Porn star, and former Charlie Sheen Goddess, Bree Olson, has come forward to ABC News on the topic of The Tiger Blooded Space Warlock himself. Olson stands firm in protecting Sheen from any further media slander, but does not extend the same loving courtesy for her sister goddess, Natalie Kenly.

Natalie “Natty” Kenly, is a poster-girl for Cali Chronic X Magazine, a marijuana magazine. She was also recently named “Chronic Girl 2010”. Bree Olson details the “thick” atmosphere within the Sheen manor between Kenly and herself. In previous interviews picturing Olson, Kenly, and Sheen, Kenly had stated their precarious love trio simply “worked” for them. Olson’s statements of Kenly crying daily do not paint the same picture.

I implore you, the reader, to stay unbiased after watching this video. Although even I lean toward believing Bree Olson‘s statements specifically focusing on Natalie Kenly, her incessant protection of Charlie Sheen is still very peculiar. I do not rule out that “Beauty and the Beast” is possible, but to imply Charlie Sheen has never done drugs is a blatant public relations decision. One that perfectly aligns with Bree Olson‘s plans to attempt moving into mainstream acting.

Bree honey, didn’t you learn anything from Sasha Grey? You don’t actually have sex with the cocaine addicted movie star, you just act like you did on a mainstream HBO television series.

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Bree-Olson-License-SuspensionIt seems 24 year-old former Charlie Sheen goddess, Bree Olson, has run into some trouble around Fort Wayne, Indiana recently. Wait, haven’t we heard this before? Oh yes, we covered Bree Olson and her mid-west destruction derby back in February.

After being arrested on February 3rd, 2011 in Fort Wayne for driving her car into a light-pole, Olson made her way to court yesterday. She pleaded guilty to misdemeanor drunken driving charges, and has had her driver’s license suspended for 90 days. Maybe Mr. Sheen used his magic after Bree dumped him.

Well played tiger blooded warlock from outer-space. Well played indeed.

Bree Olson dumps Charlie Sheen via Text Message

IDK My BFF Jill?

Well, it turns out “Winning” isn’t always so fabulously cut and dry for the tiger blooded warlock named Charlie Sheen. Bree Olson dumped the 45 year old via text message directly before he took the stage in Florida on his stand-up tour.

Bree Olson had been one of two “goddesses” Charlie Sheen had living with him. Most men would be rightly upset with being dealt such information without even a phone call, but Charlie apparently still wishes Bree well. At least in public.

Bree Olson DUIFort Wayne, Indiana is known for many spectacular accomplishments during our country’s history. Inventions spawned in For Wayne include the washing machine, baking powder, calculator, juke box, television, breathalyzer, and refrigerator. With such an impressive resume for innovation and development, adding the most beautiful destructive force of this past week should not come as a surprise.

Bree Olson, 24 year old blonde porn star, was arrested Thursday in Fort Wayne for Driving Under the Influence (DUI). Bree took her black Lexus out on the town, and managed to land herself in a single car accident. No worries, the flawless fuck bunny’s spectacular body was in no way harmed.

When Ms. Olson spoke to the police officials who found her Thursday night, she explained that she had only drank two beers before deciding to drive home. Unfortunately, blowing a 0.19 into the breathalyzer test means she was quite the liar. Although, the sudden irresponsible behavior may not be entirely Bree Olson’s fault. There is a very good possibility that she may have inherited the destructive capabilities by injection.

The real story here is whether or not we have a Charlie Sheen epidemic on our hands!

Charlie Sheen with Bree Olson

After Charlie Sheen‘s fantastic 2011 AVN Awards and Vegas weekend, some new developments have arisen.

Our back story resembles Charlie Sheen‘s average stay of fidelity with any one woman, brief at best. The “Two and a Half Men” star filled his hotel room with some minor comforts after the AVN Awards. Strippers, Hookers and a plethora of booze would be more than enough for any normal man to stay entertained through an evening, but we’re talking about one of the original “Men at Work” here. Normal tits and ass are no longer part’s of the Cheer Up Charlie plan.

