The Sex Awards took place last night. While the event won’t be broadcast until January 2014, I took to Twitter to get some behind the scenes looks and photos to get a glimpse of what exactly was going down.

First off is the always lovely Tanya Tate. At 34 Ms. Tate is still looking great and holding her own compared to a lot of the new, young girls. It’s also nice to see a normal getup. Just because you’re at an awards show for porn doesn’t mean you have to dress like you’re about to go film a lingerie masturbation scene.

Speaking of the young generation of porn stars; one of my more recent favorites, Casey Calvert, was excited to be at the event. Just look at that face! I’m guessing that Casey is soon going to become a regular at these types of awards.

casey calvert

What adult industry event would be complete without the power couple themselves? James Deen and Stoya showed up looking dapper as ever. And if you listen closely you can hear the sound of a thousand men groan as they realize they will never be as lucky as James Deen.

james deen stoya

My favorite picture from The Sex Awards definitely has to go to Aaliyah Love, though. I wonder what it’s like to be in a room with hundreds of people only for your naked body to appear on a gigantic projection screen.


Well that’s it. Make sure you tune in once January rolls around to catch the full event and see who won each category. Leave your predictions in the comments for who you think the winners will be, and if you guess correct a lucky few of you may just find yourselves with some free minutes to



Thanks to my good friend @emmmmja, we have a big interview lined up today with a special someone that I think you’re all going to enjoy. I’m not going to reveal who it is, though, and ruin the surprise. You’ll just have to wait a bit to find out. That being said, I’m awfully busy today preparing to make it the best interview it can possibly be. So today we’re just going to have a small post and not get into anything big.

Keeping with the secrecy theme and vague direction that this post seems to be going in, HotMovies had some exciting stuff going on yesterday. Our good friend Ron Jeremy teamed up with some lovely ladies on set to do some great work. Let’s take a look at some of the behind the scenes photos.

In this pic (from left to right), you’ll find Claire Robbins, Asa Akira, Ron Jeremy, Skin Diamond, and Dani Daniels. The HotMovies team has never looked so good!

hotmovies team

They say the NFL is the greatest sport in the US. But I think if these ladies started a team it’d be way more popular. They’d have the best tight ends of any team by far. And their penetration skills would be hard to beat.

hm football

 While the other pics are filled with incredibly attractive women that I love, I still think this one of Ron doing gymnastics is my favorite. That is a body in peak physical shape if I ever saw one. I’m all for letting Mr. Jeremy represent the US in the 2016 Olympics in Rio. It would provide so much entertainment even if we came in dead last.

ron jeremy gymnastics

 That’s it for today. Hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes look into HotMovies. Keep an eye out for when you can catch the finished product from this shoot to get the full picture of what was going on. And remember to check back over the next few days to catch the surprise interview!