Scarlett Johannson seems to be a little more kinky than previously thought. The work of an alleged hacker group targeting Hollywood celebrities has revealed self-taken cell phone photos of Scarlett Johannson in the nude. Immediately Photoshop experts rushed to analyze these photos for authenticity, and the results are in.

These are REAL nude photos of Scarlett Johannson!

Citing previous photos of Scarlett Johannson‘s home, experts have matched her choice in wallpaper to validate them. It also helps that Scarjo has yet to deny anything about her leaked nude photo work. She is currently enlisting the FBI to help her find the hacker culprits.

To the Hollywood Hack Squad: Good work gentlemen. Keep those IP Randomizers working overtime.

To Scarlett Johansson: We now love you more than we did in the first place. Nice butt.

Article to Follow: Vivid Entertainment CEO Stephen Hirsch Offers Scarlett Johansson Pennies to Shoot Porn.

Scarlett Johansson Nude Photo

Scarlett Johansson Naked Pic

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