Hi Jayda! Could you briefly introduce yourself to your HotMovies fans?

Jayda Diamonde – Hi everyone, if you don’t already know me I’m Jayda Diamonde, adult film star, professional live cam model and all around kick ass hot chick! I want to say hi and tell you how happy I am to do this special interview for all my fans at HotMovies.com from around the world. The entire crew at HotMovies, from Jesse to Josh and TJ, has been so great to me and I love the quality operation they run. I also want to take a moment to announce, for the first time to all my fans, that my good friends at HotMovies have decided to sponsor my NEW VOD Theater and NEW Official Blog. They are both NOW OPEN!

First, you will now be able to view all my movies and scenes in one place, as well as those from other XXX stars at my NEW VOD theater, video.jaydadiamonde.net. My second announcement is you’ll be able to get firsthand accounts of my comings and goings, as well as a host of other great interviews, picture sets and my own brand of humor, style and opinions in my NEW official BLOG!! I want to showcase rising stars, top cam models and other popular guest xxx bloggers! You’ll find all that and more at blog.jaydadiamonde.net.

I’ll even have a link for new cam models to sign up on from my top rated Streamate studio, CamSharks, at CamSharks.com and a special offer for new visitors to our NEW white label LIVE cam site, CamSharks.net. You will also be able to sex chat with me LIVE on your phone via JaydaDiamonde.MyPhoneSite.com.

Wow Jayda! You are one busy girl! Where does an ambitious pretty blonde bombshell like yourself come from?

Jayda Diamonde – I was born in Kansas City, MO and raised from a very young age in Orlando, Florida.

Porn Star Jayda DiamondeWhat jobs did you have before replying to the infamous Adult Industry casting ad that got you into the business?

Ha! Well, I worked for Disney!!! No really, I did! It was fun. I don’t think I’ve ever publicly disclosed that before and I’m sure Disney will be thrilled to get that endorsement from me! (lol) I also had several small, kid type jobs, I guess you would call them, growing up, but once I was old enough, I actually danced/stripped for a while at Orlando, Florida’s largest and nicest adult club chain, Rachel’s! That was fun!

Haha. Eh… After strategically placing a dildo into the cover of “The Little Mermaid,” they had it coming. Beyond being sexually open and explorative, what does a girl need (mentally and physically) to become a successful porn star?

Jayda Diamonde – Great business sense and instinct, a stronger than death work ethic and an ass load of determination (with an emphasis on ASS! lol)! A little luck and maybe a push by some big time players wouldn’t hurt either of course! It takes more than a willingness to fuck on camera to make a real full time living as a porn star in adult films!

These are definitely all things we can attest you have in spades. How would you describe your introductory years in porn, and why?

Jayda Diamonde – Introductory? Is that what they call those? LOL… I call them the “Learnin’ & Burnin'” years. First comes the “learnin'”… learning how the business works, figuring out who do to business with, and more importantly, who not to do business with (the “burnin'”). You make your choices and deal with them! Seriously, I think it’s well known my very first experiences in the valley were less than stellar ones, but I learned a LOT in that first year and wouldn’t trade the knowledge gained in spite of the bullshit I endured. There is no manual, no playbook. You get lucky and someone picks you up when you first start or you climb your way to the top. I’m still steppin’ and with the help of my fans at HotMovies and around the world, I hope to keep it that way!

As do we! After having gone through the trenches of Adult Industry life, are there any agents or agencies you would suggest to someone joining the adult industry today?

Jayda Diamonde – I do not currently endorse any agents or agencies within the adult industry. Agencies change staff all the time, and for me to put my name on someone or some place as being “recommended”, I would have to know and believe in that company first. Since I am not represented by any agent or agency, I won’t be able to do that. I will suggest that anyone seeking employment within the adult industry first contact some porn stars represented by agents and agencies. Don’t get references from the agents, go to the source, the stars, and do the homework for yourself. This way you can get a real grip on who is who, and what is what.

Porn Star Jayda DiamondeThat may be the most honest answer we’ve have ever heard. Thank you for sharing such great advice. You are known best amongst the adult industry for your ability to handle HUGE sex toys, and have been nicknamed “The Queen of Extreme.” What was your first sex toy, and when did you decide to start using BIGGER ones?

Jayda Diamonde – It was a regular normal sized toy I guess. I think it was a double header… but I think I used it right off the bat for deep throat training as I wanted to get past my gag reflex. I wasn’t even on cam or in porn then though. Once I started using toys, I made my way up the size chart kind of fast. I just really liked the size and girth, and was able to do it while still being turned on. The rest is history.

Which do you enjoy more, having sex on camera or masturbating on camera? Why?

Jayda Diamonde – That’s really a hard question. I enjoy both really, but on live cam I am always by myself doing solo shows. I only have sex with partners on commercial film/DVD. I would say I enjoy the freedom of masturbating on live cam most. It allows me to do what I want, when I want, without anyone telling me what way to turn or what position to hold and so forth during sex on film. On live cam, I am the boss. On film, the directors are the boss.

The freedom live cam performance allows for must be very enjoyable in comparison to being directed. You have stated in other interviews that shooting with Jay Sin and the Evil Angel crew is a “pleasure”. Deep Anal Abyss 4 has just recently become available for streaming on HotMovies.com. Describe what makes anal play so much fun for you.

Jayda Diamonde – Most of my fans have come to love my anal work, especially from Jay and the Evil Angel crew, and the reason is simple. They can tell I’m having a great time, cumming hard and really enjoying myself. I just LOVE anal. It’s THEE thing that makes me CUM! I hope you all will stop by Video.JaydaDiamonde.net and check out my latest anal adventures in Deep Anal Abyss 4 and all of my other titles available now.

