There’s a reason the work day is called the daily grind-sometimes it feels like you’re being ground to death. There are days when you’d give anything just to get out of your fabric cubicle, flee the florescent lighting, and run to freedom from stale snack machine chips and jackass coworkers. However, rather than quit your job Office Space-style, you keep going to work. And correct me if I’m wrong, but you find your freedom in fantasizing. Sometimes that cesspit called a job is the setting for your filthiest fantasies. Trust me, we understand here at All of us have done hard time in places like insurance offices and law films. While we can’t rescue you from your job, we can show your some jobs that make office life more interesting.

In order for a scene to be counted in this list, it has to feature a setting that really is (or looks like) a genuine office-industrial carpet, an outdated monitor, dusty desk organizers, and most importantly, an air of utter soulessness. Here are my top 6 office sex scenes-1 for each day you expect to work and one more scene for when this happens:

If You Could Come In On Saturday That Would Be Great meme

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For some of us, it’s Friday the 13th. For others, it’s 50 Shades of Grey weekend. Even if you haven’t been looking for 50 Shades in the news, it’s been hard to miss over the last few weeks as everyone from BroBible to The Atlantic has covered the pop-lit BDSM sensation. However, porn producers jumped on the opportunity to make hardcore 50 Shades movies way before Hollywood had their act together. Here’s the guide to BDSM movies that will show you a lot more than Hollywood will.

The Submission of Emma Marx from New SensationsWith its sequel just days from debuting on, The Submission of Emma Marx, winner of the 2014 AVN Award for Best BDSM Release, is easily the best-known porn film reminiscent of 50 Shades. It’s been on the Most Popular list for over 2 years, and has been the most popular fetish film for just as long. It’s not only popular with us either- Emma Marx was recognized in the Showtime special X-Rated: The Greatest Adult Movies of All Time as the most recently released film to make the cut. The first Emma Marx, which starred Penny Pax, Riley Reid, Richie Calhoun, and Van Wylde, went over so well that New Sensations and director Jacky St. James returned with The Submission of Emma Marx: Boundaries with the same original cast, plus Sara Luvv and Logan Pierce.

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You’ve been nice all year, and you know you can always be naughty at! We’ve plenty of XXXmas movies for you to enjoy. So relax and get comfortable because you’ll want to unwrap every package on this list:

9. The first movie that I think of when it comes to Christmas porn is This Isn’t Christmas Vacation-The XXX Parody. It’s not the best parody I’ve seen, but Cousin Eddie’s trailer sex scene is the too memorable to forget. I don’t always notice the set design in porn, but the contents of the trailer kitchen cabinet are perfect. Yellow plastic bowls and cooking oil. Why expect anything else? I just hope hope her shitter wasn’t full.

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Native American women in porn? It sounds like some PC protester’s dream, campaign doesn’t it? Adult entertainers who are connected with First Nations are exotic gems for many porn connoisseurs. Not that these ladies are using their heritage to brand themselves-quite the opposite, actually. No matter how much eroticism tribal heritage may hold for some, the business of sex doesn’t reserve special appearances for Native women who cannot perform. We give thanks to these women who can dance around ethnic stereotypes and bless the industry by putting it all on the table.

The Legendary Hyapatia Lee

Hyapatia Lee-This AVN award recipient is probably one of the most well known Native American woman in porn. Hailing from the “Golden Age of Porn,” Hyapatia is revered for her beauty. She graced many films with her voluptuous body and sizzling sex. Her fan base is worldwide, making her the most well known Native American woman in porn. Read the rest of this entry »

At, we have more than enough T&A videos around to keep us busy for the next decade of viewing. However, it seems like the T gets most of the attention. Not today. It’s time to talk about the A-asses, booties, cake, rears, derrieres, donks-and the women we love for being stacked in the back. In no particular order, here are our favorite cheeky pornstars.

Alexis Texas: I know you’re going to scan this piece for her name, and I didn’t want to waste your time with a search. Winner of  the 2014 AVN Hottest Ass Fan Award and a Fanny for 2014’s Most Heroic Ass (Best Anal), Alexis is notorious for her butt. Is it any surprise that her top-rated movie on HotMovies is Massive Asses? Naturally, she’s on the box cover for this one too. Check Alexis out while she sits on ‘s face:

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It’s been done a million times and everybody has their own opinion but with Comic Con everywhere you look at the moment I thought I’d do it again! I’m no cartoon nerd, and it took a relocation to the States for me to realise just how huge the whole comic book superhero thing is, but one thing is for sure, you don’t need to be a ‘toon nerd to recognise a hot chick in tight spandex! So here goes my own personal top ten of Hollywood Heroine Hotties going from number ten to number one counting down in order of yumminess!


