Pippa Middleton Porn

The following is an article published by The New York Daily News.

Kate Middleton’s sister Pippa is very xxx-citing to some people.

After racy photos surfaced last week of a half-naked Pippa dancing with an equally un-dressed male, porn company Vivid Entertainment has offered Prince William’s sister-in-law $5 million to shoot one “explicit” scene.

Vivid president Steven Hirsh has sent the 27-year-old a letter, which TMZ obtained, telling her that she was the real star of the royal wedding and that her “beauty and attitude” would make her a huge adult star.

“After seeing photos of you having a great time at a party, I decided to offer you a role in one of our upcoming movies,” Hirsch wrote…


Steven Hirsch,
(Yes, I apparently can spell your name better than the NY Daily News)

I can fully understand how much fun it must be gaining immediate press coverage over writing empty casting offers with lots of zeros to international mainstream celebrities, but the gimmick is becoming trite very quickly. Everyone knows Pippa Middleton is not going to accept this letter, and would not be allowed to do so whether she wanted to or not. If having fun with the opposite sex, in your underwear, at 27 years old is grounds to be casted in a porn film, I’m fairly certain you’d be writing me letters daily.

Not to mention, 5 million American dollars is almost a slap in the face of Pippa Middleton. Remember, her sister is Her Royal Highness Princess William Arthur Philip Louis, Duchess of Cambridge, Countess of Strathearn, Baroness Carrickfergus. I sincerely doubt 5 million American, 3,498,095 Euros, could buy her anything her own family wouldn’t on a whim. If you really thought you had a chance at casting Pippa, you would at least offer her a nice high, round number in her own country’s currency.

Quit crying wolf, and put your money where your mouth is.

– T.J. HotMovies

Bree-Olson-License-SuspensionIt seems 24 year-old former Charlie Sheen goddess, Bree Olson, has run into some trouble around Fort Wayne, Indiana recently. Wait, haven’t we heard this before? Oh yes, we covered Bree Olson and her mid-west destruction derby back in February.

After being arrested on February 3rd, 2011 in Fort Wayne for driving her car into a light-pole, Olson made her way to court yesterday. She pleaded guilty to misdemeanor drunken driving charges, and has had her driver’s license suspended for 90 days. Maybe Mr. Sheen used his magic after Bree dumped him.

Well played tiger blooded warlock from outer-space. Well played indeed.

Jennifer Lopez Porn ParodyHOLLYWOOD, Calif.— American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez gets the porn parody treatment as X-Play and Digital Sin deliver Not Jennifer Lopez XXX: An American Idol to retail stores nationwide today.

The triple-X parody movie could turn out to be one of adult movie director Will Ryder’s most popular DVDs due to the blockbuster popularity of Lopez, the huge television viewership of American Idol and People Magazine recently naming her its Most Beautiful Woman of 2011.

“This could be our biggest movie of the year,” Ryder said. “Once it gets on stores shelves it will sell itself.”

PG and naked trailers are both available to watch here, with the PG version also available on YouTube.

Great sex including multiple three-ways and lavish outdoor locations including Miami, Los Angeles and Washington D.C., provide a picturesque backdrop for what turns out to be a hilarious story that involves sex, stardom, music, terrorists and politicians.

“We love having smash hits and Jennifer is beautiful and that always helps,” Ryder said. “She’s so hot that a quality porn parody movie had to be made and I’m glad we’re the ones that did it.”

Not Jennifer Lopez XXX: An American Idol stars Latina sex kitten Renae Cruz, Eva Angelina, Alexis Amore, Veronique Vega, Sunny Lane, Aurora Snow, Aarielle Alexis, Isabella Sky, Carmella Santiago and Kelli Tyler along with Lee Stone, Jeremy Steele, Tee Reel, Kurt Lockwood, Scott David and James Bartholet.

Bree Olson dumps Charlie Sheen via Text Message

IDK My BFF Jill?

Well, it turns out “Winning” isn’t always so fabulously cut and dry for the tiger blooded warlock named Charlie Sheen. Bree Olson dumped the 45 year old via text message directly before he took the stage in Florida on his stand-up tour.

Bree Olson had been one of two “goddesses” Charlie Sheen had living with him. Most men would be rightly upset with being dealt such information without even a phone call, but Charlie apparently still wishes Bree well. At least in public.

Apparently Camden, New Jersey is good for more than just giving Detroit, Michigan a run for it’s money every year as “Most Dangerous Place to Live.”

A study of Google Trends performed by Charlotte Markey, Rutgers University psychologist, and her husband Patrick Markey of Villanova University, tabulated porn keyword usage during the weeks before and after presidential elections in each state during 2004, 2006 and 2008. What they found was a heightened search for online porn in states voting for the winning presidential candidate after the election. Who knew voting for your perception of the lesser evil could effect your libido?

“Research has shown testosterone levels fluctuate with whether or not one wins in a competition,” Charlotte Markey said. “Even if a man is sitting in a bar and his team wins, his testosterone levels will rise.”

Source: UPI.com

Maybe some of our readers can help us solve this mystery of mysteries. How do a man, an adult video and a private booth create a screaming ball of flame? Well, we certainly don’t know, but apparently one man in San Francisco has figured out the equation.

At one of your every day adult video stores in San Francisco, California, a very unfortunate man has seemingly spontaneously combusted while watching adult videos. Reports of the incident describe the man as having run through the store completely engulfed in flames, and out to the front sidewalk where the police were visually alerted. First to third degree burns covered over 90% of his body, and parts of his clothing needed to be cut from him when the ambulance arrived. Thankfully, authorities managed to transport him to St Francis Memorial Hospital’s Bothin Burn Center. He is reported to still be in very critical condition.

