Will Soon Be Available on DVD!

The stunning, red haired beauty, Camille Crimson, has just signed a deal with LFP Video to distribute content via DVD from her award-winning website, Filmed in a manner unlike most other fellatio-friendly videos, Camille Crimson and The Art of Blowjob take giving head to a whole new level!

“The Art of Blowjob’s videos stand out from other blowjob sites because they don’t rely on gagging, choking and rough face fucking to titillate its viewers,” said Crimson. “Instead, all of my blowjob videos are true works of art. They are tasteful, refined and sophisticated without ever compromising on sensuality or erotic details. Classy can be sexy and I am a very classy woman who uses her mouth in ways you can’t even imagine!”

Relying strongly on sensual foreplay, erotic music, coquettish glances at the camera, and artful tongue teasing, The Art of Blowjob is a beautiful foray of the erogenous senses. LFP Video is excited to begin distributing content that is both female and couples friendly, and enticing to both men and women.

“We’re thrilled to be embarking on this new venture,” said Rob Smith, Director of Operations, LFP Video. “Camille is striking and her videos are sensual and titillating. The Art of Blowjob competes in a category all by itself. It’s a beautifully done masterpiece of erotic pornography. These titles will have long shelf lives in any retailer’s store.”

The Art of Blowjob, distributed by LFP Video, will be coming soon to DVD.

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Filly Films - A new lesbian porn company

Filly Films, a brand new lesbian adult film company debuts it’s first release today Monday, June 13th.

P.S. I Love You – starring Anita Blue, Brooke Taylor, Chantel Merino, Corina Jayden, Jessi Starr, Katie Angel, Leenuh Rae, Lickable, Lorin Lane, Ms. Platinum, Mikki Anne, and Tamera.

Filly Films emphasizes on Women who really want to be with Women.

Please stay tuned for Dana Vespolis’ Lesbian Ass Worship, Tom Moore’s Locked Up, Lesbian Cheerleaders, Juan Cuba’s Seduced By Mommy, and Spin The Bottle.

More movies in the making by Celeste Star, Lily Cade, and Karli Montana.

Visit us at, and for more info.

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Filly Films is distributed solely by Combat Zone.

Sascha Libido, globally famous German adult star, has announced that his production studio, Film Studios LA, is now for sale. In an interview with a member of the German media, Sascha revealed his plans to offer the entire turnkey studio operation as a single package, for an estimated price of $475,000.

Film Studios LA, located in California’s San Fernando Valley, is touted as being the ‘world’s largest adult studio’. It has also been the site of a number of mainstream productions, with such stars as Michelle Rodriguez Avatar, Fast and Furious, LOST) and Jareb Dauplaise (Transformers, Hard Times of RJ Berger) appearing in projects being filmed at the Studios.

Most people in the industry will already be somewhat familiar with the resources of Film Studios LA. Three of the current AVN Top Ten Releases were filmed at the Studios. Also, the sets and stages of the Studio have appeared in literally thousands of adult films produced by every major adult company in the business including Brazzers, Digital Playground, Hustler, Penthouse, Playboy, and Wicked.

In 2010 alone, the Studio was the site of over 400 production bookings. Many of these productions utilized the in house production design team, which created custom sets for several films awarded at the 2011 AVN Awards including the hit parody Batman XXX. In addition to the physical assets of the Studio, and many of the trained personnel remaining intact, the purchaser will also receive the Studio’s ‘black book’ of contacts and clients, to assist the new owner in maintaining this level of productivity after the sale.

A veteran of over 1050 adult films (source: as both performer and director, Sascha founded the Studio in 2005 in a single warehouse, with himself as the only worker. Since that time, it has grown to encompass 5 fully functioning studios with makeup, wardrobe and green rooms, offices, a set workshop, and over 10,000 sq. ft. of stored props. Sascha gives his reason behind the sale of the Studio at this time: “After many years of hard work I believe the business is now a turn key investment, and more importantly, this transition will allow me to focus exclusively on manufacturing what I believe to be the most revolutionary piece of adult toy technology to date.”

A patent application has been filed by Sascha, and he has entered into a partnership with a German firm to further develop and manufacture “a toy allowing real sex with anyone, anywhere, anytime.” The target date for release of their device is Fall, 2012.

