For all us guys out there, going down on a girl can sometimes be an adventure. Let’s be real. We usually have absolutely no idea what we’re doing. But it’s hard to practice this sort of thing. I mean, if a girl wants to practice giving a blow job, she can grab a banana or cucumber or something else dick-shaped. What the hell are we supposed to do?! Well, gentlemen, we are now in luck. An app called “Lick This” was recently just released that lets you practice your oral skills right on your phone.

lick app

So, this is probably an app that you’re going to want to only use in the privacy of your home. It might look a little strange if you’re just licking your phone on the subway or walking down the street. But hey, if you’re comfortable enough with yourself to do that, then go for it.

How exactly does the app work? Well, there are a series of exercises to go through a variety of tongue motions. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. The tongue is a muscle after all. And just like any other muscle, it will only get stronger if used. So by going through these exercises, soon you can be like a tongue body builder.

Before you just start going at it with your phone, though, you might want to take some sanitary precautions. We spend all day touching our phones and putting them down on surfaces that probably haven’t been cleaned in who knows how long. So the folks who created Lick recommend that you put down a piece of plastic wrap or something similar over your screen so you don’t wind up with some weird disease because you just started rubbing your tongue all over your filthy phone screen.

While Club Sexy Time, the people who made the app, created Lick as sort of a joke; I do think it provides a viable service. I think plenty of dudes, whether they admit it or not, would be totally willing to practice on something like this if it was available. So maybe if this thing gets popular enough, they’ll start introducing more features and make it an even more viable source for learning how to give the best cunnilingus possible.

Remember when online adult app store MiKandi said that they were going to come out with a porn app for Google Glass. But then Google swooped in and said that no, they weren’t actually allowed to make anything with adult content. Well, the app has been made. And while the first video from MiKandi is more of a spoof and doesn’t really show any truly adult content, it certainly shows flashes of the possibilities that Google Glass offers the world of pornography.

The video features male adult film star, James Deen, and his introduction into the world of Google Glass.

So yeah, this whole thing was pretty much a joke. But in between the joking around and the in-sex facial recognition searches, the video shows that Google Glass really would be a great tool for POV porn, albeit with some challenges. At one point James Deen mentions how hard it is to move his face to the proper position to get the right camera angle. This would surely be a problem that the stars would have to adapt to. There would certainly be a line they’d have to walk of getting the right camera shots for the viewers but at the same time staying in the moment of the video to not degrade the quality and feeling in the film. If the actors are getting distracted trying to show the perfect camera shot and then screw up the actual sex aspect of the video, I’m not sure how long Google Glass would work.

Only time will tell. I’m excited that the MiKandi app is up and they’re starting to produce some content. The next step will obviously be to see if Google Glass itself will gain any traction in the public. Then from there who knows what could happen. The future is now people. And as usual, porn is at the forefront of the technological world.

PLAYBOY Magazine Now with HD iPhone App

News of this interesting adult tech twist has me wanting to shake Steve Jobs’ hand and say, “If you build it, porn will come.” The world renowned adult magazine, PLAYBOY, has decided to join the mobile game with a brand new app for the Apple iPhone.

The new app is actually a high definition mobile edition of PLAYBOY Magazine, but without any tits or ass. In order to be approved by Apple’s puritan regime, Heff’s dream needed to keep the nudity out. So, if a friend of yours has this app…he can truly say that he reads PLAYBOY for the articles. This comes as a confusing decision by Apple after wiping their application store clean of any and all sexual content earlier this year. A purging that included apps featuring not only nude women, but women wearing bikinis and lingerie as well. Since Steve Jobs’ moral iPhone and iPad crusade, many public out-cries have been made concerning the blatant censorship. None have been more influential than that of the disapproval of a Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist’s application.

Mark Fiore is the cartoonist for the San Francisco Chronicle, and an application featuring his work was created for the iPhone and iPad. Apple initially disapproved the app for Mark’s satirizing of people within his comics. After a large media out-cry, Apple was forced to approve the app and avoid further negative press. It’s interesting how a satirical comic strip requires a social movement in order to receive approval, but a magazine based solely on the male libido can waltz in by cutting women off from the shoulder down. Steve Jobs, your morals are about as solid as the silicone you strive to never support.