When people look at movies, too often they look at each individual film instead of the studio or director. But if you start paying attention to the feel and direction a director or studio has, then it’s easier to tell what future movies you may be interested in. Well, Hard X is a fairly new adult studio, and they’ve been putting out some great content so far. Their prior releases, Annika and Big Anal Asses, are both amazing and star-studded films. If you haven’t seen Anikka Albrite before, definitely go check her out. She’s a newcomer, but sure to be around for a long time.

Well, Hard X has just released a third movie titled Hot Oil Massage. You many not be familiar with a ton of the names in this cast, but I can assure you that you will not be disappointed. The ladies in this film include Lily Love, Ava Adams, Megan Salinas, and Mia Malikova. I’d just like to take a minute to examine Megan Salinas a bit further. This girl is amazing. I am definitely looking forward to her future work. She’s only 19 and has only been in a handful of movies, but damn is she attractive!

Megan Salinas

But anyway, back to the film. As the title of the movie insinuates, this flick has tons of oiled up hot girls getting rubbed all over. And I’m sure you are aware that massages generally lead to a lot more than just a back rub. Get a look below at some of the action that you’ll see in this one.

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