Do you toy more anally during your cam shows on Streamate.com as well?

Jayda Diamonde – My Live Shows at JaydaDiamonde.com are really a mix of everything. In a private or exclusive show, fans get what they request. But in a gold show it’s all out wild! I do it all for my fans; pussy, anal, DP, deep throat, fucking machines and more. If you get me rolling, I’m known to throw down double anal or triple pussy action as well. Very HOT stuff!

Porn Star Jayda DiamondeNo wonder you are the undisputed top earner on the Streamate cam network. What else have you done to set yourself apart from thousands of other female cam performers?

Jayda Diamonde – Oh, that’s simple. I just worked 60 hours a week, week after week, month after month, and year after year at Streamate.com! It sounds simple doesn’t it? I stopped running to every site that promised the world only to deliver nothing, and I’ve worked at most of the big name cam sites. I went with the site that had the MOST traffic and re-invested in even MORE! A site that promoted girls dedicated to success, and put in the time and work required to succeed.

I built a large following and a VERY loyal customer base at JaydaDiamonde.com. I did that by providing a great show on Streamate’s quality platform that guys wanted to see, and never promised something I couldn’t deliver. I don’t take any shortcuts. I don’t flash tits, pussy or ass in free chat where minors could be watching. What I do is DELIVER a quality show, and actually show up for my regularly scheduled shifts. Imagine that, a model that cares about her customers and respects them enough to show up every scheduled day!

Your fans certainly swear by your accountability. What is CamSharks.com, and how is it possible to make up to $10,000 per week from home? That just sounds ridiculous.

Jayda DiamondeCamSharks is a studio for new and experienced chat hosts. I laugh all the time watching models jump from site to site, offer to offer and never spend enough time at one site to gain a foothold in the business. They barely work, and then they run at the first sign of a slow day. It’s slow because you’re never there!

They run at foolish offers of 100% payouts. Newsflash, if a site is paying you 100%, they are NOT buying traffic. 100% of nothing is still NOTHING! (lol) There are NO shortcuts in the business of live cam like there can be in adult films if you’re lucky. You must be willing to go for it and dedicate yourself to making the big money on live cam. Top earning chat hosts have taken home $10,000 per week, that’s a fact. That’s not to say one needs to work 60 hours a week to make a comfortable living on cam. I wonder how many adult entertainers would be happy with bringing in even $3,000 a week, week after week without leaving the house and with virtually no expenses. The truth is most of them could iF they put in the work. The reality is most don’t. If they don’t, they can only blame themselves.

Camming isn’t easy and takes a LOT of hard work, but if you apply yourself fully, the pot of gold will be at the end of the rainbow. Although, saying it and doing it are two very different things. There are tons of girls that make a very good living exclusively on full time live cam, but most lack the discipline required to follow through. My studio, CamSharks.com, helps both new and experience girls succeed! We do this by providing quality customer service to our models, an actual phone number where they can call for help, tips, advice, setup and an experienced ear to help them every step along the way. We don’t sign girls up and forget about them like some studios. We want our models to succeed and we do our best to make that happen. Even so, it is still up to the model to take the initiative! CamSharks charges only 3%, the LOWEST percentage of ANY STUDIO, PERIOD! Most charge between 10% and 20%! Shop around first, see the difference.

Porn Star Jayda Diamonde

Great advice from a master of the craft! Well, we already know you get to freely feed your sexual appetite full time during live cam shows. How often do you masturbate during your own “off camera” time?

Jayda Diamonde – Hahahahaha! Very rarely. I have a husband to please off camera in addition to my live show fans on camera and my commercial film obligations. I do a lot of hangin’ and bangin’! lol

We may have found our next interview, “Married Man on Track to Receive Most Anal Sex in Lifetime.” If you could save any celebrity’s life, who would it be and how would you want to be rewarded?

Jayda Diamonde – Geez, I don’t know. Maybe I would rescue Charlie Sheen from cocaine. He’s a great talent, like his father and brother, and he is throwing his life away on drugs. At least he was. I don’t know what he is currently doing, but any time I could help anyone, celebrity or not, to get off coke, I would be glad to tell them what cocaine did to me when I was 18. How I beat the habit and got back up to proceed with my life without drugs. I wouldn’t require a reward for doing the right thing.

PS: Before everyone asks… No, I haven’t had sex with Charlie and No, I don’t know Charlie. lol

We’re glad you made such an impressive comeback, and we hope Charlie does the same as well. Name a place in which you would most like to have sex right now.

Jayda Diamonde – LOL! In my bed! It’s a brand new king size (of course) Serta i-Comfort sleep system bed with a ballistic gel/memory foam mattress. It’s state of the art stuff and ohhhh soooo nice! Ahhhhh!

Porn Star Jayda Diamonde

Hahaha. You may have just sold everyone reading this interview on the same mattress. You have been known to do some girl on girl sessions on Streamate in addition to your solo play. Do you identify yourself as a bi-sexual in real life?

Jayda Diamonde – I sure do… But truthfully, I’m much more inclined to have sex with men. I do enjoy a fine woman from time to time though.

As do we! What is the next adult video we can expect from you on HotMovies.com?

Jayda Diamonde – My next movie will be released on December 19th, just a few short days from now, and will be available ASAP on Hotmovies.com of course! The title is Anal Acrobats 7, it is an Evil Angel release from Jay Sin and you’ll easily be able to find it as I’m on the cover!

Fantastic! We’ll be sure to feature it here when it releases. Thank you so much for your time Jayda. It has truly been a pleasure.

Porn Star Jayda Diamonde

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