Ron Jeremy is boning up on his demonology, and preparing for a mainstream movie role as a demon coming back to Earth to fulfill a Mayan prophecy. Let’s rephrase that. He’s coming back as a demon who haunts a hillbilly family’s trailer, and it’s going to be hell in the double-wide.

This isn’t a rump romp with Cytherea. This is a horror-comedy called “The Haunted Trailer” with Houston based director Chuck Norfolk. The mustachioed porn stud is making a new appearance in a mainstream movie, another in a line of over 200.

The Hillbillies are out to get Ron Jeremy.

The script features Ron as a Mayan Demon who is released so that he can carry out the ancient Mayan prophesies about 2012. Unfortunately, he ends up in a trailer, where a group of hillbillies will be forced to fight him for the future of humanity on Earth. He’s up against a formidable gang:


  • Elvis and Aaron come home to help “momma.”
  • Everyone knows hillbilly mommas are tough in their own right.
  • Sister “Prissy” also joins the group.
  • And what hillbilly contingent wouldn’t go to war against a demon without a televangelist like “Reverend Wiggems?”

Of course, it’s all in good fun, and every Jeremy fan will appreciate the lovable porn star as a hell sent destroyer who finds himself trapped in the heart (or double-wide home) of “Bubbaville.” It has the makings of a fun movie.

Ron Jeremy is a natural for this kind of movie.

Among Ron’s best qualities is that he doesn’t take himself too seriously. He immensely enjoys what he does and it shines through on the screen, whether its applying the bone in a hot porn flick, or playing a demon trapped in a trailer park. Will Ron be exorcised by the hapless hillbillies, or will humanity feel the wrath of the mustache?

You can find out later this year. “The Haunted Trailer” is due to be released in time for the holidays.

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