Doug Sakmann, the host of Burning Angel’s Strip For Pain has been on a whirlwind press tour of Philly to promote the 7th annual Backseat Film Festival! Sakmann attacked the Preston and Steve (93.3 WMMR Philly) show last Monday and Danny Bonaduce show (94.1 WYSP Philly) on Thursday with Bam Margera, Joe Frantz and the Girls of Burning Angel.

The segments featured rounds of Strip For Pain; America’s Most Dangerous Gameshow with Burning Angel’s Nicole, Azreal Arden and Morgan Mae dishing out the stripping and pain with speaker wire whipping, duct tape bondage, car jumper nipple clamping, electrocution and the occasional boat oar splintered over contestant’s heads. Danny Bonaduce even got in on the action and took the electrocution all the way to level 10, winning the game!” – Doug Sakmann.

As you can see from the video, Strip For Pain is literally the Worlds Most Dangerous Game Show, and they are damn proud of it. I’ve seen Strip For Pain perform a time or two (they performed at HotMovies 100 Grand Gala & my friend Vic Vile won!) and they are rough. It takes a special kind of person to be able to tolerate that stuff.

This whole thing is to promote the Backseat Film Festival that kicked off on Friday, March 6th and runs through Sunday March 15th, with 14 Philadelphia Feature Film premieres and over 50 shorts and music videos spanning over 21 screening blocks in nine days. It all takes place at Sakmann’s new 941 Theater in Philadelphia (941 N. Front St, Philadelphia PA 19123,

I’ll probably be there taking pictures, so you should come say Hello! OH, and one last thing, the winner gets FREE PORN FOR LIFE courtesy of

Joanna Angel is so bad ass she has a band that follows her around playing porno music even when she isn’t working.

Back Seat Conceptions participated in World Zombie Day on October 26th in New York City. To spice things up and turn cold bodies into warm ones, the girls from Burning Angel were invited to perform a Strip for Pain show:

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Brooklyn, New York: Baseball playoffs, Debates, Acorns… Enough of it! Joanna Angel is bringing the T and A to Columbus, Ohio! Through the weekend, check out Joanna Angel at Columbus Gold, located at 5411 Bethel Sawmill Center, Columbus, Ohio 43235. Showtimes begin at 10:00pm and 1:00am every night. May all the buckeyes come out and support Joanna Angel!

Joanna Angel has crossed her talents into mainstream horror, as she recently directed and starred in a scene in the upcoming Halo 8 movie Slumber Party Slaughterhouse. Video Business Magazine says “Lets gorehounds fulfill their deepest, darkest fantasies.” The premiere for
Slumber Party Slaughterhouse will take place on Thursday, October 23rd the Engine Theatre 1635 Wilcox Ave, Hollywood California 90028.

Slumber Party Slaughterhouse is a Halloween Treat created by several filmmakers for Halo-8 including scenes written and directed by Joanna Angel and Doug Sakmann (Director of Repenetrator). The movie will be screening theatrically in New York, Hollywood and Philadelphia.

Starring Joanna Angel, the story follows Paul Tard, a geek killed on the eve of his high school graduation by his friends greed. Paul’s friends are throwing a graduation party with hookers and drugs, and after dying, Paul sells his soul to a demon in exchange for the power to take revenge on his former friends. Audiences get the chance to put their horror movie trivia skills to the test, too! Whenever Paul wants to kill one of his friends, the demon asks a horror movie trivia question and the film dissolves to a multiple choice menu. If the audience chooses the correct answer, Paul gets the power to kill his ex-friend (and the friend’s hooker, to tie up those pesky loose ends); but the wrong answer will send Paul to hell unavenged. Each “killscene” in the film is written and directed by a different Halo-8 filmmaker (one of them, being Joanna Angel) and stars actors from Halo-8 films…TRIVIA, FILM, PORN STARS, HORROR, COMEDY…what more could someone ask for for only $10!?! Go – you’ll be sure to enjoy it!

