Belle Knox

By now, you’ve probably heard of that girl from Duke University who is paying her way through school by doing porn. She’s going by the name Belle Knox. Well HotMovies now has one of her movies. You can finally see the other side of this innocent, smart college girl. It seems like such a cliche. It’s a story you hear about all the time. The sweet, cute girl making her way through school by stripping or having sex for money. But rarely do we get to learn of these situations while they’re taking place. In that way, this is a very unique situation. The only question that remains is does Belle Knox have the ability to have real staying power in the industry? Or instead, will she just be pushed aside by the next interesting story? Here’s a clip from the movie to get your interest going…

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After watching the movie, it’s obvious that she has some natural ability when it comes to being on camera. There are a few spots that come off as awkward but given more experience I think she could definitely blossom into a solid industry name. It all really depends on the way she handles her situation. Will she back away from the publicity she’s been receiving, or will she embrace her newfound stardom and continue to make strides in the industry? Only time will tell. But either way, it will be interesting to see where her story ends.