If you were not previously aware, the HotMovies captial of the world is located within the heart of Philadelphia. The city of Brotherly Love is known for a great many things throughout United States history, but none more currently prolific than it’s sports culture. Philadelphia has the reputation for being home to the toughest sports fans in American Football, mostly noted by the epic tale of Eagles fans throwing snow balls at Santa Clause during a game in 1968.

Much like the “Joe Must Go” era of Eagles football, when fans called for head coach Joe Kuharich to be removed, Philadelphia is calling for the dismissal of Andy Reid. 1968 Eagles QB Norm Snead was also having a horrifyingly similar season to what Michael Vick is producing this year. With all of these close comparisons to that fateful season, and 2011 inching closer to the Holiday season, HotMovies feels it should do anything it can to prevent another Santa sniping.

Luckily, we found that another Philadelphia adult industry entity has been having the same fear. The Alt Porn Network and HotMovies have teamed up to help alleviate some Philadelphia sporting angst. Photographed below is none other than the gorgeous Arden Adamz showing off the positive side of her Philly pride. When the Eagles give you lemons, say “fuck lemons” and remember the Phillies! We certainly will be after seeing this hot set of Philadelphia Phillies fan photos.

Arden Adamz Philadelphia Phillies Porn Arden Adamz Philadelphia Phillies Porn Arden Adamz Philadelphia Phillies Porn
Arden Adamz Philadelphia Phillies Porn Arden Adamz Philadelphia Phillies Porn Arden Adamz Philadelphia Phillies Porn
Arden Adamz Philadelphia Phillies Porn Arden Adamz Philadelphia Phillies Porn Arden Adamz Philadelphia Phillies Porn
Arden Adamz Philadelphia Phillies Porn Arden Adamz Philadelphia Phillies Porn Arden Adamz Philadelphia Phillies Porn

Philadelphia, PA – Hurricane Irene rapidly approaches the northeastern United States, and in the interest of keeping the porn-watching public of the tri-state area alive, has released an important list of hurricane safety tips.

  1. Bottled water for drinking – lots of it in large containers – you could be without water or power for days or even weeks.
  2. Food – canned goods and other non-perishable items that don’t have to be cooked.
  3. Stay away from windows during the storm.
  4. Insurance information – trying to find contact numbers after a disaster can be disastrous – get a packet together.
  5. Light – having rechargeable or crank powered flashlights is more recommended then candles due to fire hazard.
  6. Evacuation routes – be aware of possible congestion spots, flooding tables. Your local library should have a plethora of information.
  7. The National Hurricane Center is a good place to find more information-

“People in the American Northeast are not used to hurricanes. It may be tempting to run outside and make a video for YouTube, but we highly recommend staying indoors for the duration of the extreme weather,” said James Cybert, Director of Business Development and amateur disaster expert. “Find something to fill your time. We recommend sitting safely at your computer, masturbating furiously.”

“Remember, if internet service is disrupted, residents aren’t going to be able to stream our vast library of over 150k adult videos. Make sure you take advantage of our rental and download-to-own options before the storm hits,” warned Cybert.

In all seriousness, James Cybert and understands the destruction Hurricane Irene has already caused, and is likely to cause in the next few days. “It is, in fact, a depressing reality. It can be hard to handle emotionally. We recommend porn for that, too.”

It’s important that people in the affected areas are adequately supplied with water, food, bottle caps, and any necessary supplies. Residents who are toughing out the storm indoors should be adequately supplied with porn. Titles like Homegrown 647: Cock You Like a Hurricane and Storm Squirters 7 with Samantha Sin should provide hours of entertainment while mother nature destroys your community.

Philadelphia, PA – A rare 5.9 earthquake shook the corporate headquarters Tuesday afternoon, resulting in nobody hurt and nothing damaged, but terrifying everyone inside.

The building was briefly evacuated, and the east-coasters, un-used to geological events of any kind, were both literally and figuratively shaken. “I won’t be able to sleep tonight. I’ll be up just waiting. I have to call my cats,” said a marketing operative who wisely refused to identify himself. Visibly jumpy, he then added, “What was that?”

“I was worried about my collection of mint condition Buffy the Vampire Slayer figures which are still in the package,” said James Cybert, director of Business Development. As of press time, only an old Brianna Banks action figure had fallen down. Cybert has launched an investigation to find out if that incident was related to Tuesday’s earthquake.

Authorities dispute whether or not the sexual immorality, prolific at Philadelphia’s headquarters, may have played a role in the rare quake. So far, divine retribution cannot be ruled out as a factor.

According to the United States Geological Survey, the earthquake Tuesday afternoon was the worst earthquake in the entire world- that day. Still, streaming video service at went uninterrupted, and the corporate headquarters remains the world’s largest internet archive of adult video on demand.

