Happy Birthday to TJ! This past week I had the awesome privilege to make a trip to hang out with one extremely down-to-earth sexy southern gal, the beautiful Misti Dawn.

Misti Dawn

Misti was in the greater New York City area for about a week doing some work, and she graciously decided to have me attend her photo shoot the night before leaving for home.

When I arrived at the address, I rang the doorbell a couple times and knocked…but there wasn’t an answer. Considering this was my first attendance “on set” so to speak, I thought I had gotten punk’d. Fortunately, the photographer, Eugene Bloomfield, answered the door and I was welcomed into the pulse of the adult world. Misti came out of the bathroom to greet me, topless from getting her first outfit together, and tried to shake my hand. Whether it was the amount I had already known about her from covering the industry, or just my natural tendency to be personal, I don’t know, but I went for the hug like any of the guys from “That 70’s Show” would have. Luckily, Misti is a very cool girl and laughed it off with me.

Shortly after, Eugene and I made our way downstairs into the studio. I had brought a staff camera, but Eugene’s photographic prowess far outreaches mine. So, I decided to just lend him a hand as needed. Misti entered in her flawless Mary Jane Watson style with a new green dress and set my world on fire. What I love about Misti Dawn is that she can be “girl next door” one second, and “sultry seductress” the next. How many girls can have a conversation about video games and comic-con, and proceed to strip in the hottest ways possible without missing a beat? Read the rest of this entry »

What Would you Do For Exxxotica Contest

Introducing the “What Would You Do for Exxxotica?” free VIP pass giveaway!

HotMovies.com is giving away 2 Free Pairs of VIP Passes to this years fabulous Exxxotica Miami Adult Entertainment Expo.

Upload your entry marked “What I would Do for Exxxotica” on YouTube and post a link on the TJHotMovies YouTube Channel. We will choose the winners based on creativity and Spirit. Please keep all entries PG-13 for YouTube purposes. Underwear at a bare minimum.

** Entries must be submitted before 11:59 pm May 11th, 2010.

** Winners Announced May 12th, 2010.

* Must mention HotMovies.com.

* Winners must be 21 to attend.

* VIP passes are offered in 2 pairs.

* Winners will need to provide their names as they appear on their licenses when contacted.

* Tickets will be picked up at will call.

EXXXOTICA Miami is one of our absolute favorite shows, and we go to all of them the world over,” said James Cybert, HotMovies.com director of business development. “South Beach is an incredible location. The expo has a tremendous atmosphere. It’s the perfect opportunity to hang out and party with a very cool cross-section of pornographers, novelty people and the world’s finest collection of stars. Victory has done an amazing job growing the show year to year. We accomplish great business, and the fans are plentiful and enthusiastic. When the day is over, it’s always kick ass to attend some of the many after-hours parties or simply relax on the beach with a margarita, surrounded by the hottest women on earth.”

Panasonic 3D TV

After only a week of being available, Panasonic has completely sold out of it’s new 3D Televisions.

Bloomberg.com reports the Panasonic became the first to offer 3D sets in the U.S. with the March 10 release of its 50-inch full high-definition plasma TV that came with a pair of glasses and a 3-D Blu-ray player, retailing at $2,899.99.

Hustler recently unveiled plans to produce “This Ain’t Avatar XXX” parody in 3D, which is set to street in the summer. Rob Smith, Hustler’s Director of Operations, is happy with Panasonic and looking forward to the other television manufacturers’ success in 3D technology as well.

“Hustler is very excited by the success of Panasonic with its first run of 3D televisions,” Smith said. “We also look forward to JVC, Phillips, and others doing well in the market. I feel that the groundwork for 3D in the home is already being laid by the mainstream film industry. With all the great feature films coming out in 3D people are going to want that technology in the home and after spending money on that new 3D TV, why not watch your porn that way? What you gain from 3D, the depth and the heightened realism, has its greatest impact in adult content. 3D is perfect for porn and vice versa.”

