy Aniston. This smokin’ hot chick right here.

Brandy Aniston

And for those curious, Brandy has already appeared in a ton of movies that you can go watch now to check out just how great she is. Which makes you wonder, why would she want to be in a movie with a nut job when she’s used to doing high-level porn? Well, apparently Aniston was quoted as saying…

“He’s kinda cute, in a big, teddy bear kind of way.”

Sure, cute. You know, if you find crazy-eyed fat guys who smoke crack cute, then yeah. But hey, who am I to judge personal preference? Everybody’s got something they’re in to. And like I said, I would still gladly watch. Because at the very worst, this movie would still be absolutely hilarious even if it wasn’t arousing.

So keep your eyes open for further updates on the possibility of this movie actually happening. And until such news breaks, keep the Rob Ford hilarity alive in you with these ridiculous quotes by the mayor.

Ed Powers knows something about timing, after he began a transformation in 2008. “My blood sugar was so high that I should have been in a coma,” he says, reflecting on what he refers to as his “wake up call.” After years of allowing his physical condition to deteriorate, he reached a point where he had to make a decision to change, or he would not have been around much longer. And with what he insists was the help of a “Higher Power” behind it all, he made lifestyle changes that have him re-energized and ready to return to the screen, nearly six years after he began his long hiatus.

In order to fully appreciate that transformation, one must go back to 2008 for the “before” in this tale. In Dirty Debutantes 2007 Volume 369, Ed had reached a low point physically, mentally, and emotionally. “I was lethargic. I could hardly bend my knees.” He also said that he suffered from bouts of depression and anxiety. His performance on screen was difficult, and he knew something was wrong.

Ed Powers Before

If the story ended there, it would be a depressing tale. Fortunately, the Ed Powers story – the story as it is playing out today – is not a tale of failure and despair. It’s a story of how Ed took on the challenge of revamping his lifestyle and, so far, has succeeded. The “Dirty Old Man” of porn lost close to 150 pounds, started working out, got his blood sugar under control, and made a comeback to the screen in a brand new body.

In fact, Ed has a brand new problem: “I don’t want to get too muscular, and have to try to maintain the buff workout body.” His transformation has been slow and careful. He lost 12 to 15 pounds each month, changing the foods he was eating and exercising. “I’ve even began to enjoy fish,” he says, noting that it was a food he didn’t enjoy before.

The comeback to the screen gave him some perspective on the changes he was undergoing. “I had a flappy ass,” he says, laughing. As he progressed, he was able to watch his body change for the better. Most importantly for fans, he says that his physical conditioning is making him a better performer.

In the near future, will be announcing the release of the new movie on our site. In the meantime, we thought we’d give fans a sample of the new Ed. The picture below shows off his new body. Take a moment to compare the picture above with this one, and we think you’ll agree that the change is remarkable.

Ed Powers to the left in his comeback

The “Dirty Old Man” is back, and he’s healthier, happier, and dirtier than ever. His story is a story of belief and action overcoming inertia and despair. It’s the kind of story that we like to tell. And he summarizes his comeback, and its timing, better than we ever could. Asked why he decided to make his comeback now, he pauses, and it is though his thoughts focus precisely. “Now,” he says, “the time is right.”

Timing for Ed Powers is everything. He saved his health in the nick of time. His recovery was slow, deliberate, and well planned. Now he’s coming back to the screen. His fans will have to wait a little longer, but we’re sure it is worth their time.

Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Bill Clinton’s goddesses might be a stretch, but, speaking of diety, god does this guy still have it, or what? Charlie Sheen may have taken up all of the headlines with porn stars in the last couple of years, but the former President of the United States of America still has a deft touch when it comes (not cums, so far as the reporting goes) to talent. According to reports, after being brushed aside by Secret Service agents, former President Clinton called the starlets over to “hang out” with him at a posh fundraiser in Monaco.

Whether or not anything came of it, Bill Clinton’s goddesses for an evening weren’t run of the mill porn stars. One was Tasha Rain, who graced Penthouse Magazine as “Pet of the Month” in May of 2011. The other was Brooklyn Lee, who scorched it up so much on screen last year that she won the 2012 AVN Award for Best New Starlet. And they both apparently have it bad for the once “most powerful man in the world.”