Happy 4th of July 2011 from

The image above is used as the headline banner for an AOL News article on how wants to know what porn titles were in Osama Bin Laden’s “huge stash” of porn. Does this look like a great picture of Joanna Angel?

Why would you want Adult Industry Studios, Directors and Stars to be referenced with one of the deadliest terrorists in world history?

Does this sound like a great marketing plan?

Are you going to try cashing in on the fact that your studio made the “Taliban Tops” list?

Is there going to be an “Osama Bin Laden Meets His 72 Virgins” XXX parody?

This is absurd. The only thing that will come of this, is the strengthening of the Bible Belt’s political influence. If I were a major player in the Adult Industry, I would be trying to sweep this under the rug faster than Clinton’s blow job. When you give conservative America any decent reason to get rid of something they do not agree with morally, you are hurting the Adult Industry as a whole.

Granted, making sex more “taboo” in our culture has produced increased revenue in the past. Although, that was at a time when pornography was still very wild and untamed. Now that the government has had time to create plenty of policies concerning the Adult Industry, and almost every dark corner of sexuality has been put on free tube sites, “taboo” will not have the same effect.

If you are an Adult Entertainment professional, and have a real interest in what lie in Osama Bin Laden’s “huge stash” of porn, you can do yourself a big favor. Take a big cymbal in each hand, and repeatedly clap your head between them until you no longer have this urge. Why don’t you make yourself useful and write the Arnold Schwarzenegger Love Child parody?

– T.J. HotMovies

Exxxotica Miami 2011


Friday, May 20
4pm – 11pm
(VIP Lounge opens at 4pm)

Saturday, May 21
Noon – 11pm
(VIP Lounge opens at 2pm)

Sunday, May 22
Noon – 7pm
(VIP Lounge opens at 1pm)

The booth will be bringing another sexy line-up of Adult Stars for your autograph and shmoozing pleasures. Make sure to stop by to meet these lovely adult entertainment personalities, and maybe even learn a little about the team.

Our signing tables will include:

Priya Rai
Priya Rai
Jenna Presley
Jenna Presley
Angelina Valentine
Angelina Valentine
Emy Reyes
Emy Reyes
Annie Cruz
Annie Cruz
James Bartholet
James Bartholet
Sunny Lane
Sunny Lane
Diamond Kitty
Diamond Kitty
Ron Jeremy
Ron Jeremy

South Seas Hotel
1751 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Special EXXXOTICA Rate: $179 a night
Call: (305) 538-1411 and ask for the EXXXOTICA group rate.

EXXXOTICA is held at the:
Miami Beach Convention Center
1901 Convention Center Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Visit the Official Exxxotica Miami Beach 2011 Website HERE

Apparently Camden, New Jersey is good for more than just giving Detroit, Michigan a run for it’s money every year as “Most Dangerous Place to Live.”

A study of Google Trends performed by Charlotte Markey, Rutgers University psychologist, and her husband Patrick Markey of Villanova University, tabulated porn keyword usage during the weeks before and after presidential elections in each state during 2004, 2006 and 2008. What they found was a heightened search for online porn in states voting for the winning presidential candidate after the election. Who knew voting for your perception of the lesser evil could effect your libido?

“Research has shown testosterone levels fluctuate with whether or not one wins in a competition,” Charlotte Markey said. “Even if a man is sitting in a bar and his team wins, his testosterone levels will rise.”


James Deen Will Cuckold You Amy Brooke

Philadelphia, PA – Adult actor James Deen has released five movies exclusively on, which opponents say threaten the institution of marriage. With titles like James Deen Will Cuckold You, men who aren’t James Deen are rallying against the films. porn connoisseur Alistair Thrustwell expressed his concern. “He has his way with Amy Brooke while she’s on the phone with her husband. I’m not even married and I’m worried that James Deen will cuckold me. We must defend traditional marriage from James Deen.”

The other four movies, all exclusive releases on, are James Deen Amateur Video with Jasmine Tame, James Deen Loves Butts with Mason Moore, James Deen Loves Boobs starring Caroline Reese, and Kora Peters stretching the definition of the term in James Deen Loves MILFs. Each movie is slated to be the beginning of its own series starring, written, and directed by Deen.

With more than 850 scenes to his credit on, James Deen is rapidly becoming the Ron Jeremy of his generation. He is the youngest man to ever win AVN’s Male Performer of the Year (2009,) and made Heeb Magazine’s list of the 100 most influential Jews.

