It seems like the older generations can’t appreciate Britney Spears, even with her new album hitting the tops of the Billboard charts. Talk around the office is, her music sucks, but everyone wants to fuck her.

I suggested that they only fuck her when she’s in her video get ups because in her normal, everyday attire she’s rather busted. Anyway, James forwarded us all this video parody of ‘Womanizer’ and it’s pretty fucking funny.

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I definitely like my men to have some size to their equipment. Maybe that’s why I find this video about Huge Cocks so appealing.

There have been a shit load of rumors about a Britney Spears sex tape and I just want it to surface already- I heard that the paparazzi dude that she was banging asked her to take off her pink wig during the tape and she goes “what wig, I’m not wearing a wig”- priceless.

Anyway, here are some pictures of Slutney masturbating with bath water:

If you like Britney Spears, peep this:

Leah Luv may not be the REAL Britney Spears but who can really tell the difference with all the different wigs the real Britney wears?

The Lance Armstrong,.
Begin by having sex while wearing a yellow jersey. Right as you are about to finish, your girl reaches down and rips one of your balls off.
Bonus points if she ties it off with a Livestrong bracelet.”:

or maybe you’re more interested in this position:

The Britney Spears
Fuck a piece of shit, and then pay it millions of dollars to leave.”:

If not, you have 48 more to choose from at: The Phat Phree

It appears as though Britney is either too lazy to shave/get a wax or she’s going for the au natural 70’s style. Either way, some people may find that sort of thing hot.

AND, if you do check out Hairy Holes after you see the rest of the Hairy Hole pictures of Britney Spears.

Source: Egotastic

First of all, who would want to see these two bone? I’m sure the answer to that question could give you an idea of how little Adnan Ghalib is going to get for this movie he’s selling- since he’s currently awaiting bids.

Adnan Ghalib is Brit’s former boyfriend.. he was the one around during her crazy heyday. The sex tape is supposed to be Britney sans clothes, but she never takes off her pink wig. When Ghalib finally asks her to remove the wig, Brit replies with “Take what off? There’s nothing left to take off.”

Interesting.. ?

Source: Britney Spears Sex Tape