According to the report in Politico, former President Clinton has some big mojo with these lovelies. From the report:

He kind of was looking over at us every once and a while. And we’re huge, psycho fans of Bill. We just think he’s really cute,” porn star Brooklyn Lee said. “So we end up wandering by. And we were going to approach him to take a picture and his Secret Service sort of brushed us away. And as we were walking away, Bill actually had the Secret Service guy call us back, to come hang out.” [Emphasis Added]

Image TMZ

Just to give you a little more tantalizing detail, here’s the files, and we know our stars, on Tasha Rain and Brooklyn Lee:

Tasha Rain

“This All-American gal is very new to the industry. After having done cyber-modeling for playboy, she decided to take a shot in the porn industry in 2010. During her first year Tasha made only one adult film but it was HOT! This hungry blond babe has a knack for eating pussy!

Tasha has also worked alongside some big adult stars including Lexi Bloom, Riley Jensen, Dayna Vendetta, and Bree Daniels. Tasha is a perfect 10, her natural 34D tits will have you drooling, and her tight ass will make you want to explode. Nothing is slowing this girl down!”

You can check Tasha Rain out here!

Brooklyn Lee

“‘I love the thrill of people watching me. I love the rush of inviting others into my intimate moment. I love to shock. I love to entice. I love to cause erections. I love to push boundaries.’

Brunette knockout Brooklyn Lee was born Nina Ramos on June 1, 1989 in Ohio. She’s a hot mix of Swedish, Puerto Rican, and Native American. Brooklyn first started watching porn at age ten. Lee briefly attended college and worked as an administrative assistant in Boston, Massachusetts prior to moving to New York City, where she worked as a cocktail waitress at the Penthouse Club before eventually becoming a stripper. She moved to Los Angeles, California, and found porn. She also signed with the top agency L.A. Direct Models as a newcomer in 2010. She has also worked for such notable companies as Vivid, Hustler, Private, and Evil Angel.”

You can check Brooklyn Lee out here!

Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Now, nobody is going to be knocking Charlie Sheen on his score. After all, how many regular guys could land Bree Olsen and Natalie Kenly? But the fact of the matter is that the former President is flexing some serious macho muscle by getting this, er, presidential photo op out on the town in Monaco.

Sorry, Charlie. Money is one thing, but William Jefferson Clinton has “it.” In fact, unless your name is Hillary and you are serving as the current Secretary of State, you have to admire the fact that after a decade out of office, Bubba can still pull some incredible babes!

As we mentioned before, no reporting exists on whether or not Bill Clinton’s goddesses did anything more than pose for a trophy photo with the Studliness-in-Chief, but he sure knows how to make a picture that constituents aren’t likely to forget. And it is equally hard to think that a guy with former President Clinton’s proclivities didn’t take a little opportunity later on to make an executive order or two in the interest of liberty and lustiness for all. Here’s hoping that at the very least he took a page out of Charlie Sheen’s playbook, and made it rain in the Presidential suite later on!

Does Mike “awesome” Stone sound familiar to you? If not, you can probably find him on Twitter. That’s because the daring Mr. Stone has asked about 600 different porn stars to be his prom date. He’s a persistent guy, if still not successful.

According to Death and Taxes, Stone is 18 and trying to make a score that would make him the envy of his school. His use of twitter as a vehicle to make the proposals landed him on Reddit. His quest became an instant sensation.

Mike “awesome” Stone promises the prom, a hotel room and a personal massage.

Okay, Mikey, people get your enthusiasm, but chill a little bit on the over the top proposals. Porn stars are people too, and it’s reasonable to think that not many of them are lining up to head off to a hotel for a massage from an 18 year-old horny stranger. That said, Stone’s ambitious approach speaks volumes about his optimism.

And most people would admit that a Twitter campaign to score a porn star for a prom date is a novel approach.Though more than a few people noted that the hotel and massage are a tad creepy.

What advice would you give Mr. Stone?

Since Stone is propositioning complete strangers (and it should be noted that they are fabulous looking sexy strangers) to be his date, he should probably change his approach. Here’s a short list of suggestions:

  • Drop the hotel and massage and go for a five star dinner.
  • Don’t forget the limosine.
  • Have a backup plan, like, say, prepare to ask out a classmate.

Reviewing these options, one can see that by eliminating the hotel and massage and adding a limo and a great dinner, Mike “awesome” Stone ditches the “creepy” part of his proposal and adds a touch of class. Anyway, if he really is “awesome,” the hotel and massage will work themselves out. That said, having a backup plan would be a really good idea. It isn’t certain, but it is hard to imagine a top of the line adult actress whisking away in a corporate jet to attend a high school prom. The publicity probably wouldn’t be worth the headaches that such an appearance would cause.

And surely an “awesome” guy like Mike could score a date with a classmate, right? Best of luck, Mr. Stone. If this one doesn’t work out, just stay ambitious. And, the world can only hope that you’re putting this kind of effort into finding a good college to attend. Maybe you can get a degree in cinema.