For information on submitting offers or scheduling a meeting to discover more about the company please utilize the legal contact below.

Media representatives that wish to interview Sascha regarding the studios, the patent, or those who wish schedule a photo/video walkthrough of the facilities are encouraged to open communication with the media representative below.


Media Contact:
Dr. Bill Chitwood

Legal Contact:
Robert Scapa, Esq.
21700 Oxnard St # 670
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
818.710.1881 Main

All trademarks and copyrighted titles contained herein are property of there respective owners. Film Studios LA, Studio 8033, West Coast Vision LLC, and p/k/a Sascha Libido make no claim of ownership on any of the trademarks and/or copyrighted items contained herein.

It’s not often that you can involve things like whips, chains, and ball-gags with the wholesome majority’s ideal of “community”, but is attempting to do just that.

Peter Acworth, owner of, purchased the abandoned National Guard Armory in the Mission District of San Francisco in 2006 in order to convert it into his successful fetish studio. Needless to say, he was met with heated opposition from the surrounding public. Since then, Mr. Acworth and have performed the miracle of winning public support with kindness. Since obtaining the massive structure, and continuing with’s line of successful fetish videos, Acworth has donated tens of thousands of dollars to nonprofits working to help Mission youth. As if this wasn’t enough, now he also wants to use a large section of his complex to host community gatherings.

The 38,000 square foot “Drill Center” portion of the original National Guard Armory has been used for parking during the last 5 years, but had been used to host sporting events and community gatherings during it’s hay-day. Acworth has expressed ideas for the space such as community banquets, film festivals, farmers markets and youth sports events, but intends to let the surrounding family community have input before solidifying plans for the space.

“We want to resurrect this space as a place of assembly,” said Acworth.

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CINCINNATI (AP) — A federal judge has ruled that Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt is the sole owner of his pornography company and his estranged brother is not entitled to half the business.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports U.S. District Judge William Bertelsman ruled Thursday in the Cincinnati case.

Bertelsman wrote that Jimmy Flynt provided no “credible evidence” to show he ever was a partner in the business. Bertelsman also wrote that any interest claimed by Jimmy Flynt was released in a 1988 settlement between the brothers.

Larry Flynt has said his younger brother never was more than an employee. He also said the lawsuit was aimed at punishing him for firing Jimmy Flynt and his two sons.

The brother told the Enquirer his lawsuit was about fair compensation and that he would appeal.

Pippa Middleton Porn

The following is an article published by The New York Daily News.

Kate Middleton’s sister Pippa is very xxx-citing to some people.

After racy photos surfaced last week of a half-naked Pippa dancing with an equally un-dressed male, porn company Vivid Entertainment has offered Prince William’s sister-in-law $5 million to shoot one “explicit” scene.

Vivid president Steven Hirsh has sent the 27-year-old a letter, which TMZ obtained, telling her that she was the real star of the royal wedding and that her “beauty and attitude” would make her a huge adult star.

“After seeing photos of you having a great time at a party, I decided to offer you a role in one of our upcoming movies,” Hirsch wrote…


Steven Hirsch,
(Yes, I apparently can spell your name better than the NY Daily News)

I can fully understand how much fun it must be gaining immediate press coverage over writing empty casting offers with lots of zeros to international mainstream celebrities, but the gimmick is becoming trite very quickly. Everyone knows Pippa Middleton is not going to accept this letter, and would not be allowed to do so whether she wanted to or not. If having fun with the opposite sex, in your underwear, at 27 years old is grounds to be casted in a porn film, I’m fairly certain you’d be writing me letters daily.

Not to mention, 5 million American dollars is almost a slap in the face of Pippa Middleton. Remember, her sister is Her Royal Highness Princess William Arthur Philip Louis, Duchess of Cambridge, Countess of Strathearn, Baroness Carrickfergus. I sincerely doubt 5 million American, 3,498,095 Euros, could buy her anything her own family wouldn’t on a whim. If you really thought you had a chance at casting Pippa, you would at least offer her a nice high, round number in her own country’s currency.

Quit crying wolf, and put your money where your mouth is.

– T.J. HotMovies

What is EXXXOTICA? from EXXXOTICA on Vimeo.