10. Barbarella – Jane Fonda

I know it’s a bit of an oldie but any Super Heroine who’s main super power is her sex appeal frankly deserves to be on anybody’s list of sexy heroines. And it’s Jane Fonda so duh!


Marquis Media has a sci-fi fetish fantasy film that incorporates Barbarella, as well as Bettie Page and O. The Story of Barbarella, Bettie, & O is no straight take on any of those sexy legends, but it’s not like any other film you’ve watched either.

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In case you live under a rock and missed it, season 4 of Game of Thrones started up last night. Sadly, I was unable to see the new episode because HBO Go is a gigantic piece of crap and all their servers went down. I mean seriously HBO, how do you not plan for this? It’s one of, if not the biggest shows on all of television. Bunch of idiots. Anyway, as much as I’d like to bash them some more, that’s not the point of this post. Even though I wasn’t able to catch the newest episode last night, it got me thinking about the show. And naturally what I started thinking about is all of the hot women the show has had over time. So I thought I’d compile a list of the 8 hottest ladies in Game of Thrones.

8.  Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner

I don’t know if I just don’t find Sophie Turner as attractive as some or if it’s just me projecting my hatred of Sansa Stark onto her appearance. Either way, she makes the list but is behind many of her GoT lady companions.

7.  Michelle Fairley

Michelle Fairley

When I make my lists, I like to think of others and not just myself. And I get that some people are into MILFs. Well Michelle Fairley or as I like to call her, mama Stark, is definitely the MILF of the show.

6.  Carice van Houten

Carice van Houten

 One of the hotter but creepier characters in the show is Melisandre. She’s a fire priestess. But hey if you’re in to chicks having demon babies for the purpose of assassinating people, then maybe Carice van Houten is the girl for you on this list.

5.  Natalie Dormer

Natalie Dormer

Joffrey definitely upgraded by going from Sansa to Margaery Tyrell. Natalie Dormer is a babe. And between her time acting in The Tudors and Game of Thrones, I feel I’ve seen her naked more times than not.

4.  Oona Chaplin

Oona Chaplin

Like Sansa, my feelings towards the character Oona Chaplin plays in the show, Talisa,  greatly impacts where she fells on this list. She’s awesome. Definitely one of the coolest people in the show. Add that to her pretty good looks and it’s a recipe for success in my book. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a good personality.

3.  Esme Bianco

Esme Bianco

Esme plays a prostitute named Ros in GoT. And man is she great at it. I think she might just be the most criminally underrated hottie in the show. When Esme isn’t acting in Game of Thrones, she also works as a model and burlesque performer.

2.  Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke

Personally I think Emilia Clarke is way hotter as a brunette than a blonde. Yeah sure, as Daenerys Targaryen she’s the ‘Mother of Dragons’ or whatever. But just because you kill a bunch of people with dragons doesn’t make you sexy. It’s kind of frightening actually. Like, just chill out once in a while and we’ll be good.

1.  Lena Headey

Lena Headey

We’ve reached the end. And the hottest lady in GoT is…Lena Headey! Like Emilia Clarke, Lena is a lot sexier looking when she’s not in her Game of Thrones getup. I mean, it’s not that she’s not hot as Cersei Lannnister. But her character is kind of a super bitch most of the time. Which is definitely a major turn off.

Although the ’90s feel like just yesterday, it’s actually been close to a decade and a half now since they passed. Every time I stumble across a porn star in my research and see that they were born after the year 1990, my mind is momentarily blown. For a quick second I forget that it’s possible to have been born in the ’90s and currently be in your early to mid 20s. So just for fun, I thought I’d compile a list of some of our favorite porn stars that we jerk off to all the time who were born in the ’90s. You know, just to remind you how old you’re all getting. Lucky for us, though, even as we get older, the girls stay the same age.

 Riley Reid – July 9, 1991

Riley Reid

Stevie Shae – October 23, 1992

Stevie Shae

Maddy O’Reilly – May 3, 1990

Maddy O'Reilly

Casey Calvert – March 17, 1990

Casey Calvert

Aiden Ashley – February 28, 1990

Aiden Ashley

Ariana Marie – April 13, 1993

Ariana Marie

Jayden Lee – April 5, 1993

Jayden Lee

Christy Mack – May 9, 1991

Christy Mack

Jynx Maze – October 6, 1990

Jynx Maze


Following porn stars on Instagram serves a couple purposes. One, chances are that you’re going to get to see some risque photos posted. Two, it gives you a chance to see what these ladies are into in their spare time. It’s pretty cool to get to learn who they actually are and what they enjoy doing. I mean, it’s the least we can do considering we jerk off to them all of the time. We owe them at least this. So here are 9 porn stars that are fairly active on Instagram and also deliver some solid content.

