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So once we interviewed Levi Cash here at, we decided that the guys in porn just don’t get the credit they deserve. I know both men and women watch porn for the girls, but if you haven’t noticed lately, there are a hell of a lot of awesome guys in XXX movies. So, enough with this “stunt cock” business. Let’s meet the men who deliver the goods again and again for your entertainment. I’m happy to present once of the most enthusiastic dudes in adult today, the charming DILF Tony D.

1. Please tell us who you are and what you do.
My name is Tony D and I am a male talent in the wonderful world of adult films.

2. You’ve only been in porn for about a year, right? How did you get started?
I started in October of 2013 in my first film called Teen Manipulations, up for an AVN (new series) this year! I was presented with the opportunity to work with Forbidden Fruits Films on a debut taboo line that showcased older males with younger females, i.e., stepfather, landlord or any older male dominated position. The line was specifically shot by Levi Cash, now Manipulative Media.
3. What was your first day on set like?
My first day was one of the most memorable days of my life. I learned I can act and I am good at this job. The first scene in Teen Manipulations was my first ever and it was effortless. I can remember the look on Levi Cash’s and his assistant Steven Escolar’s faces. I could not hear them speak because I was outside but when I entered the room I was told I had a commanding presence and a natural ability to deliver the scene.

4. What do you enjoy most about being a male porn star?
This job is like no other, and I have always been adventurous and this can be a very adventurous job. I love the different people and attitudes, navigating the quirky distractions on set and making content that people enjoy. Taking people on journeys down fantasy lane is an exciting thing to do.

Tony D and Payton Simmons

5. Being a porn star seems fun, but what is the work really like? Is it more work than it seems like with all of the still and video shoots?

For a male talent this job takes an incredible amount of mental focus, and stopping and starting, along with little things like memory card malfunction or camera problems, can be daunting. I am asked by guys to help get them in porn and I say, “Find a girl-a stranger-take her into traffic, lay her in the median and have sex until you climax.” The response is usually SILENCE! One of the hardest parts is transitioning to still pictures after three or four positions. This is “OK, stop so we can shoot non-moving pictures for each position you just performed” then go back to sex to finish the shoot and climax on command. Hopefully, this helps with any question about the difficulty rating on shooting a scene.

6. What is the worst or weirdest job you’ve ever had before porn?
I have done some fetish shoots that are interesting, to say the least. Getting humiliated was a switch for me, but I have to say I shot a Superheroine film that was fun and spontaneous. I love when you get on a set and it’s lighthearted and fun. Some of the best stuff comes out of a group of people just having fun.

7. What do you enjoy doing for fun?
My life in general is fun, I am blessed. I am a gym rat so, of course, I spend time there. I have to say my fiancee is my real fun, she is my entertainment and my muse. We are swingers and enjoy each other fully and love to share each other as well. I know this is making you scratch your head but yes, my life is surrounded by sex, this is my hobby.

8. What in porn have you not tried yet, but want to do?
I would like to shoot a soap opera that shows the sex scenes. I want it to be as real as it can be with real life scenarios, when the sex happens I want it to be shown as it should be, passionate, angry, naughty, or whatever the imagination can pull up. Not to get away from the question I would like to do a M/F/F fantasy scene.

9. You have so much enthusiasm the adult industry and you really support the people you work with. It’s great. How do deal with burnout?
I love to promote and help people even if it is not reciprocated at times. We do a job people only dream about! This is one of the most fulfilling things for me. The only thing that gets to me, at times, is when bad character creeps up and, in defense of my sanity, I just look in another positive direction. My fiancee is a great help when I cannot seem to let go. I keep referring to my love, so I will let you know her Twitter so you can put a face to my other beautiful half, Monica Santos (@monisan69xxx).

10. Who is your lifetime biggest crush and why?
Kendra Lust! in this world of porn, she is so sexy and sophisticated. On the real world scene Sofia Vergara. Need I say more?

11. What are your top five favorite songs?
Journey – Faithfully
George Michael – Older
Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal
Ginuwine – Pony
Today I am a lover of electronic music.

12. What makes a person a good fan of yours and how can they best show their appreciation?
Good fans are just people that are wanting to spend time watching my work or helping me promote to further my career, but only if they feel like they want to, of course. I never expect things from people, but when they do want to help from the heart, that is true loyalty and a true fan. I am a fan of this world I work and live in and I promote from my heart. You guys at Hotmovies have been awesome supporting me and I will always be grateful for your endorsement. Much love to all of you and look forward to meeting all of you in January.
Thanks so much, Tony! He has much more coming your way in 2015. Follow Tony D on Twitter and keep up with his new movies on

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