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I’m here to put an end to this silly debate once and for all. Butts are better than boobs, people! Sure, boobs are pretty cool. And there are definitely some good ones out there. But boobs are like a fad. They’re all surface appeal. There’s little practicality when it comes to a nice rack. Butts on the other hand? Not only are they great on a purely aesthetic level, but they also provide so many useful functions. Here are some reasons why butts win this age-old question of which is the better body part.

More Accessible

hand on butt

Say you’re walking down the street with your girl. Do you know how uncomfortable and weird looking it would be if you just had your hands on her boobs the whole time? It just wouldn’t work out. Your arms would get tired. People would give you funny looks. But say you want to hold on to your girl’s butt. All of a sudden things become a lot easier. Chances are you already have your arm around her back. Well just slide it down a little bit further, and there you go. Now you’ve put yourself in a perfectly comfortable position, all the while still getting to grab some ass.

Easier to Check Out

guy staring at boobs

Guess what? If you stare at a girl’s boobs long enough, chances are you’re going to get caught. Boobs are, after all, directly below the eyes. Yet another advantage of being a fan of the backside. Checking out a girl’s butt is not nearly as risky. You can take as many glances as you like. It’s a win/win. You get to admire a fine butt, and the female involved doesn’t have to feel uncomfortable because she’s looking at you staring directly at her chest.

Useful During Sex

doggy style sex

Boobs can be really awesome during foreplay, I’ll give you that. But once the real action starts they become pretty useless. As a guy, two of the best sex positions have to be doggy style and reverse cowgirl. These not only allow the guy a great view of the butt but also easy access to feel up, spank, grab, or whatever. The ass is just a more enjoyable and feasible body part when you’re getting it on.

I guess I get why some dudes like a nice rack. I’m not saying boobs don’t have a place. But let’s be real. The butt is far and away the superior body part, and anyone who disagrees is absolutely crazy.

Reality Kings has produced some incredible organic material. Check that, they filmed some incredible organic boobs produced by a generous Mother Nature. Today, I’d like to spend a few moments discussing the benefits of an organic lifestyle. Specifically, I’d like to point out how organic racks rocks. Rather than giving you a windy, meticulous breakdown of why organic is such an awesome lifestyle alternative, I decided to go with a picture chart with only a few of my comments following. Today we will be discussing 100% organic boobs, using Reality Kings’ (an awesome studio we seriously love) Big Naturals Volume 7.

1. Organic is a natural lifestyle, and very healthy for the consumer.

Samantha 38 G

 Thoughts: Nature meant them to be that delicious looking! No wonder Samantha is sporting that cup size!

2. Organic can, and should be locally sourced.

Evie Delatosso and Rucca Page

Thoughts: Let’s be honest, you probably can’t just walk into a local supermarket and find these on the shelf. However, these are known to occur naturally in the wild around the globe. You just have to have an eye for them in their natural environment. We suggest combing the local beaches for potential habitits habitats.

3. Organic boobs look and taste better than genetically modified boobs.

Amy Valor

Thoughts: Drool.

4. While organic boobs are usually attached to people with more expensive tastes, the good feeling that playing with them provides is more than worth the upkeep.

Ivana Branchi

Thoughts: Where’s the closest jewelry shop?

5. An organic lifestyle is good for the environment.


Thoughts: That shirt contains says a mouthful.

6. My final point? Organic boobs let me get paid to blog about them.

Alanna Ackerman

Thoughts: As a purely altruistic gesture, I hope this series goes to about 2,000 movies.

So, as you can see, an organic lifestyle can make you healthier, happier, and if the Vatican is right – judging by my reaction to proofing this post – can potentially cause blindness. Of course I’m hoping that science is right, and these beauties just keep evolving and getting better! just released the list of his annual Anatomy Award winners for the 10th year. They’re actually not half bad at choosing who has the best bodies/talents in mainstream Hollywood. Here are the winners:

1. Best Porn Star Gone Hollywood
Katie Morgan in Zack and Miri Make a Porno

2. Best TV Show
True Blood

3. Best Oscar-Nominated Nudity
Marisa Tomei in The Wrestler

4. Best Boobs
Asia Argento in The Last Mistress, Boarding Gate & Mother of Tears

5. Best Butt
Anna Faris in The House Bunny

6. Best First-Time Nude Scene
Lizzy Caplan on True Blood

7. Best Lesbian Scene
Alicia Leigh Willis & Katherine Moennig on The L Word

8. Breast Picture
Sex & Death 101

You can read the rest of the winners at

photo: national photo group

Ron Jeremy took a trip to DisneyLand this week and it seems like he had a pretty great time. The only speed bump he hit was when he got a little confused about the name of a ride. You see, he thought the Matterhorn Bobsleds ride was actually the Matterhorn Boobsleds ride. He was pretty upset when he got in line and realized it was just as boring as the rest.

“I mean, Disney is supposed to be a place for kids and adults. Both of which really enjoy boobs, so why not have a ride dedicated to them? If I would have realized the ride was Bobsleds I definitely wouldn’t have power walked there.”

I’m feeling generous today, maybe it’s because it isn’t freezing cold like it has been the rest of the week, or maybe it’s because the Phillies are finishing up their game 5 tonight and we’re all super excited about the idea of them winning the World Series. Either way, Denise Milani is super fucking hot and I know everyone else feels the same way.

Here are two videos for your viewing pleasure, and maybe I’ll throw in a few pictures as well!
Denise Milani Rollerblading:

or maybe Denise Milani in Black Lingerie is more to your liking:

And here’s a hot picture for good measure:

Great Britian won 19 gold medals at the Beijing Summer Olympics and Keeley Hazell wanted to salute them by being painted Gold and posing for some sexy pictures.

I’m not really sure why someone like Carmen Electra or Kim Kardashian hasn’t traded their clothing for gold paint yet- we brought home way more than 19 gold medals!

Source: The Sun

For the few celebrities that don’t take their clothes off on accident purpose, this sucks. Thanks to this, my job has become so much easier.

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I love Monica Kenna, especially in Entourage when she played Eric’s girlfriend. So, it’s about time we all get to see her naked.

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Nuts Magazine has compiled a HUGE list (135 photos) of the best boobs in Britain and it looks like they could certainly take the Gold. I have no idea what they put in the water over there, or what they feed their cows- but there tits are huge.

Source: Nuts

I have no idea who Seren Gibson is but does it really even matter? She recently did a huge spread for Zoo Magazine and she clearly doesn’t have a problem with letting us see it all.

Click the picture for more Seren Gibson pictures.