You can definitely count us in!

You never really know what to expect when Joanna Angel is in the room & I’ve recently discovered that you never know what to expect when you ask her for an interview also:

1. How’d you pick your stage name?
Well Joanna is actually my real name so that was pretty easy- and Burning Angel is the name of my website and we’re like, kind of married to each other so I took its last name.

2. First film?
My first movie was The Movie – it was also the first movie my production company- Burning Angel Entertainment put out. The whole thing was all so um… cute. Seriously! It was really cute. It was also Tommy Pistol‘s first scene too and we had amazing first time on camera sex on a roof-top in Brooklyn.

3. Gonzo or Big Budget?
Are you asking if my first movie was a Gonzo or a big budget? Or if I like gonzo movies or big budget movies better. Well, what if I told you that I liked big budget Gonzo movies! That would throw you off now wouldn’t it…. Uhhh… yeah.

4. If you could make a porn with anyone in history, male or female, who would it be and why?
Travis Barker- because he is fucking beautiful and talented, and I would still do him even in the critical condition he is in now. If he could do half of what he does on the drums on my BEEP well then he’d be the best porn star ever.

Read more if you want to find out what Joanna Angel wants to do to Travis in a Bathroom:
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Thanks to for taking pictures of the fun at the booth at Exxxotica NY.

Pictures include: Ron Jeremy, Flower Tucci, Courtney Cummz, Roxy Reynolds, and Morgan Mae and Mayhem from Burning Angel.

More pictures of Exxxotica NY provided by Backseat Conceptions. We love those Burning Angel Girls and you should too:

Joanna Angel to Dance in Sacramento

New York, NY: Joanna Angel will be feature dancing this weekend, at Gold Club Centerfolds in Sacramento, California.
“This is my first feature dancing performance on the West coast!” exclaims Angel, who, at the request of many of her adoring fans, wanted to see the actress/model/entrepreneur perform live.

Her performance at The Harem in New Jersey left the crowd thirsty for another performance. “One of the Burning Angel girls, Bellavendetta, came on stage with me and stuck a beer bottle in my butt and then drank out of it. Who knows what will happen this time!”
The address is for Gold Club Centerfolds is 11363 Folsom Blvd in Rancho Cordova, CA.

Show times and more Joanna Angel news after the jump:
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EXXXotica NY is happening this weekend in Edison, NJ and we’re all very excited for it. Not only are we having really awesome people signing at our booth (which will be sure to keep everyone entertained), we get to see Joanna Angel and the Strip for Pain show again. As you know they performed at our 100 Grand Gala a few months ago and it was an amazing show- and I know they won’t let anyone down this time around (or any time for that matter).

HotMovies has a booth at the show and we feel very special having two Burning Angel girls signing with us:

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Vic Vile is the victorious winner of The Most Dangerous Game Show, Strip for Pain. The Burning Angel girls were kind enough to do the show at our 100 Grand Gala and Vic was the lucky volunteer.

HotMovies: Name/Background?:
Vic Vile: Victor, Born in MD Parents from Philly, Punk (What do you mean by background? I’m mixed Black and Irish)

HM: what’s it like getting kicked in the balls by a porn star?:
Vic Vile: It’s like getting hit by a car and getting a really nice settlement from the accident.

HM: Is pain your thing?:
Vic Vile: I would be lying if I said I didn’t like getting the shit kicked out of me by really hot girls.

HM: Is there anything you WOULDN’T do for boobs?:
Vic Vile: Kick a puppy

HM: Do you feel the need to defend the title or will you retire a strip for pain champion?:
Vic Vile: Just like when Rocky beat Apollo for the World Championship, he had to defend his Title to truly know he was The Best of The Best. And if I lose maybe I’ll come out of retirement and give it my best shot. What the worst that could happen?
Check out pictures of Vic Vile in action:
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