Porn Star, Director, and Studio Owner Levi Cash

Levi Cash is actually too busy to lean in real life.

After all of the films porn star Levi Cash has done as a performer and as a director, we’re thrilled to welcome him to the fold as a bona fide XXX studio owner too. Cash’s latest venture, Manipulative Media, has already hit the ground running here at In order to celebrate our exclusive 30 day release of Father’s Forbidden Fantasies 2, Manipulative Media’s debut film, we’ve this thoughtful interview with renaissance man Levi.

Firstly, please introduce yourself and tell us what you do.

Wow, this is funny, ’cause I actually hate talking about myself, but I am actually very prideful at the same time.  One side note…I hate having pictures taken of me when I’m the only person in the shot (I’m still somewhat self-conscious, if you can believe that).  I guess it’s safe to say that I’m not a selfie guy…lol.  But that being said, I am very prideful of what I have been able to accomplish so far.  I have been a male talent now for almost a full 8 years, which is something to be said right there.  Most guys last either a couple of shoots or a couple of months, and then disappear.  I am a very tried and tested performer, and have yet to ever fail in a scene.  Here are my major accomplished (as far as being a male talent):

-Almost 8 years performing
-Performed in somewhere between 1,500-2,000 scenes
-The successor to the original “MILF Hunter” (for the last 4 years).  Thank you Ash and Mike!
-Casted in Nominated “Features” for New Sensations
-Nominated for multiple awards
-Youngest female to work with 18 (of course…lol), oldest female to work with 70 and it was anal!!
-Performed with 100lbs girls, but could also hold my own with 250+ lbs girls as well.
-Performed with a black female bodybuilder for an anal scene. That one was actually one of the more difficult scenes for me, as she resembled a dude too much. Nothing against gay people, she just doesn’t do it for me.  (But I didn’t fail.)
-Performed an entire scene at the bottom of the ocean (25ft deep), without emerging one time. (That was a great experience for
-Performed in b/g, b/g/g, b/b/g, anal, orgies, DPs…pretty much any combination asked for.
-Performed for some of the biggest companies in the industry:  Brazzers, Reality Kings, Naughty America, Bang Bros, New Sensations, Jules Jordan, Mofos, Forbidden Fruits Films, and many more.

In the past 2 years, I have been fortunate enough to dive into the producing world.  It was Eddie (one of the old CEOs) and Lauren, the head of production (who I love, and affectionately call her “Boss Bitch”), for Naughty America, who gave me my 1st crack at producing, and I can’t thank them enough!  I have also been able to network well with the corporate guys of MindGeek (huge conglomerate super power, which owns sites like Brazzers, Reality Kings, Mofos, Digital Playground, Twistys, Babes, etc.), and I am currently producing for Twistys and Mofos.  Shout out to Zito, Ted, & Marra for making that happen!

All of that has led me to Jodi & Jay West over at Forbidden Fruits Films!  Those 2 are awesome, and I will talk more about them later.  But I was able to produce (and own) 10  top selling titles under their studio name, and I thank them both very much for guiding me through this entire process!

All of this has enabled me to venture off on my own (with total support from Forbidden Fruits Films) to create my own studio Manipulative Media.  Hope everyone enjoys!!

I read that you used to work in mortgage sales before you entered the porn industry. How did that career change come about?

Wow…you do your homework, impressive!  To answer that question correctly, we need to take it back one step further.  Before mortgage sales, I was a male dancer in Niagara Falls, Canada, for almost 6 years.  Worked with a great group of guys at a club named Peppermints, located right in the Falls area.  I am not Canadian, but got a work visa that let me cross the border from Buffalo to work 3 nights a week.

**Note** Ladies if you are ever in the Niagara Falls area on the Canadian side and want to see a great show, hit up my buddy Jeremy Smith on Facebook: and check out their tour dates for “Magic Male Revue.” Tell him the “Rock n’ Roll Wild Child” said what’s up!!

Back in 2007 I decided to make a change and relocate down to sunny South Florida (winters are cold as hell up in Buffalo/Canada).  I have a 4 year degree in business, and thought it was about time to put the degree to work.  Since I like real estate, I thought selling mortgages would be a great way to break into the real estate community.  But the recession the was about to hit, and life had another plan for me.  All of a sudden the market turned and all the deals that I was trying to make kept falling apart.  Went about 3 months in a straight commission job (that was very lucrative) without any deals closing due to plummeting home values and credit scores.

