The Number One Bad Reason to Have Sex is:

Revenge: “The most popular very-wrong reason to have sex, revenge sex never ends well.

Hooking up with his best friend because you’re angry at your boyfriend will get you nowhere. If you do manage to break up their friendship, then you’re stuck with an untrustworthy dude (if he did it to him, he’ll do it to you).

Even worse, there’s always the (strong) possibility that he went right back and told his buddy and the two of them are now comparing notes over high-fives and hot wings.”

Alright, you caught me! I’ve had revenge sex before and let me tell you- I wouldn’t recommend it. Not because the boys later compared notes over hot wings, or that I broke up their friendship or that I ended up dating either one of them and later developed trust issues- but I wouldn’t recommend it for the sole fact that the revenge sex with the best friend sucked really fucking bad. It was by far the worst sex I’ve ever had.

The best friend was super hot so I wasn’t doing it just because of revenge- I actually thought I would be getting great pleasure from the experience. Plus, we had always had this awesome, flirty kind of relationship and I would wonder what it would be like to get down and dirty with the dude. I should have just kept it at that instead of wasting an entire night (ok I lied, we had sex several times and I would really like to blame the whole situation on alcohol).

But, I can’t say that the revenge sex ended terribly bad. I mean the best friend did treat me to a ‘date’ at a strip club- my first ever experience. You really haven’t lived until you’ve:
A. Had revenge sex with your ex’s best friend.
B. Been taken to a strip club for a date.
C. Seen your revenge fuck stuff dollar billz into the G-String of a stripper on your date to the strip club.

Over all, I don’t regret my decisions. It’s just adding another chapter to my ‘Tell All’ book that I really need to write one of these days.

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-PBR Princess
PBR Princess is a twenty something living it up in this crazy city called Philadelphia. She gets into as much trouble as possible and somehow makes it home safely at night and into work too fucking early.

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