Lexi Belle – omgitslexi

Lexi Belle

Lexi’s account is good because the pictures are mostly of her. No wading through tons of pics of food or cats. It’s just a lot of photos of Lexi looking like her sexy self.

Tori Black – misstoriblack

Tori Black

Tori seems to really enjoy taking those pics in bed where all that’s shown is the stomach to boobs area. I mean, not that I’m complaining. Just an observation.

Veruca James – verucajames

Veruca James

Veruca writes in the bio section of her account, “Here is my attempt at PG.” Sadly, this is pretty accurate. It’s a pretty tame profile. The most you’re going to get is some cleavage or bikini pics. However, some Veruca James is better than none.

Aiden Ashley – evilaiden

Aiden Ashley

In my opinion, Aiden has the hottest account out of everyone on the list. But that might just be because I think the whole goth/all black look she does is incredibly fucking hot. Either way, you’re going to see more skin following her than a lot of the others on the list.

Charmane Star – charmanestar

Chamane Star

The good thing about Charmane is that she posts really frequently. None of this post 1 pic a week bullshit. You’re going to get a lot of content if you follow her. More good news…a lot of those pics she posts are her in bathing suits.

April O’Neil – heyitsaprilagain

April O'Neil

It’s no surprise that April O’Neil has an Instagram and uses it frequently. She’s by far the hippest porn star out there. Her account is a solid mix of cute and sexy selfies. It’s a good balance of not too boring but also not so slutty you might as well just watch porn.

Skin Diamond – skindiamond

Skin Diamond

Skin Diamond posts a lot of stuff that’s not just herself. But definitely still worth a follow. Who can blame her for throwing in a couple shots of food here and there? We all do it.

Remy LaCroix – ugottabekittenme

Remy LaCroix

First off, I like that Remy didn’t just use her name for her handle. Second, while she doesn’t post as many selfies as others on the list; when she does, it’s well worth it. Remy’s face is just so damn cute. And I will never turn down missing a chance to get to see her ass. It’s one of the best out there.

Tasha Reign – tashareignlove

Tasha Reign

If you just want to follow a hot, all-American looking girl, then Tasha Reign is the account you need check out. She’s just a blonde with big boobs who takes a lot of pictures of herself. Nothing wrong with looking at that.

Today’s featured star on happens to be the incredibly hot, Jessica Bangkok. It got me thinking about other sexy Asian porn stars.  Now, there are a ton of them out there right now. So it was rather difficult narrowing it down. But here’s a list of the top 5 hottest Asian porn stars in my opinion.

5. Cindy Starfall

cindy starfall

Cindy Starfall is one of the young, hot girls leading the next wave of Asian porn stars. She’s been making films since 2012 and has tons of potential. At 5’1″ and just 94 lbs, Cindy is pretty tiny. However, her small stature doesn’t seem to have any impact on her amazing, big ass.

4. Jayden Lee

jayden lee

 Jayden Lee is the youngest on the list coming in at just 20 years old. However, age hasn’t stopped this hottie from making a big impact already in her young career. She’s landed some big roles with prominent industry stars. The biggest probably being her appearance in Anal Boot Camp along side stars like Eva Angelina, Lisa Ann, and Tory Lane.

3. Lucy Thai

 lucy thai

After a couple of industry newbies, it’s time to get someone on the list who’s been around for a little while. At number 3, is Lucy Thai. She’s been a staple in the porn industry since she started back in 2003. While she doesn’t come out with a ton of new material like she used to, Lucy Thai will always be a recognizable face.

2. Katsuni


Katsuni broke onto the scene in the early 2000s and hasn’t looked back since. It’s actually almost unfair to put her on this list due to the fact that she’s half French. I mean, that’s just winning the looks lottery right there. Half Asian, half French? It’s just not fair to the rest of us. However, I decided to let her partake because she’s just so damn hot. I couldn’t resist.

1. Asa Akira

asa akira

No real surprise at number 1. Asa Akira has become one of, if not the most, prominent figures going in the porn industry today. She’s won both the AVN and XBIZ Female Performer of the Year awards. And really, it’s well deserved. She has it all. Asa has a bangin’ body, sexy face, and seems like just a generally cool chick. So while there’s no upset at number 1 on this list, the honors are definitely going to the right person.