There has been some curiosity surrounding Hustler’s plans for more 3D titles. The major porn giant has not made any plans to create more 3D porn, but it’s not due to production difficulty.

“I don’t see it being an impediment,” he said. “At the moment it’s unfamiliar territory and it requires planning, forethought, and testing. Like all new production technology it will quickly become just the norm.

“My only concern with 3D in the home is competing 3D methods and players. The home viewing market, whether DVD, broadcast, or streaming content won’t be able to support a handful of delivery formats. We need a 3D standard for Blu-ray and broadcast to emerge.”

The 3D Media watch continues. Will it take the consumer tech world by storm, or will it fizzle out like beta-max? Stay tuned, I’ll keep you updated.

Sources: Xbiz.com

Stiller Brings Porn to Oscars

Ben Stiller shocked the 25th annual Independent Spirit Awards with Porn.

Stiller invited three porn stars on stage while reading the list of nominees for the night’s final award. The star packed audience was floored as Ben joked he wanted to “maximize the ratings” by adding simulated sex to his presentation.

Stiller said:

“It’s being broadcast live, it’s going long and we are late.

“It’s about 1.15am on the east coast. One thing is clear – anyone channel surfing at this hour is looking for porn.

“So in order to maximize the ratings for tonight’s final award, we have some porn stars being as sexy as they can be.”

Two of Stiller’s sex stars were introduced as Maggie Jizz-and-balls and Philip Semen Hoffman, much to surprise of Maggie Gyllenhaal and Philip Seymour Hoffman who were spotted laughing.

Sources: TheSun.co.uk

Joslyn James claims two Tiger Woods pregnancies.

Porn star and Tiger Woods’ mistress, Joslyn James (a.k.a. Veronica Siwik-Daniels), has claimed two different pregnancies via the affair.

Joslyn has claimed to have had one miscarriage and one abortion by Tiger Woods. Both interestingly coinciding with Woods’ wife, Elin Nordegren’s pregnancies.

Joslyn tells “Inside Edition’s” Jim Moret about her 2006-2009 affair with Tiger:

Joslyn: The first one (pregnancy) was when she (Elin) was pregnant with Sam.

Moret: Did he (Tiger) demand unprotected sex?

Joslyn: It was never talked about. It was never protected.

Joslyn goes on to tell “Inside Edition,” which truly earns its name today, that she had planned to tell Tiger about the first pregnancy but didn’t because she miscarried. She didn’t tell Tiger about the second pregnancy – which she aborted – because she was afraid.

Moret: Why? What were you afraid of?

Joslyn: Well, Elin was pregnant with Charlie at that time . . . I just didn’t want to ruin anything.

Joslyn: I feel bad for her (Elin). She didn’t deserve this and she didn’t deserve being humiliated.

Moret: Did you have a sense that Elin knew about you?

Joslyn: Not to my knowledge. But she had two kids at home and she was stressed out.

As you can see from the video above, police raided the “Mood Pictures” BDSM porn set in north Budapest mid-shoot, where women were being beaten.

As it happened, a mother of seven desperate for money answered an ad in a newspaper two weeks ago for a non-sex role in a BDSM film where everything was supposed to be imitated and not real, origo.hu reports. Later, when to her horror she realized it was very quite real, the producers ignored her repeated use of the “safe words” and kept filming, with the producer jumping in after the woman originally assigned to hit her refused to continue. After the incident, the woman wrote an anonymous letter to the police, who then took commandos to the location and raided the set Tuesday night during filming.

Police seized 14 terabytes worth of video on a server and even discovered a first aid room where a licensed EMT sat should his services be required (how thoughtful). Police arrested 14 people at the scene and have charged three of them. According to a police captain, Hungarian law states that a person cannot consent to be harmed, meaning that any contracts signed by the victims are invalid. Five victims have so far come forward, and police believe there are even more, some of whom are male, albeit he added that all were over the age of eighteen.

