Alright, I know girls (well most of us) are immediately attracted to anything that sparkles or shines brightly and this Cigar Vibe Pendant is no different. I’m a huge fan of necklaces and vibrators- so when there’s an opportunity to combine them both, I’m all over it.

The website doesn’t give you the exact measurements and I can’t bring myself to spend the $275.00 on it so I don’t even dare call (because knowing me I will end up buying it) but I’m pretty sure it’s the perfect length. Perfect meaning: Just long enough to fall right in between my tits- that way I could turn it on while I’m in public and get a little vibe action without anyone knowing.

I mean just imagine the places this necklace could come in handy. You could wear it while traveling and slip into the airplane bathroom and have a little fun, you could bring it to work and once again have a little fun in the bathroom or you could bring it to a club and use it wherever you want pretty much (you know how dark those places get).

Another item the company offers that I think is pretty sexy, yet maybe a little too daring for me are the Pearl Restraints. Those are deeeefinitely out of my price range at $4,900.00. However, the idea of being tied up with pearls is sure to be on any girls list of fantasies.

Check out these two items and more at Kikidm

-PBR Princess
PBR Princess is a twenty something living it up in this crazy city called Philadelphia. She gets into as much trouble as possible and somehow makes it home safely at night and into work too fucking early.

This is mind blowing.. you have to watch it.


#1: Fun Factory Delight Rechargeable Massager

Stunning S-shaped rechargeable massaging vibrator from Fun Factory. Powerful multi-speed orgasmic pulsations are controlled on the handle’s built-in unit – easy to use whether you want a strong massage or G-spot-stimulating penetration. Quiet and discreet.”

The ladies over at Love Honey gave the Fun Factory Delight a 82.1 out of 100.

I’m not really sure how this relates to men reading this blog, so just imagine a girl using it while you’re reading the description.

Source: Love Honey

#7. The First Sex Toy
I don’t envy anyone that had to use one of the first sex toys- the one above certainly doesn’t look very enjoyable. However, I am very thankful for modern day sex toys because they definitely bring an extra oomph to the bedroom.

See the list of the 7 Important Historical Breakthroughs (In Masturbation)

Adult Video Megaplexxx in Houston wants their $50,000 worth of merchandise seized by the Houston Police Department back. The problem is, the Houston PD can’t seem to find any of it. Funny how that happens.

The Houston PD are claiming the ‘evidence’ was destroyed, but no documents were even presented that required the destruction of the sex toys. The employees of Adult Video Megaplexxx believe the police stole the sex toys to give to their girlfriends and friends.

I think the employees have a point- they’re the ones in the business and they know what their customers want.


“The Ghost will haunt your fantasies! Beautifully sculptured and glow in the dark it has the perfect gentle curve for either g-spot or prostate stimulation. The textured shaft and rounded head are sure to tantalize sensitive tissues. This sculpture of soft, durable silicone is firm enough for thrusting and stays put in an o-ring style harness”

I’m not really sure if I want a Ghost to haunt my fantasies, that doesn’t sound very sexy. But hey, you never know what those people with ESPN might be into.

Source: Whipspider Rubberworks

The Voice Activated Rabbit is fresh on the market and I think it’s awesome. It’s perfect for when a chick is having sex and she can yell out her boyfriends name and she gets buzzed because you can program your own commands into the vibrator.

I guess that would suck until you forget his name and then you don’t get the BZZZ, or you could program both your current and ex’s name into it- that way it’s win, win.

Source: The Sun

In case you’ve always wanted to come home with Syphilis but don’t want to do the dirty work- here’s your chance.

The cute and cuddly diseases come in either a 3 pack Petri Dish, or individually. Now you can come home with all the diseases you want and not have to worry about those pricey medical bills.

Source: Giant Microbes

I went to Art School so I’m always a fan of unique design, especially when it comes from the infamous Bauhaus University. When artists take the initiative to incorporate their award winning design techniques with modern day gaming systems, AND sex toys- one can’t help but get excited.

The idea of using the Wiimote as a sex toy is not new, nor innovative- but I like how they incorporated the sleek design of a good vibrator and the handle that comes with a good anal toy and voila- The Wiibrator!

A good alternative, yet not as innovative is the: Wiildo

I really think these people are onto something.

Source: io9

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