Just like it’s social networking competitor Facebook did back in 2012, Twitter has now decided to go public. There are many reasons that a private company may decide to go the route of an IPO (initial public offering). A couple would be access to a wider range of investors and being open to more advertisement possibilities. Both of these reasons make it a sensible choice for the guys at Twitter to want to go public. Twitter has struggled in the past at finding ways to monetize the success that they’ve had with their site. But all of this stuff is on the business end of things, which isn’t particularly important as far as us users are concerned.

What I’m worried about with Twitter’s decision to go public is the potential restriction on free speech. One thing Twitter has always had an advantage in over all of the other social media sites is the allowance of uncensored content. This is what makes Twitter great and helps it stand apart from its competitors. With more investors and more eyes looking in at the company after going public, there are bound to be tough decisions to be made regarding this matter.

Now, considering I work in the world of pornography, I would prefer that Twitter not be censored. In a censored Twitter world, I would not get to see near the amount of boobs and butts on a daily basis. And I happen to enjoy the current rate of naked ladies I see in my feed every day very much. Take Riley Reid for instance. Her Twitter account┬áis a haven for debaucherous content. Sure I can go watch her get a facial really easily. And that’s great and all. But sometimes I don’t have time for that. Sometimes I just want to see a quick little nip slip in my Twitter browsing.

While images like this are surely adorable, I want MORE!

I much prefer seeing Vine videos of her boobs and butt like the ones below.



Hopefully the future public investors of Twitter realize that what makes it such a great and different platform than other social media sites is its free speech and unrestricted content guidelines. As much garbage and nonsense as you’ll find in the Twitterverse, it would still be a sad day to see it go the way of restricted and censored content.

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