Nobody likes commercials. They interrupt what we really want to watch and are usually pretty annoying. However, I’ve found a few that would definitely enhance the TV viewing experience. Yeah they might be a little racy and inappropriate for some viewers. But still, in the age of the internet, it’s not like people aren’t seeing worse on a daily basis anyway.

First we have an ad for Skittles. I imagine many of the ladies out there would prefer if this was real life.

Next we have a Pop Rocks skit that may be more painful than pleasurable if actually done in real life. If any of you have tried this, feel free to let us know how it went…I’m curious.

Last is my favorite of the bunch and definitely the sort of thing that I’d love to see more of on TV. It’s hilariously vulgar, yet done so in a way that is completely innocent to watch.

So there you have it. Which did you guys like the most? There are surely more ads out there done in similar styles. Send in your favorites and maybe we can get another addition of this post. Leave it in the comment section or over at the HotMovies Facebook page.