Despite his young age, or perhaps because of it, Deen demonstrates a mastery of new media. From his partnership with and launch of, to his hilarious Twitter feed and blog, Deen has repeatedly embodied innovation and set himself apart as a forward thinking new media star. Lawmakers say this makes him particularly dangerous to the institution of marriage.

“Marriage is supposed to be between a man and a woman,” complained Thrustwell. “Not a man, a woman, and James Deen.”

The HotMovies studio team can be reached at 1-800-611-MOVIE.

Exxxotica Miami 2011

PHILADELPHIA, PA— Victory Tradeshow Management has named AVN Media Network as the Exclusive Media Partner of EXXXOTICA, “The Sexiest Show on Earth.” In this blockbuster deal, two paramount brands in adult entertainment are brought together. AVN Media Network has been the definitive source for everything adult entertainment related spanning nearly 30 years. Entering its sixth year and 11th show, EXXXOTICA is the largest adult consumer event in the country, producing headline-making events in Miami Beach, Chicago, Los Angeles and New Jersey.

“The EXXXOTICA Expo grew exponentially in the past few years, demonstrating an awareness and understanding of consumers,” said AVN Media founder Paul Fishbein. “EXXXOTICA is now a leading adult event, covering all aspects of our diverse industry. We hope our partnership lends further credence towards the show’s integrity.”

“We’re really excited to work with AVN,” said J. Handy, director of Victory Tradeshow Management. “Strategically, it makes sense. EXXXOTICA is now in four of the largest markets in the country, and AVN is a well-respected brand internationally. This partnership strengthens the positioning of both companies, while expanding our demographics and benefiting consumers.”

As part of the agreement, AVN Media will exhibit at each EXXXOTICA event, as well as be the exclusive source for all breaking news about the shows.

EXXXOTICA Miami Beach, which was Victory Tradeshow Management’s flagship event, will be the first show of 2011. Taking place May 20-22 at the Miami BeachConvention Center, the event is expected to draw more than 20,000 attendees. 2011 also marks the much-anticipated debut of EXXXOTICA Chicago, which will run July 8-10 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, as well as a return to Los Angeles, Aug. 26-28, and to the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area, Nov. 4-6.

Exhibitors interested in securing booth space and sponsorship for the EXXXOTICA Expo should contact Victory Tradeshow Management at or call (215) 462-8800.

For more information about EXXXOTICA Expo 2011, including ticket information, visit

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LeMayzing Pictures

Philadelphia, PA – The list of female stars to successfully make the transition from onscreen talent to fulltime pornographer is short. Those who have done it without the aid of a major studio are nowhere to be found. As DVD sales have hit the skids, it has, perhaps, become harder than ever for ladies with a vision to make the transition. None of that has stopped Lynn LeMay.

The iconic Lemay, who began thrilling the masses with her incredible natural breasts, sweet, sexy vibe, and sultry onscreen antics in 1988’s The Flirt, took literal ownership of her career in 2005. She moved behind the camera and began producing new material under her own LeMayzing Productions label with the appropriately named Phoenix Risen from the Ashes.

Now she’s taking another leap. LeMay announced that as of 2011, all new LeMayzing Productions titles will premiere and stream exclusively online at and, beginning with this week’s release, titled LeMayzing Ladies: Sweet Young Things.

“Re-launching has given me the opportunity to make the movies I always wanted to make,” she said. “These are my babies, created from conception to viewing. has all the talent behind it to bring sexy concepts to the masses, backed by quality casting, shooting and editing. I want fans to enjoy my many years of experience giving you exactly what you want.” director of business development James Cybert expressed his pride at working with LeMay. “As we’ve seen over the past year particularly,” he said, “all types of content producers, from traditional and major studios like Girlfriends Films, to niche guys, to ambitious new talents like Lynn, are starting to debut or exclusively sell product through VOD. We love this and we will continue to be aggressive in pursuing these arrangements. It’s a win-win for everybody, even brick and mortars which eventually get DVDs with built in buzz.”

Though LeMay has no immediate plans to release the titles on DVD, she said she’s always willing to listen to the right offer. “After Sweet Young Things, I plan to release A MILF addition of LeMayzing Ladies, and there’s much more in store after that. I’m very excited about 2011 and this partnership with HotMovies. Stay tuned!”

LeMayzing Ladies is the latest in a series of HotMovies-only premieres. Over the past twelve months, has debuted the Danielle Staub Raw celebrity sex tape, Underground Video’s Dreams of Salome 2, Poor Little Shyla from Girlfriends Films and most recently Artcore from visionary director Carlos Batts. In addition, the site has been the exclusive home to the revival of a trio of movies from legendary Golden Age of Porn producer/director Cecil Howard, Scoundrels, Star Angel and Foxtrot.

The HotMovies studio team can be reached at 1-800-611-MOVIE.