Holly Sampson

Tiger Woods may regret bedding Holly Sampson most of all.

The porn star — who bragged on a website that the 33-year-old golfer “was really good” in bed — is currently in talks with Vivid Entertainment to star in a porn film based on their one-night stand.

“There are things that are in the works,” Sampson, 36, told Extra. “Honestly, I think parodies are hilarious. I love that stuff and I know a lot of people that love that stuff.”

Vivid Entertainment cofounder Steve Hirsch, however, hopes the flick will be a more accurate portrayal of Woods’ fling with Sampson.

“We have shown Holly a script we’re working on that would sort of detail her time with Tiger,” he told Extra. “It would be more like a docudrama that documented the events that happened exactly as they happened.”

What happened between them, however, was far less scandalous than what allegedly occurred with Woods’ other women: Sampson’s sexual encounters with Woods occurred in 1999 — five years before his marriage to Elin Nordegren.

“I’m not his mistress,” she said. “I’ve never been his mistress… I just don’t believe in sleeping with married men. If I had the opportunity to sleep with Tiger while he was married I would never have done that.”

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