Strip For Pain – TV Pilot Official Trailer is sponsoring the Strip For Pain show at Exxxotica again this year. Be sure to catch at least one of the three shows:

– Friday at 9:30
– Saturday at 4:45
– Sunday at 5:30

In the game Strip For Pain, Male contestants pit their libido against their pain threshold as they are subjugated by three vivacious dancers who “make with the stripping”. As the contestants take more pain, the girls, beautiful strippers and adult film performers, take off their clothes. It’s a wonderland for sado-masochists as well as voyeurs!

Strip for Pain has been developed as a nightclub act for the past six years, as a staple of Burning Angel live promotions. It has whipped, beaten and electrocuted contestants and audience members alike in bars and nightclubs from New York to LA.

Hosted by Burning Angel’s Joanna Angel and Doug Sakmann and featuring live music from Hick, Nick and a Jew and 1/2 (of the dead)!

Strip For Pain Whipping contestant


The studio version of Strip for Pain is a half hour show that’s broken into three parts.

In the first round the three contestants compete against each other in an endurance pain until two of the contestants give up.

An endurance pain is a pain that continues until the contestant gives up like holding their hands over a fire or submerging their face in ice water.

In the second part of the first round the two contestants who gave up in the previous pain compete against each other in another endurance round, to stay in the game.

At the end of the first round the contestant who lost both endurance pains is removed from the game. Later if one of the other contestants quits, this contestant will come back.

In the second round the two remaining contestants spin the wheel of pain. The first round winner spins the wheel first and has the opportunity to pass on the pain he draws to his competitor. Once each competitor completes the pain he draws he is awarded a lap dance from the girl of his choice. The competitors cannot get lap dances from the same girl.

At the end of the second round the studio audience votes for the winner.

In the beginning of the third and final round the losing contestant is sent away and the final remaining contestant endures an escalating pain while all of the girls dance for him and egg him on, encouraging him to stay in the game. If the contestant survives the escalating pain he is the winner and receives a gala lap dance from all of the girls. If the contestant loses they give the female co-host the same dance.

Live performances of Strip for Pain are scaled down versions of the studio show.

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