A porn star teacher is becoming the source of a big debate in Oxnard, California. No, this isn’t someone providing Master’s of Fine Arts level courses in cinematography. This is 31 year-old Stacie Halas, who was named in a Smoking Gun report before the school district decided to “protect her privacy.” She’s also, apparently, a successful middle school science teacher who happened to be an actor in several adult movies before her current career.

What happened?

According to several published reports, including the previously mentioned Smoking Gun, which you can read here, several students found some of her work on the internet and reported it to the school. It wasn’t parents who found it, it was students, and the school district immediately pointed out that the students should not have been surfing for porn on the internet and immediately informed parents of all of the ways that they can filter internet content so that pre-teens can’t access things that their parents find objectionable, suspended the teacher. Yes, they suspended a teacher for engaging in a completely legal activity that ocurred prior to her teaching career.

And then the school district got preachy about it. No kidding, a 21st Century educator had this response to the situation:

“‘Maybe it’s not a crime as far as the penal code is concerned, but we feel it’s a crime as far as moral turpitude [sic] is concerned,’ said Jeff Chancer, superintendent of the Oxnard school district.” [Emphasis Added]

The Teacher

Naughty Teachers Are More Fun Anyway

For an educator, Mr. Chancer has a bad grip on the meaning of crime. Crime involves prohibited acts. As far as anyone with a laptop can tell, humping in front of a camera in California isn’t a crime, it’s a lucrative industry. Further, people from all walks of life do it in professional and amateur settings (see also: amateur swinger porn).

Stunning though it may seem, a place exists where judgments about “moral terpitude” are perfectly acceptable. It’s called a church. If Mr. Chancer wants to preach morals, that’s a great place to do it, not at the public school where he works, in a state where adult movies are legal, and contribute significant tax revenues that likely support a part of his salary.

What didn’t happen?

The porn star teacher is causing a stir, but not among the primary stake-holders in this story. The parents didn’t even protest her being there when the story broke. To the contrary, according to CBS Los Angeles, NO parents of the students in question showed up to protest. Only one parent, who lodged a protest on behalf of his 11 year-old daughter, who is not identified as one of the students involved in the controversy, complained about the situation at all, and his was… wait for it… a moral protest.

This is where it all gets really stupid. According to one source, another missing element is a troublesome teacher. This is the true “smoking gun:”

“The district has not had problems with this teacher in the past, officials said.

The allegations do not involve any students in the Oxnard School District.”

And the “moral” of this story? Anything you’ve ever done can and will be held against you, if Mr. Chancer has problems with it.

What should have happened?

If someone’s kids ever encounter a porn star teacher, this is a quick list of good ideas to try:

  • Immediately filter the internet connection so that adult material isn’t readily available to minors.
  • Perhaps spend a moment or two in one’s busy day to explain to the kids that it’s called “adult” content for a reason, and then make sure it doesn’t happen again.
  • Find out if the content was located using a school computer, and if so, let them know that it happened there.

One last note on this controversy, leave the teacher alone. She was engaged in a LEGAL activity PRIOR to her education career. End of sermon.

Ron Jeremy is boning up on his demonology, and preparing for a mainstream movie role as a demon coming back to Earth to fulfill a Mayan prophecy. Let’s rephrase that. He’s coming back as a demon who haunts a hillbilly family’s trailer, and it’s going to be hell in the double-wide.

This isn’t a rump romp with Cytherea. This is a horror-comedy called “The Haunted Trailer” with Houston based director Chuck Norfolk. The mustachioed porn stud is making a new appearance in a mainstream movie, another in a line of over 200.

The Hillbillies are out to get Ron Jeremy.

The script features Ron as a Mayan Demon who is released so that he can carry out the ancient Mayan prophesies about 2012. Unfortunately, he ends up in a trailer, where a group of hillbillies will be forced to fight him for the future of humanity on Earth. He’s up against a formidable gang:


  • Elvis and Aaron come home to help “momma.”
  • Everyone knows hillbilly mommas are tough in their own right.
  • Sister “Prissy” also joins the group.
  • And what hillbilly contingent wouldn’t go to war against a demon without a televangelist like “Reverend Wiggems?”

Of course, it’s all in good fun, and every Jeremy fan will appreciate the lovable porn star as a hell sent destroyer who finds himself trapped in the heart (or double-wide home) of “Bubbaville.” It has the makings of a fun movie.

Ron Jeremy is a natural for this kind of movie.

