Carolina Jones and The Broken Covenant, the Indiana Jones porno-parody, is released this week just in time for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The film stars Ava Rose in the title role and Bree Olsen as her plucky side kick.

Z– Can you tell us about the movie?

Ava – It’s an Indiana Jones parody and it’s me, I’m Carolina Jones, and Bree Olsen she’s my sidekick, Dixie. At first I don’t want her to be my little side kick or whatever but I saved her from the clutches of Nikki Blond and from there we go have this adventure searching for the [broken] Covenant. We shot the whole thing in Budapest cause of all the old architecture. It’s set somewhere in the 1950’s.

Z– Do any notable Indiana Jones characters make appearances? Short Round? Elsa? Henry Jones (Sean Connery)?

Ava – Excuse me?

Z – Have you seen any of the Indiana Jones movies?

Ava – You know what? I’ve never seen them.

Z – You’ve never seen them?!?

Ava – Well I saw the first one. The first part of the first one. Where the boulder is rolling down after him. I guess just because it’s such a famous scene.

Z – Does archeology not do it for you? Or is Harrison Ford the problem?

Ava – Hmm. I’m not really into Harrison Ford, no. But then again I don’t watch too many movies. I don’t think I’ve watched television in 2 years.

Z – Is that because you’re always working or always playing video games?

Ava – Ah ha ha! I LOVE video games but I’m more of a reader, fits my schedule. TV steals a lot of people’s time.

Z– And they break from the plot every 4 minutes to sell you 8 things.

Ava – Yea, and they aren’t even shows anymore its all reality. Blah.

Z – The only place to get a big budget and a plot is in porn now. Do you enjoy these bigger films?

Ava – Oh yea, I really do. That’s my favorite thing about being under contract with Adam&Eve. And these guys really know how to do it, too. Some companies will spend tons and tons of money on making a feature film but they don’t really do any promotion for it and doesn’t turn a profit or even make their money back.

Adam&Eve has a really good system. All their promotion and marketing is something they do spend a lot of time and money on. I really love working with them and Ethan Kane who directed Carolina Jones.

Z – You’ve worked with him before.

Ava – Yea, Dark City.

Z – Is that how you decide to do which movie?

Ava – Well, After Dark City the head of production […] really liked Ethan’s work. She loved the way it turned out and how everything looked. He has a really creative visual style and he knows how to put that on film. A lot of people sort of try and MAKE porno look main stream but it’s like the harder you try to match the lighting it just comes out looking even more cheesy. Ethan has his own vision and he’s really good at getting it on camera.

Z – Carolina Jones has it’s own look while keeping lots of elements from the original trilogy. Indiana Jones actually guest stars.

Ava – Yea, Indiana Jones is my dad in the movie. He shows up at the end.

Z – Who was the actor, I don’t recognize him.

Ava – Oh gosh. I don’t remember. Apparently, both him and Klaus Conrad are main stream actors in Budapest. Like really well known. And at first these guys were skeptical about being in the movie because people know their faces in Hungary. But they showed up and played their parts and my dad was awesome.

Ha Ha! My fake dad.

Z – You know what else was really cool? Maybe I don’t stick around for enough porn credits but you guys had like a blooper reel afterwards.

Ava – We did? Holy cannoli!

Z – I guess you didn’t get to see this one either but there’s a really funny blooper reel at the end of the film. It’s all you guys laughing and running around Budapest. Looks like a good time.

Ava – I’m gonna have to check that out.

Z – Well, if you didn’t get an advanced copy you can always come check it out on like we’re telling everyone else to do.

Ava – You’re awesome.

Z – I do what I can. Thank you for you’re five minutes.

Ava – Awwe. Thank you.

Z – Next time you have something big coming out we’ll hit you up?

Ava – That’d be great!

Z – Take care.

Ava – Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Essin' Em says:

    I can’t imagine having grown up without Indiana Jones! But I also can’t wait to watch this movie; bet it’s better than the new Indy release

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