Tempest Storm is her name and she’s the oldest stripper still actively performing in Las Vegas, NV. She makes appearances several times a year and doesn’t want to stop because she knows her fans will be too disappointed.

It seems as though her days as a stripper are numbered- each time she goes on to perform her set gets shorter and shorter and it’s not by choice. When she first started it would take her 4 numbers to get all of her clothes off and she would perform with only a bowa, no poll in site. Now a days, club djs are cutting her time down to just 7 minutes. That seems like a pretty decent time to get your clothes off, but I guess not at the pace of an 80 year old.

If she is old enough to have dated Elvis then I’m sure her ass and tits hit the floor and she needs to hang up the G-string already.

Source: CNN

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