Among Ron’s best qualities is that he doesn’t take himself too seriously. He immensely enjoys what he does and it shines through on the screen, whether its applying the bone in a hot porn flick, or playing a demon trapped in a trailer park. Will Ron be exorcised by the hapless hillbillies, or will humanity feel the wrath of the mustache?

You can find out later this year. “The Haunted Trailer” is due to be released in time for the holidays.

Jordan Septo now owner of Septo StudiosJordan R. Septo has graced the Adult Industry with some of the best Gonzo porn available today. Having shot major titles like Ass Ass and More Ass, Double D Secretaries, Big Beautiful Teens, My Mommy Eats Cum and many more, there doesn’t seem to be an adult video genre Jordan Septo hasn’t been successful directing.

Jordan Septo knows, as we all do within the Adult Industry, parodies are all the rage in the 21st century of porn. His first attempt at crafting an XXX parody produced I Dream of Genie and its sequel, which received lackluster reviews. Refusing to accept failure, Jordan redeemed himself by releasing Saturday Night Fever XXX and is planning many more quality porn parodies for the future.

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Free Speech Coalition on HIV Positive Adult PerformerFree Speech Coalition (FSC), as administrators of the Adult Production Health & Safety Services Program (, would like to address recent reports that an active performer may have tested positive for HIV.

FSC was made aware of the purported incident on Saturday by a reliable industry source. Most importantly, FSC would like to make clear that these reports were not involving testing facilities. This fact has limited the information gathered by FSC/ and we can neither deny nor confirm specific facts about this incident. Due to legal issues concerning patient privacy, FSC/, as of yet, is unable to implement exposure protocols and procedures.

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One of the most memorable Charlie Sheen related porn stars to date, Capri Anderson, has requested to become a member of the Charlie Sheen Roast guests. Capri has reportedly been in contact with none other than the celebrity roast master himself, Mr. Jeff Ross. Ross is said to be “interested” in having Anderson on the show, which is set to air September 19th. Besides the obvious controversial quality of having a woman “roast” the man who allegedly assaulted her, airing a major Charlie Sheen special on the same night as Ashton Kutcher’s debut as Charlie Sheen’s character on “Two and a Half Men” creates a TV double whammy.

Recently, Charlie Sheen dropped a lawsuit against Capri Anderson in reaction to her account of their evening together in New York last October. Sheen has stated Anderson “fabricated a sensational tale about being assaulted, battered and held against her will” in an attempt to “embarrass him and… damage his career”. Assuming all of this is true altercation, there’s no telling what could happen between Charlie Sheen and Capri Anderson live on Comedy Central. Plenty of Roast guests have made widely-considered “over-the-line” comments over the years, and this pairing is ripe for a live altercation.

Charlie Sheen Roast emcee, Seth MacFarlane, has a full order of drama to contend with this time around.

James Franco making porn documentary on

Actor James Franco made a porn fool of himself last night on Conan, in a good way. The hot commodity talked about a misguided sex tape escapade in his youth, mentioned his high regard for the talent porn performers bring to the screen, and also said in passing that he is making a documentary on alternative sexuality producer and San Francisco Armory owner,, whose founder, Peter Acworth, bought the historic building in 2006.

Screech… back up. What was that?

“I’m making a documentary about pornography,” he told O’Brien. “There’s this amazing facility in San Francisco. It’s at this old armory and they do everything in house, they build their props in house, so I’m making a documentary about that.”


As AVN (and a few others) have reported, Franco will soon be seen in a based-on-a-true-story movie titled Cherry co-penned by adult performer Lorelei Lee that was shooting up in S.F. in May, and we hypothesize that they may have spent a few days shooting scenes at the Kink Armory, which would explain, as reported, “A tweet from actress Rain Degrey from June 26 read: ‘ is all aflutter today because James Franco is here shooting his new movie. All these girls want to f*ck him! lol.’ However, the tweet was later deleted.”

Regarding his impression of porn performers, Franco told O’Brien, ““Those people in pornos, they’re great performers. They’re selling it to an audience.” He added, of the sex tape, “My girlfriend and I didn’t know that, so there was just this weird movement. That’s not sexy at all. That’s really, like, boring.” This is not the first time Franco has weighed in on porn star’s unique ‘marketing’ skills. In January, he again spoke about porn performer’s ability to “sell it.”

If he’s really making the doc, it’s a safe bet it will not be boring.

AVN contacted Acworth about the documentary and heard back from him in late afternoon. “Kink is very excited about the prospect of working with James Franco,’ he said. “The details are still being ironed out, but we’re very much looking forward to it.”

So are we!

Article Courtesy of AVN

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