According to index.hu, even the police were disturbed by what they saw on the videos, meaning that if these producers wind up in prison, we won’t shed a tear if they find themselves in a similar position to the people they assaulted. – Pestiside.hu

Real People and Porn
Pizza and Porn come Together

Workers at a pizza-making plant in the Republic of Ireland are set to step up a strike after being sacked for allegedly viewing porn.

Staff at Green Isle Foods in Co Kildare have won cross-union support for their protest.

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions has granted their union, the Technical, Engineering and Electrical Union (TEEU), permission for an all-out picket at the factory in Naas.

The plant may face serious disruption today if other union members, including suppliers and An Post workers, refuse to pass the picket.

The company said three workers lost their jobs after viewing “adult material” and breaching the company’s internet policy. But their union claims they are being scapegoated.

“One of our members received an email from outside the plant and was essentially dismissed for receiving an email,” said TEEU general secretary designate, Eamon Devoy.

Over 40 workers went on strike last month after the workers lost their jobs.

The TEEU said the sackings were linked to a separate incident when the company sent a confidential file about seven redundancies to a worker by mistake.

It said workers who viewed the file were asked to sign a confidentiality agreement and faced suspension.

The union said it took action because the company would not negotiate a fair disciplinary process.

Source Irish Independent

Article Courtesy of Belfast Telegraph

Veteran performer Stephanie Swift has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is considering a double mastectomy “because I don’t want to go through this again.”

Swift is 37 and has been a performer since 1995.

She discovered the tumor doing a breast self-exam.

“I was watching those City of Hope commercials at 3 or 4 in the morning, watching TV and studying my script,” Swift told XBIZ. “I said ‘OK, fine, I’ll check.’ I checked my right breast and I checked my left breast, and there it was.

Swift wants to make a documentary about her illness.

“I’m talking to Nica at Sweetheart Films and they’re possibly interested. I definitely want to document everything that I’m going through. I know for a fact that this can help someone else, because I’m not the only person this is going to happen to.

Swift also said she wants to start a nonprofit organization to help raise money for her surgery and help people in similar circumstances. A fund has been set up to assist Swift with her medical bills. Checks should be made out to Swift’s mother, Heidi Clark, and sent to:

Stephanie Swift Cancer Fund
P.O. Box 9864
Canoga Park, CA 91309

All who contribute $100 or more will receive a free copy of “Stephanie Loves Girls,” from Sweetheart Films an all-girl video featuring Swift, Elexis Monroe and Satine Phoenix.

“Stephanie Swift is one of the greatest performers in the history of adult films,” Jon B., owner of Sweetheart Video and Sweet Sinner Films, said. “She has starred in many of our productions, and we consider her part of the family. We’re deeply saddened by this news.”

Full Article by Tod Hunter of Xbiz


This Ain't Saved By the Bell XXX Cast

Pop culture is obsessed with the 90s and its sitcoms. Saved By the Bell was a cheesy teen show that catapulted Mario Lopez, Tiffany Amber Thiessen and Dustin Diamond to fame. Let’s not forget Elizabeth Berkley’s stellar (cough) performance in Showgirls! So it was only a matter of time that the Bayside Bunch got spoofed.

Hustler’s “This Ain’t Saved by the Bell XXX” directed by Axel Braun,  stars Missy Stone, Nicole Ray, April O’Neal, Eric John and Scott Stone as Zack Morris himself. It’s scheduled for release October 6.

This should be a funny one! Check out behind the scenes pictures at Hustler World

Bree OlsonAliases: Bree Olsen
Age: 22
Born: 1986-10-07
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Origin: Woodburn
Homepage: www.breeolson.com

Bree Olson is as seductive as she is innocent.  An Adam & Eve contract star since 2007, Bree has worked with numerous studios since getting into the industry in 2006.  She has appeared in 140 movies and was named Penthouse Pet of the Month for March 2008. Bree also won the AVN award for Best New Starlet in 2008.

Bree's College Daze 2New Tube (Disc One)Bree's Big Campout