What is EXXXOTICA? from EXXXOTICA on Vimeo.

Exxxotica Miami 2011 takes place from May 20th to May 22nd.

A slew of special events are already scheduled for your adult entertainment pleasures and sexual awakening. “Ladies Free Friday”, “Miami’s Hottest Frat Dude” and the “Men of Adonis” are three of the major attractions this year for the ladies. Whereas the “Pretty Things Peep Show”, “Rubberdoll – Fetish and Kink Performance” and the ever popular “Ms. Exxxotica Competition” are ready to keep the men happy at all costs.

Tattoo Alley will also be returning this year by popular demand. Miami Beach, Florida is well known for it’s prestigious tattoo parlors, but let me ask you a question. Would you rather get inked in a stereotypical, boring tattoo parlor, or show off your badass side while taking the needle in front of the hottest women in the world? No brainer? That’s what we thought.

Of course, who could ever forget the after parties? Want to spend your weekend nights cruising Miami’s hottest club nightlife, surrounded by the adult industry’s top porn stars? Don’t miss this years Exxxotica Miami!


I bet when Julian Assange created Wikileaks.com he hadn’t thought of his platform being used in the Adult Industry. Personally, neither did I. None the less, it seems someone has taken it upon his/her self to publish PornWikileaks.com.

PornWikiLeaks.com is a database of porn star stage names being linked, to what is rumored to be, each actor/actress’ personal information. I suppose in an electronic era where sites such as Spokeo.com and paid consumer background checks exist, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

“PornWikiLeaks has combined high-end security technologies with journalism and ethical principles. Like other media outlets conducting investigative journalism, we accept (but do not solicit) anonymous sources of information. Unlike other outlets, we provide a high security anonymous message board fortified by cutting-edge cryptographic information technologies. This provides maximum protection to our sources. We are fearless in our efforts to get the unvarnished truth out to the public. When information comes in, our journalists analyze the material, verify it and write a news piece about it describing its significance to society. We then publish both the news story and the original material in order to enable readers to analyze the story in the context of the original source material themselves.” – PornWikiLeaks About

Just as other free personal information indexes have begun to rub mainstream internet users the wrong way, PornWikiLeaks.com is sure to meet opposition from adult industry actors, actresses and the agencies who manage them. If a cease and desist letter has not already been sent, I’m sure it’s in final draft on someone’s desk this morning.

Since Sasha Grey has put a foot hold into her role on Entourage, it seems her plans to leave porn for more serious acting opportunities are solidified. In the promotional video above for Sasha’s new book, she seems fairly confident in both commenting herself and letting others allude to her future without the Adult Industry.

Her new monograph, “NEU SEX“, is a collection of photos Sasha has kept for her own personal reflection during her years as a top ranked porn starlet. Shot entirely by her fiance’, Ian, the book highlights all facets of a punky young porn star’s trip down the rabbit hole of proud sexuality. Everything from beautiful unreleased photos of Sasha Grey modeling, to funny candid shots taken during down time on set. Couple these priceless lifestyle images with Sasha’s deep inner monologue and dry whit, and you have one hell of a conversation piece to sit on your coffee table.

The book has seen some poor critiques from people who believe transcending the gap between adult content and main stream media is a futile goal, but is great for someone who has also struggled with a strong sexual personality. Sasha Grey does not tip-toe around taboo subjects, leaving messages vague and misrepresented. She is very open with her personal thoughts and feelings, and has a way with humor that can change the way some people view the dynamic between the adult industry and the rest of the world.

PRINCETON, N.J.—Two of the biggest names in freestyle rap and condoms, Ludacris and the makers of Magnum condoms, are joining forces in a nationwide search for the best freestyle rap artists in the country.

The second annual Magnum Live Large Project features rap competitions in four major cities (Detroit, San Francisco, Miami and New York) and an online voting competition on YouTube. Semi-finalists will be invited to appear on stage alongside Ludacris.

At each city, local judges select the top three performers, and then videos of the winners will be posted HERE, where people can vote for the best rapper from each city. People who can’t make it to the local events will also have the opportunity to compete for a spot on the Magnum Live Large League by uploading their own performance video under the “Submit” tab. The leading vote getters will join the Magnum Live Large League.

These winners will then have the opportunity to appear live on stage alongside Ludacris at a hip-hop concert May 29 at Spring Fest in Miami, one of the nation’s biggest music events. Winners will also receive a $5,000 cash prize and a year’s supply of Magnum condoms, the original gold standard.

“In keeping with the true spirit of Magnum, we challenged ourselves to make this year’s project bigger and better, expanding the scope to secure more of the ‘voice of the people,'” said Jim Daniels, vice president of marketing for Magnum. “True to Magnum form, we’ve enhanced the competition to make the pool of entrants larger, the events larger, and the ultimate payout larger.”

For the second year in a row, Ludacris will be partnering with the Magnum Live Large Project.

“Living Large is really the only way to live,” said Grammy-winning artist Ludacris. “That’s why I’m a part of this project for the second year. I’m a huge supporter of the product, I live the life, and I love how Magnum is giving other people the chance to shine and represent the gold standard.”

The Magnum Live Large Project is part of an ongoing commitment from the makers of Trojan Brand Condoms to provide a variety of audiences with the tools they need to enjoy a sexually healthy lifestyle.

For more information and contest rules, go to www.MAGNUMLiveLarge.com or www.YouTube.com/MAGNUMLiveLarge.