Kink School: A Guide To Anal PlaySevere Sex’s Kink School is back in session with its third course Kink School: A Guide To Anal Play, directed by real life husband/wife team Dee Severe and Jimmy Broadway. This instructional flick guides viewers who are new to all things ass on their backdoor journey, led by industry veterans Mistress Aiden Starr, Amber Rayne, and Lily Cade. The lessons start with the very basics of hygiene and safety and work towards the goal of partnered (boy/girl and girl/girl) penetration with a penis or strap on. I love the Severe brand and always get excited when one of their movies makes its way to my desk; their kink and BDSM movies balance sexual intensity with a level of glee and humor that lets viewers know that this is a company led by people who truly love what they’re doing. I was especially excited when I found out that I’d be reviewing their Guide to Anal Play; I love my butt and other people’s butts, but (butt) I’m still a bit of an anal novice, so I was eager to learn some tips and tricks from the lovely pervos at Severe Sex. Let’s get started! Read the rest of this entry »

To The Core directed by Bonnie RottenTalk about a way to start your directing career off with a bang! Bonnie Rotten‘s directorial debut, To The Core, is a contender for both AVN’s Best BDSM Movie of the Year and XBIZ’s Best Fetish Release Of The Year. This first production from Rotten’s own Mental Beauty Productions sees a string of innocent young beauties broken, destroyed, and dominated by some of porn’s biggest stars. Let’s take a look at how it delivers the deviance.

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There has been a lot of buzz recently surrounding the new Anchorman XXX Parody, and things have heated up even more since the set was visited by’s Hal Rudnick. Hal took some time to ask the Anchorman porn parody’s stars what parts of the original Anchorman movie were there favorites. Once those questions seem to fall on distracted ears, Hal turns to the hot topic issues of today.

“In Anchorman: A XXX Parody, top notch anchorman Ron Burgundy (Jack Lawrence) moves his roots from San Diego to the fine trappings of Los Angeles — and he brings the entire Channel 4 News Team with him. Unfortunately, Brian (Dale DaBone), Brick (Anthony Rosano) and Champ (Eric Masterson) are all unemployed. In an effort to restart their once stellar careers, the gang and their fearless leader must join forces with the ever-popular Veronica Corningstone (Tasha Reign) and her all-female news team. Anchorman: A XXX Porn Parody also features Adriana Sephora, Dylan Ryan, Aiden Starr, Dana DeArmond and India Summer.”

Porn Parody - Alice - Alice gets fucked deep
Porn Parody - Alice - Alice in Wonderland porn
Porn Parody - Alice - Sunny Lane sucks Mad Hatter dick

Porn Parody - AliceI hope you’re ready to explore this rabbit’s hole. Cal Vista and director Erica McLean bring us a purely sexual twist on Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland apply named, Alice.

Our doe eyed blonde heroine is played by none other than one of the Adult Industry’s reigning adorable blondes, Sunny Lane. Sunny’s vibrant personality and irresistible girl next door smile made her a perfect candidate for the role of Alice. Not to mention the way her smooth, milky thighs look when that Victorian blue dress gets lifted for a proper inspection. Who would be inspecting such an innocent looking girl’s private places you ask?

The Mad Hatter of course! Played by Evan Stone, the Hatter’s hat isn’t the only over-sized object waiting for Alice’s return. This bad Mad Hatter wants the piece of Alice’s prime 19 year old ass that he missed during her first adventure in Wonderland. Alice, being the fantasy adventure queen herself, bends over the unbirthday table and let’s him have his fill. A very merry unbirthday to you indeed Mr. Stone.

The allure of this Alice in Wonderland porn parody is the way its shot. In what feels like a mix between “Oz” and “Through the Looking Glass”, the characters don over the top costumes and dramatic make-up in a mix of artistically color washed scenes. The choice of color in this porn video definitely creates a feeling of being immersed by a fantastical, sexual world. Mix professional creativity with stellar performances by porn stars such as Sunny Lane, Evan Stone, April Flores, and many more, and you have one gorgeous sexual romp.

Want to take a fantastic journey down Alice’s hole? Click HERE

This movie, about making a porn to pay your rent, came out last weekend and we thought it looked pretty damn funny. We haven’t had the chance to go see it yet, but we wanted to know what some porn stars thought of it:

We asked “Did you get a chance to see Zack & Miri Make a Porno, What did you think about it? Also, Is Kevin Smith a good enough director to try his hand at porn? I mean, jersey girl, come on.”

The awesome Taylor Wane had this to say: “I did see this movie and found it to be quite funny.
I really had no intention of seeing it, but someone took me and I was surprised that I had a good laugh.. I do like that director and eliminate the scat and he’d make a great porno.”

I totally should have asked her if she’d star in a Kevin Smith porn, because that would definitely be a site to see.

Aiden Starr being the eloquent speaker that she is had this to say about Zack & Miri: “I heard it sucked. Apparently it would have been funny if it had bothered to be realistic. I guess that’s what you get when fanboys try to make a mainstream movie about porn.”

I’m pretty sure if Zack & Miri was realistic it would just be another porn, am I right or wrong here?

The last person that bothered to answer me was Kinzie Kenner who said “I definitely want to check out Zack & Miri Make a Porno, it looks hilarious and I’d love to see how it turned out, it’s great to see porn becoming even more mainstream these days!”

Well atleast we had 2/3 positive responses. I personally can’t wait to check it out because I love Kevin Smith and any positive light the mainstream can shed on the porn industry, the bigger raise I’ll get our industry will become.

Aiden Starr tells how she feels about white meat and dark meat, and which one she prefers- you’ll also learn what she really thinks of football in this Thanksgiving themed Interview:

1. How’d you pick your stage name?
I was drunk in the desert in the middle of the night with my good friend Zenova Braeden making my first hardcore movie “Dawna of the Dead.” She told me I had to have a name and we hashed it out on the internet at about 2 am.

2. First film?
See number 1, please.

3. Gonzo or Big Budget?
It was a weird B movie with hardcore sex. So low-budget feature, I guess.

4. If you could make a porn with anyone in history, male or female, who would it be and why?
I would like to make a porn with Albrecht Dürer because he is wildly attractive on many levels. The portrait of Gary Oldman in Dracula is actually a self portrait of Durer. So I guess Mr. Oldman would do as well.

5. Would you DATE this same character from history? If you saw him/her in a bar, would you take them home casually?
Hmmm, would I date a creepy self absorbed artist who was probably gay…That would be a resounding YES!

Only Thanksgiving themed Interviews can get our minds linking Turkey and sex, so keep reading about Aiden Starr:
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