So, what could possibly satisfy the sexual appetite of such a man? Porn stars of course. Charlie Sheen invited both Michelle “Bombshell” McGee and Bree Olson back to his lone bachelor after party to raise the stakes. The two reportedly spent the night at the hotel room, and the news we’ve picked up since has been fairly interesting.

Since their little sleep over party, rumor has it that some romance may have erupted between Bree Olson and Charlie Sheen. “She’s definitely seen him many times, but she thinks there is more,” a source reported about Sheen and Olson. “She doesn’t understand why he doesn’t get serious with his girls.”

I’ll let the massive “Awwwwww” dissipate before tainting this budding love story. Some in the industry have decided against jumping on this bandwagon too soon after hearing ugly rumors. Bree Olson had reportedly attempted shopping a “tell-all” about Charlie Sheen last week.

Is this a grand story of sexy love saving a falling star, or yet another tale of how seduction may be the world’s most dangerous weapon? We’ll keep you posted.

Bree OlsonAliases: Bree Olsen
Age: 22
Born: 1986-10-07
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Origin: Woodburn

Bree Olson is as seductive as she is innocent.  An Adam & Eve contract star since 2007, Bree has worked with numerous studios since getting into the industry in 2006.  She has appeared in 140 movies and was named Penthouse Pet of the Month for March 2008. Bree also won the AVN award for Best New Starlet in 2008.

Bree's College Daze 2New Tube (Disc One)Bree's Big Campout

Bree Olson is a damn fine cook. I follow her on Twitter and she talks a lot about food, but I’m sure that’s not what most people are paying attention to, just like in these videos (who is honestly interested in what she’s cooking?):

Bree Olson also has a few videos up of her cooking steak, and as you just heard, it’s so easy. Good thing it’s so easy because no one is paying attention to the hunks of meat on the table, they’re looking at the two huge hunks of meat on her chest.

Let’s watch some Bree Olson porn now so ya’ll can beat your meat:

You guys sure are lucky this week because you got not only one video interview with Bree Olson, but now you get a second video interview with Joanna Angel thanks to Eden Fantasys- a Sex Toy Store.

Joanna Angel is definitely a lively one, and we all love her for her insane amount of enthusiasm. It definitely takes a special, yet awesome kind of girl to get super excited about her dirtiest porn ever. I love that Joanna Angel said she was tired of talking about her college degree and just wanted to be a slut for a while! I guess there’s a little Joanna Angel in all of us ladies!

Joanna Angel is pretty excited about her latest movie, XOXO Joanna Angel. She says it’s the dirtiest movie she’s ever made and that definitely got me excited.

If you just can’t wait to see XOXO Joanna Angel, then check these out:

-PBR Princess

PBR Princess is a twenty something living it up in this crazy city called Philadelphia. She gets into as much trouble as possible and somehow makes it home safely at night and into work too fucking early.

This weeks interview is with the surprisingly nice and down to earth Bree Olson, thanks to Eden Fantasys- a Sex Toy Store.

Bree Olson is an equal opportunity fucker, you see, she doesn’t have a favorite porn star- she’d do them all! That’s definitely music to our ears.

Bree Olson is pretty excited about The Surrender of O, and trust me, she has every right to be. It’s super hot with all of the straps and leather.

More things to be excited about with Bree Olson:

-PBR Princess

PBR Princess is a twenty something living it up in this crazy city called Philadelphia. She gets into as much trouble as possible and somehow makes it home safely at night and into work too fucking early.

It’s pretty exciting that Bree Olson and Kayden Kross are going to be hosting the XBIZ Awards. It’s especially exciting for us here at because we’re nominated for VOD Company of the Year for the second year in a row! We took home the prize last year, and we certainly all have our fingers crossed again!

I’m sure James is also pretty excited about Bree Olson and Kayden Kross hosting, because he’ll be able to shake their hands when accepting the reward! I’m sure other winners will hope to do a lot more than shake hands though!