So to earn extra money (while deciding if mortgages was the right thing), I got back into dancing at a club called “LaBare” in Ft. Lauderdale.  Within the 1st month, an agent came up to me, gave me his business card…and said he thought I had the right look to do great in adult movies.  Luckily for me this was around March of 2007, and companies were still shooting their Spring Break movies, so there was a need for fresh new male talent that could fit the college all American look.  I shot for 2 weeks straight with that company (which is no longer around), but my name started to get around.  It made its way over to Bang Bros, and then the rest is really history.

What were your impressions of porn before you became a performer? How have your thoughts changed now that you are closing in on so many titles to your name?

I honestly didn’t have much of an impression (good or bad) before I got into porn. I definitely watched it from time to time, but, remember, I was a male dancer, so I really didn’t have a shortage of “sexual experiences” as weekend nights got pretty crazy after the club wrapped up.  There is nothing but hotel rooms in Niagara Falls and wild drunk girls who want to party after they leave.  So even though I don’t deny watching porn, I wasn’t up to date on keeping track of names and stars.  But never in a million years did I ever actually think that I would become a male pornstar.  Which is actually funny, because I have worked with a few dozen girls who have expressed to me that they were actually waiting for their 18th birthday, so that they could contact an agent and get in porn.  That is insane to me, and it shows you how technology has really changed the game.  These girls actually search us companies out now!!

Most of our users know you from your taboo roles with Forbidden Fruits Films. I love Jodi and Jay West, and think they are two really sweet and driven people. How has is been to work with them for so the last few years and to evolve with them?

Jodi and Jay are not great-they are awesome!!  They are very smart business people, but more importantly than that, they are just cool people.  Even though I love this industry and it has given a lot to me, unfortunately there are some shady people within it.  Jodi & Jay have not been those people.  They have really worked hard and have had a breakout successful company in Forbidden Fruits Films at a time where many companies are scaling back or even closing up shop.  Moose over at Girlfriends Films really helped them find their way throughout the process, and when they saw that I had the same ambition and drive that they had, they thought it would only be good karma for them to guide me, like Moose did for them.  And I thank them so much for that!  They are a great team together.  You should see them coming up with story lines for their movies.  So down to earth, with a bottle of wine…and lots of laughs! Very organic!  They know how to work hard, but they also know how to have fun too.  They were swingers before getting into the adult business, and have an awesome community group of friends (all successful, smart, fun people in their own respective businesses) that they party and enjoy life with.  Plus Jodi is great to work with…haha (not a bad boss/business partner to have right?).

Manipulative Media

Levi Cash is hard at work with Manipulative Media

Tell me about Manipulative Media and what your goals are for it. Also, you have your first release as Manipulative Media out now. What should people expect from your first film on Manipulative Media if they haven’t seen it yet?

My goals as a small boutique company might be different than other industry giants like New Sensations, Vivid, or Jules Jordan. My resources are obviously different, but at the same time I really feel that I can produce great quality interesting adult exotica! We shoot most productions with a 3-camera setup, which I feel keeps the movie more interesting. Just like sitcoms, they change the camera angle so that it keeps the audience’s attention and doesn’t get stagnant. Also my editor Steven Escolar really puts a lot of creative juices behind his work; I think that plus a good “naughty & manipulative” storyline will help set my movies apart, and we’ll be able to compete with the big companies. So far, it has been working as all of my movies have performed well so far on the charts, and I’ve been nominated for a few movies this year!

I get a lot of questions for guys who want to get into straight porn. What advice do you have for a guy who wants to do what you do? What does it take to do your job?

That’s funny, because I get asked that question all the time as well from people on Twitter or in emails that I get.  First of all-here is what not to do!  PLEASE do NOT send big dick photos!! It turns people off.  Second, you need to actually live in the area where production takes place.  No company is going to fly new “unproven” guys around.  But my best advice (which in my mind is the quickest way as well) is to find a hot girl (who companies would want to book) and tell them that she wants to shoot, but is only comfortable with her first time being with you. If the company wants her bad enough, they will give the guy a try. But come correct! You don’t get many chances to make a good first  impression, and companies aren’t going to eat a bunch of money if the guy can’t do his thing when the lights are on and cameras are rolling.

