There is a perfect word which explains the coincidental nature of this post. Serendipity is a word i try not to use too often, but when I am logging in to post a couple shout-outs from Misti Dawn to HotMovies…there’s just no better description.

Misti DawnI guess it’s time to “let the cat out of the bag” on my love for Misti. If the AVN Awards were run by this writer, Best New Starlett would have turned out much differently. No offense to Kagney Linn Karter who is also extremely sexy. If you haven’t noticed yet, Misti commented on the “Special Thanks” post I wrote recently to the stars who signed for our booth at AEE this year. The “Serendipity” I am referring to is based on me not noticing this until I began to write this post.

I had asked my co-worker, and representative of HotMovies at AEE, to try acquiring an autograph for me from Misti in Las Vegas. When he returned without one, I was understandably “bummed out”. Having the gorgeously tattooed darling sign my post is good enough for me. Misti Dawn is a fantastic new edition to the “Burning Angel” crew. Her adorable face and sweet disposition are the perfect supplement to her sexy body and art. The best of both worlds, naughty and nice.

Much of Misti Dawn’s work, along with all of the “Burning Angel” empire, can be found and followed at Alt-Porn is one of the biggest emerging niches in the Adult Entertainment Industry today. Don’t miss the wave, you’ll be sorry.

Thank you back Misti! Any work I receive with you being a part of it, is automatically much less “work” to me 🙂

See more of Misti Dawn here: tidawnangel/