You know what, I really can’t stop thinking about Amy Smart and her cute little body, so I’m going to pretend that Barbie Cummings is Amy Smart because that doesn’t involve too much imagination (Hey- I’m trying to make it easy for you, people!)

Ch Ch Check out Amy Smart Barbie Cummings with mad dick:

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I have to say that I really enjoy seeing Amy Smart in the nude- she’s totally fucking hot and I don’t think she gets naked enough in movies.

In her new movie, Mirrors, she gets naked and wet.. and wet and naked and torn apart- you get the idea.

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Nuts Magazine really knows how to bring the really important stories. IE: 50 Sexiest Blondes of 2008- and I’m really happy that Amy Smart is on the list. I don’t know if ya’ll remember the Topless Amy Smart pictures from the set of Crank 2 that leaked not too long ago, but those pictures alone should have secured her spot on the list.

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Not only should you be excited that you’re given the opportunity to see Amy Smarts boobs, but also that there is a Crank 2 in the works.

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