Saturday, October 25th – 941 Theater (941 N. Front St, Phila PA 19123) $12 with Free Beer!

Philadelphia Premiere of ‘Slumber Party Slaughterhouse’ & ‘Isle of the Damned’
The show will also feature a LIVE preview performance by the Living Dead Girlz (Zombie Dance Troupe from San Francisco) between films before their big NYC show on Oct 26th!

The Living Dead Girlz are technically “dance splatter theater,” incorporating complex choreography created to display a moral story within their shows. The LDG uses tongue n’ cheek attitude, specializing in commercial jazz, sock hop, cha cha, chairdancing, and tango/waltz.

Presented by the 941 Theater, Backseat Conceptions, and

Also in attendance are the girls from Burning Angel doing their ‘Most Dangerous Game Show’ Strip for Pain

OH and don’t forget that of course, will be there supporting the girls [emotionally, and financially] of Strip for Pain

Thanks to Eden, A couple of weekends ago I set off on a long journey to the trenches of New Jersey in hopes of snagging interviews with a select group of Porn Stars. It turns out it was a huge success and I was able to meet this group of talent and interview them. Let’s just say that you should probably be on the edge of your seats in anticipation of me posting them because the interviews are pretty racy. We may or may not have been flirting and talking about spending the night together.

Lisa Ann was super fun to meet. Her boobs are huge and I probably stared at them a little too long. She could have said just about anything she wanted and I wouldn’t have cared because as soon as she said she was personal friends with Jeremy Piven Ari Gold, I was sold.

Another girl that has been in the biz for quite a while is Jessica Drake. She’s surprisingly down to earth and couldn’t get enough of my tattoos and showed me pictures of her cuddling with fuzzy animals when she went to Australia. I don’t think being around fuzzy animals is something new to her.. it’s the cuddling that puzzled me.

You know you’d love to see who else I was lucky enough to flirt with interview…
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Exxxotica NJ NY was a huge hit and we had so much fun. Thank god Driven By Boredom was there to document it all, especially with Burning Angels in the building!

Joanna Angel, Roxy Reynolds

Miss Cherri Cola, Sasha Grey

There’s plenty more where those came from, Driven By Boredom

Morgan Mae, Draven Star and Jaye Mayhem will appear and sign at the booth with Doug Sakmann on Saturday and Sunday to promote Strip for Pain as well as ‘Post Mortem Pinups‘, a post-mortem photo series of ‘Femme Fatales in Fatal Postions’ shot by Sakmann.

The bloody photo series, featuring the deaths of Joanna Angel, Gia Paloma, Melodie Gore, Riley Mason, Page Morgan, Chapel Waste as well as Morgan Mae and Draven Star are currently available in a limited number of prints., Backseat Conceptions and Burning Angels all work pretty closely and the Post Mortem Pinups prints will be available at the booth and on the brand new website, Post Mortem Pinups.

Marisa DiMattia works at a Tattoo shop in Belgium and knows a few things about tattoos. She wanted to know more about the role that tattoos have in sex lives so she started a poll. The poll revealed a lot of interesting points, especially 8 people claimed to have orgasmed while getting tattooed.

Anyway, Suicide Girls had her write several Columns about her experience while investigating tattoos and the two articles that have been posted so far are really good… and interesting.

Hotmovies has already figured out (without research because you don’t really need it) that tattoos play an important role in sex and porn which is why we’re sponsoring Strip for Pain at Exxxotica NY this weekend. What you might not know is that the Burning Angel girls have already dipped into the tattoo pool and released Cum on My Tattoo, it’s definitely worth checking out.

See the Burning Angel girls in person this weekend at Exxxotica NY:
Strip for Pain will be performing:

Friday,September 12th: 3p-11p
Saturday,September 13th: 1p-11p
Sunday,September 14th:noon-7p

And see Morgan Mae and Mayhem from Burning Angels at our HotMovies Booth #207 on Saturday between 5-7pm.

A few of the Burning Angel girls are performing at our 100 Grand Gala this Saturday and we thought we should probably learn a little about them before we see them in action.

Whisky Lux is super fucking hot and I definitely can’t wait to see her up on the stage. Her favorite video game is Wii Tennis and I really wish she’d make one of those videos of her playing Wii naked. Her favorite position is doggy style- and I guess that would explain why she’s bent over showing us her goods in most of her pictures. I’m certainly not complaining.

Here’s a sneak preview of what’s to come with Whisky Lux in the room.

See the rest of the Burning Angel girls!
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Joanna Angel is Going to RULE Erotica LA

Los Angeles, CA Joanna Angel, “The Queen of Alt Porn” and founder of Burning Angel is ready to rock this weekend at Erotica LA at the Convention Center in downtown Los Angeles.
Unless you haven’t already heard her promos on KROQ-FM, Joanna Angel will be signing autographs at the Voyeur Media booth on Friday June 6th from 6pm to 10pm, Saturday June 7th from 1pm to 6pm, and Sunday June 8th from 1pm to 5pm.

Joanna will be judging the Tattoo Contest in the Rock Section at 6:30 pm on Saturday evening. The world famous game show Strip For Pain, hosted by Doug Sakmann, will also be at Erotica LA, where BurningAngel Girls Cali Nova & Cadence St. John will be performing the game in the Rock Section of the expo. Read the rest of this entry »

Burning Angel is back with a special Zombie Edition of America’s Most Dangerous Gameshow!

Friday, March 23rd and Sunday March 25th- Strip for Pain is back LIVE on the East Coast this weekend as part of the Zombie Sideshow, on Friday May 23rd in Philadelphia at the 941 Theater and on Sunday, May 25th in Brooklyn, NY at Supreme Trading.

Presented by and Burning Angel Entertainment, the Girls of Burning Angel will be on hand with Host Doug Sakmann to present a special zombified edition America’s Most Dangerous Game Show featuring zombie strippers and lethal pain devices! Live Musical accompaniment will be performed by Burning Angel’s house band Hick, Nick and Jew (of the dead).

Strip for Pain will close an evening of madness with bloody zombies, amazing sideshow performances, astounding suspensions & killer live music! Witness human pin-cushions, sword swallowing, fire breathing and much more with the world famous Zamora the Torture King and the Nassua Chainsaw/Disgraceland Demolition Committee Flesh Hook Suspension Show. Doug Sakmann will also perform a flesh hook suspension and human tug-o-war during the events as well. Read the rest of this entry »