Hustler’s Asian Fever Goes to Japan

(Beverly Hills, CA) Hustler Video takes a trip to Japan to film Hustler’s Asian Fever: Tokyo Girls!!! This video is filled with the freshest and hottest talent in Japan along with absolutely breathtaking locations. Hustler Video will take you on a journey through Tokyo’s most exciting districts, such as Roppongi, Shibuya, Shinjuku and Ginza.

Asian Fever: Tokyo Girls is an incredibly anticipated release,” states Hustler Creative Director Drew Rosenfeld. “This film takes the viewer on a guided tour of Tokyo, showing off the sexiest Asian women and all the hot spots the city has to offer. True admirers of the Asian culture will be blown away by this DVD!”

Director Valentino acts as the travel guide throughout the video, taking the viewer on an excursion around various districts in Tokyo. With each visit comes a new sexual encounter, which is preceded by a description of the location.

Asian Fever: Tokyo Girls features five authentic scenes filled with threeways, anal and ATM, with performances by Japanese starlets Ibuki Haruhi, Haruka, Makoto Aoki, Riko Toyoda, Yuma Kaneshiro, Mao Sugisaki and Moe Asada.

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The Zombie Sex Guide can definitely be informative if you happen to be a zombie. They give you advice on not needing condoms anymore, being dead takes the sting out of things, your limbs can sometimes just stuck in tight spaces, and you may learn a few things about blow jay’s in the after life.

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Could you imagine being married to a porn star? I certainly can’t and it’s fascinating to see how couples live like that. Ryder Sky and her husband Bill are living the life that is so foreign to most, and they seem perfectly happy with it. Bill can get a little sensitive, especially when his family asks what his wife does for a living and when his co-workers recognize his wife from a photo he has on his desk.

Strangely enough, most couples say the porn industry has improved their sex life. I don’t see how it couldn’t improve. Your wife is at work all day taking it up the ass like a champ and learning how to suck a mean dick. It’s only natural for her to want to try her new moves out at home.

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