Later this year Joseph Gordon-Levitt is starring and making his directorial debut in Don Jon. As a huge JGL fan, I am beyond ecstatic for this movie. Especially for that awesome, fake Jersey accent. If you don’t know the legend of Don Juan, go check out the wiki article to catch up.

Ok, so now that you’ve watched the trailer, let’s discuss. It’s fairly common to see movies made about sex or people obsessed with sex even. However, it’s not too often that you find one where the main character is obsessed with porn, as well. So the movie centers around Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character who has an obvious addiction to porn. But he then meets a lady (played by the lovely Scarlett Johansson) who is also obsessed with something. But her addiction comes in a different form. She loves the idea of  the romantic, Hollywood, happy ending.

This is where the film goes deeper than just a normal romcom. The true message behind this movie is that both characters have a misguided approach to love and sex. They’re both objectifying people based on the ideas of their own individual obsessions. This interview from South by Southwest gives a little more insight into Gordon-Levitt’s direction behind the film.

 So as you can see, while the movie may be done in a comedic format, Gordon-Levitt had something more in mind while writing. And he certainly raises some good points on issues that some of us should probably think a bit more about. We are shown a lot of different material about sex and love and relationships in today’s media. But that doesn’t mean it’s always how it works in real life. I think this movie is going to do a great job showing that just because you see it on TV or at the movies doesn’t mean those same things will translate to real life.

Ok, I know this was kind of a heavy post today. So to lighten the mood, here’s a Don Juan porn.


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