We’ve all heard those erectile dysfunction commercials that say, “If you have an erection lasting more than 4 hours, see your doctor.” That seems like an incredibly long time to withstand having a boner. Well one young Irishman experienced the erection of a lifetime that shatters any of those pill side effects they warn you about.

You see, this man was just out on a nice mountain biking trip. But along the way, he had a bit of an accident. In the process of the crash, he fell onto the bike crossbar. This doesn’t seem that bad, right? We’ve all fallen off of a bike at some point.

mountain bike crash

Well it turns out the result from this spill left the man with a massive erection that would go on to last for 7 weeks! The man finally decided to seek medical attention after 5 weeks of enduring a hard-on. Can you imagine walking around, trying to perform your daily life activities with a boner for that amount of time? I don’t know exactly how I would react if this situation occurred to me, but I’m pretty sure I would seek out medical attention a little sooner than 5 weeks.

Like, how do you explain that? Imagine walking into the office with a raging erection and having to explain that to people. You will forever be known as the guy who had a 7 week erection. No amount of time will ever be enough to rid you of that burden.

I guess on the plus side you could have a ton of sex. Actually…maybe that’s why he didn’t go to the doctor sooner. He was too busy banging chicks the whole time. It all makes sense. It can be difficult sometimes for guys to have sex multiple times consecutively. You can only stay hard for so long. But this man, he could go for hours on end. I really hope this is the case. Because if it is, then it’s totally acceptable that he waited so long to seek medical attention. Who would want to give up that power?

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