A short while ago, January to be exact, we posted a short story on some douchebaggery that took place backstage at the 2011 AVN Awards. Andy Dick was belligerently drunk and harassing stars in their dressing rooms before the show even took place.

Well, if it’s news…it is usually caught on camera somewhere in the modern age of video devices. This video turned up of Andy Dick in the middle of his alcohol induced tangent.

Andy-Dick-and-Charlie-Sheen 2011 AVN Awards

News from the runway at the 2011 AVN Awards this past weekend in Las Vegas, brings us a gem of a drunken Dick story.

It seems that “wasted list” comedian, Andy Dick, was thrown out of the Awards before they even had a chance to begin. In true blackout fashion, Andy allegedly wandered into an AVN Awards dressing room at the Palms Casino while slurring words and spilling his cup of beer at random.

The New York Post gossip column quoted a source as saying, “You couldn’t understand what he was saying, but you could hear Chi Chi saying, ‘Leave me alone!’ Tera grabbed Chi Chi and went into another dressing room, but boom, there he was again. This happened three or four more times. He had a cup of beer, which kept spilling. Finally, this huge security guy came over, snatched the beer out of his hand, and said, ‘That’s it, we’re going!’”

This would come as a surprise if Dick hadn’t recently both flashed his cock inside of a coffee shop, and been picked up for randomly walking into a L.A. residence during the middle of the night. It may also help that my last video memory of Andy Dick is of him blowing a carrot while wearing an altar boy wig.

Come on Andy Dick! Get your shit together. It’s not like you were the only drunk haggard comedian in Vegas. Charlie Sheen was easily as fucked up as you were, and he managed to keep his booze, his strippers, his hookers, Bree Olsen, and Michelle “Bombshell” McGee in his room the whole night. In fact, that should be your party rule.

“I will NOT be worse than Charlie Sheen tonight.”