So that’s enough of the formal questions about work. Most people would guess that being a porn star is fun all of the time. Your Twitter feed is enough to make a hater burn. What else do you do for fun?

I know this is a boring answer, but I work so much that when I’m not working, I’m big on just kicking back and relaxing.  I do, however, love to get out on the water, and have a few friends with boats (Jodi & Jay being two of them), who I like to get out and crack a few beers with while enjoying the sun and, of course, a couple of half-naked girls who wanted to join for the ride.  But I am a true work-alcoholic.  I average 5-7 shoots per week (between talent & producing), and this week as I’m typing to you I have 12 shoots booked!  Actually, I just lost 3 today, as a girl popped a bad test for chlamydia, but 9 shoots is still a lot…lol!

 Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Ice cream and eating pussy…haha! (Editor’s note: I don’t think you should feel guilty about either of those. Just sayin’.)

What makes you laugh?

Actually, let me first say what irritates me: ignorant and mean spirited comments from site members who think they know what they are talking about. Although I am very grateful to people who actually pay for porn-thank you very much-but sometimes “some members” go way too far in their comments. Everyone thinks they are Superman while commenting from an anonymous name on their computer. And I’m not just talking about haters to me (which I’ll touch on in a second), but those who comment on these girls who are trying to do a good job and make money to support their bills. Some of these girls really take those comment hard, and it affects the way they view themselves. Plus a lot of guys can say negative things about a girl (again, while typing from their computer) on how they would never have sex with her, but it would be the same guys who,if they saw her in a bar, would be hitting on her and trying to get in her pants.

Now, as for comment towards me, that’s what makes me laugh. First of all, guys have NO clue as to what it takes to be a male pornstar. And I’m not talking about the guy who has been in a couple of scenes.  I’m talking about doing it full time, and supporting a family for almost 8 years!  I have had sex with well over 1,000 women!  That means I have had to deal with almost every scenario that you can think of, and still perform and do my job. Everything from the girl being on her period (heavy), to the girl flying in on a red-eye having no sleep, and completely bitchy & cranky on set. From girls who just broke up with her boyfriend to one time a boyfriend actually came to set, wanting to fight me.  The girl broke up with him right there, and then started crying, but still wanted to shoot after she calmed down. Yeah, try to get a hard on after all that…lol. Another time, a girl forgot that she left a makeup sponge up her vagina (which they do to help stop the flow of their period blood), and left it in there for over 3 days, which is very bad for the girl, and creates odor problems and bacteria issues from not taking out the sponge. The smell was so bad that we had to open up all the windows to help air out the place. That’s when I found the sponge in her, and we got it out. But I still had to complete the scene. This is something that the end user will never know, but will bitch about when a guy isn’t completely hard the whole time. Or when girls show up and hate sex-and yes, that happens much more than you would think it would. I have so many stories like this (some much more graphic that I choose not to write about), but guys think my job is so easy, and could do it so much better than me. I am not saying that I’m the best, and I’m sure some guys can do it better than me, but either way it doesn’t matter to me, because I am already proven and they are not.

What are the three best elements of your life right now?

Family for me is great right now!  I don’t talk much about it for obvious reasons, but it’s extremely important to me. That is why the success of my movies, and my overall all adult career, is so important to me…and I’m happy to say it is going very well! Also, my rental properties. I have been able to acquire 3 multi-family rental properties, which are all cash flow positive, and I’m very proud of that!

David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar? (This is the most important question I ever ask people. Choose wisely.)

Wow…this is a tough one for me. I honestly don’t know enough about either, but if I have to choose (and don’t kill me) I would go with David Lee Roth. I just like his swagger, and rock n’ roll attitude. But it’s probably what broke them up…lol.

Is there anything else that you’d like for people to know about you?

Just that I care, and that I’m trying my best!

Thank you so much, Levi! It was a pleasure to interview you!

Go check out Manipulative Media‘s films, especially Father’s Forbidden Fantasies 2. is the only place that has FFF2 right now. Watch it and tell us what you think on Twitter and Facebook.



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