Exxxotica Miami 2011 takes place from May 20th to May 22nd.

A slew of special events are already scheduled for your adult entertainment pleasures and sexual awakening. “Ladies Free Friday”, “Miami’s Hottest Frat Dude” and the “Men of Adonis” are three of the major attractions this year for the ladies. Whereas the “Pretty Things Peep Show”, “Rubberdoll – Fetish and Kink Performance” and the ever popular “Ms. Exxxotica Competition” are ready to keep the men happy at all costs.

Tattoo Alley will also be returning this year by popular demand. Miami Beach, Florida is well known for it’s prestigious tattoo parlors, but let me ask you a question. Would you rather get inked in a stereotypical, boring tattoo parlor, or show off your badass side while taking the needle in front of the hottest women in the world? No brainer? That’s what we thought.

Of course, who could ever forget the after parties? Want to spend your weekend nights cruising Miami’s hottest club nightlife, surrounded by the adult industry’s top porn stars? Don’t miss this years Exxxotica Miami!

India-Blocks-XXXThe Adult Industry’s fears concerning ICANN’s recent approval of the top level “.XXX” domain seem to be coming true. The Indian government has boldly stated their plans to block all access to “.XXX” web addresses. According to The Indian Technology Act of 2001, “Whoever publishes or transmits or causes to be published or transmitted in the electronic form any material which contains sexually explicit act or conduct shall be punished on first conviction with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to five years and with fine which may extend to ten lakh rupees [approx. US$20,833] and in the event of second or subsequent conviction with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to seven years and also with fine which may extend to ten lakh rupees.”

Extended fears include Adult websites being forced to give up their “.com” or “.net” addresses for exclusive “.xxx” properties. Of course, such a thing would make censoring all adult materials much easier for more sexually conservative governments. None the less, not everyone is convinced India’s bark has much bite included. Opinions of The Indian Technology Act’s section 67 vary greatly from firmly believing in the negative hype, to thinking it’s rulings are nothing more than a mockery.

“India along with many other countries from the Middle East and Indonesia opposed the grant of the domain in the first place, and we would proceed to block the whole domain, as it goes against the IT Act and Indian laws,” an unidentified “senior official” at the Indian Ministry of Internet Technology told the Economic Times. “Though some people have said that segregation is better, and some countries allow it, for other nations transmission and direct distribution of such content goes against their morals and culture.” – AVN


The seemingly untouchable blockbuster pop star, Usher, has allegedly been offered a saintly deal by CEO of Vivid Entertainment, Steven Hirsch.

This past Decemeber, Usher Raymond IV had his vehicle robbed of a cool million dollars worth of goods. Included within the stolen property were two laptops, where a sex tape was found of Usher and ex-wife Tameka Foster. Of course, the tape has been shopped around the Adult Industry…and Steven Hirsch receives every celebrity sex tape possible. Although, it seems that Mr. Hirsch has found another avenue in dealing with such situations.

Vivid has offered Usher their services in the opposite of selling his sex tape. One must wonder why a giant Adult Entertainment label, which has made millions marketing other celebrities’ poorly produced video sex romps, would suddenly have a change of heart and decide to stop another release. None the less, the offer is on the table.

“We’ve learned that a sex video of you and your ex-wife is making its way around the adult industry,” reads the letter. “As a result of this being an intimate and very personal tape we can certainly understand why you would want to stop its distribution. We may therefore be able [to] assist you in stopping your own video from any type of circulation.” – Steven Hirsch to Usher


Exxxotica Miami 2010

Sexapalooza – Hamilton
3/11/11 – 3/13/11
Peterborough, ON

eXXXtacy Phoenix
3/25/11 – 3/27/11
Floral Park, NY

Dinah Shore Weekend
3/30/11 – 4/03/11
Palm Springs, CA

Feminist Porn Awards
4/8/11 – 4/15/11
Toronto, CANADA

Barcelona fetish Weekend
Barcelona, SPAIN

Fetish Evolution Weekend
4/22/11 – 4/25/11

BoundCon VIII
5/13/11 – 5/15/11

DomCon LA
5/18/11 – 5/22/11
Hollywood, CA

eXXXotica Miami
5/20/11 – 5/22/11
Miami, FL