PipeDream Hot Snatch

“I hope your dick is hard”

“Give me a fucking second, you think I just walk around with a hard cock?”

He shouts and I quickly start to write down his words on the laptop and turning back to me the groping starts as I am typing.

“What the fuck, I am trying to write!” I scream at him.

“What I thought you wanted my cock hard!?”

This is us, I am a practically un employed writer and Bam Bam Gigolo is a bartender at a dive bar. He stands about 6’1, bearded, tattooed, and a buff bear of an ex marine.

We received this Pipedream Extreme Toyz Fanta Flesh Therma-Sleeve “Hot Snatch” thanks to HotMovies.com.

“I have a present for you!” I told him over the phone.

“Oh yea?” he said and I began to tell him that he was expected to fuck this microwavable fake pussy in front of me so I could review it.

“…..sure, whatever” was his disinterested answer about the project.

I got home that night and he was gone, so I ate dinner and passed out, fake snatch on the floor next to the bed.

“Wake up baby” came his voice around midnight when he was home. He passed me a bottle of water and asked if I had eaten anything and I pointed to the Chinese food trash still on the floor from where I had passed out.

“Baby you have to fuck that thing for my story.” I told him sleepily.

“I will” he said as he started groping me and laid down next to me. That turned into more groping and eventually he talked me into some ‘fluffing’ and after a few minutes he was rock hard.

I reached down to grab the “Hot Snatch” and he said “what are you doing, turn around!”

“No baby, you have to fuck this pussy!” I said, “take this part downstairs and microwave it”.

“No, I am not doing that, turn around.” he said naked, hard cock in my face.

“What the fuck! YOU SAID YOU WOULD DO THIS!”

“NO, not now. I am fucking you now.” he said steady voice, grabbing me by my upper arm to pull me around to meet his dick before he lost his boner.

“You better fuck that thing tomorrow! I am not kidding!” I demanded as I moved into position to lose the battle to his demands and hard cock.

The next day we woke up together in our tiny apartment, his morning wood pushed into my back.

“Baby your dick is hard, fuck that thing now.” I said sleepily to him.

“Nope” he said rolling over.

Days passed, that fake microwavable vagina in the box, untouched. I would ask, “when are you going to fuck that thing?” only to meet an ignorant remark from him.

Finally I took matters into my own hands as he began to grope and harass me while I worked on the computer, I seized the moment and I turned on some porn on HotMovies.com.

First thing was first, the most inconvenient; getting it down downstairs to the microwave. The instructions read like this:

Use a Microwave to heat the Therma-Sleeve to your desired warmth. You’ll be ready for action in minutes!

Here’s how to do it:

-Remove the thermasleeve from the packaging. Flatten the sleeve and ensure the gel is evenly distributed. Place the sleeve inside a…..

“Hurry the fuck up” came an obnoxious shout from the upstairs and I just threw it in the microwave for 2:30 which I assumed was acceptable due to the age and weakness of the microwave. Then I ran back upstairs for 3 minutes to keep the fluffing up.

After I got back downstairs to the Microwave half naked the sleeve was hot enough to carry upstairs, but still really warm.

I went back upstairs to a giant naked white man stroking his own cock and I took my position on my knees. Simultaneously reaching in the box to take out the rubber Vagina with sleeve in it. After I sucked him hard, I stopped to pull the long rubber pussy tube hanging from the bottom of the vagina through the warm soft gooo filled Therma Sleeve. Pussy hanging out of the top.

Included was a sample of lube which  was used COMPLETELY.

Then came penetration;  as he grabbed the fist full tube and put it on his cock, I watched his eyes light up as he practically was punching himself getting it all the way in.

Each time it did, there was a familiar blow job-sucking noise of the moist rubber vacuum.

The whole event didn’t last very long, and at the end after cumming he kept the “Hot Snatch” firm on his cock.

“How was it?”

“Warm, wet, and a really close to a real pussy.”


-Written by ANON and product tested by Bam Bam Gigalo for NO COMPENSATION

The PipeDream “Hot Snatch” retails for a varying price of $39.99

Check out more product details and where to purchase here!

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