This is the second star birthday that I’ve been late on. I guess I need to keep more abreast of all the latest news!

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Ava Rose’s 23rd Birthday was yesterday and I wanted to wish her a very Happy Birthday from! She is definitely deserving of such a shout out because she’s a super hot and very talented in the game of fucking. And she played a sweet daughter of Indiana Jones in Carolina Jones and the Broken Covenant.

So far This Ain’t The Munsters XXX is getting pretty good reviews and that’s definitely exciting, see for yourself:

“This flick will entertain the cum right out of you. It has it all: spot-on acting, great music, highly detailed sets, believable plot and some hot Munster fucking. Even if you aren’t a fan of the television show but a fan of great wad-blowing sex, then bust out your Saturday-morning cereal bowl, a box of cum-catcher tissues and Hustler will let you do the stroking!” enthuses Evan at “I give This Ain’t the Munsters XXX five HUGE green cocks out of five. One of the most entertaining story porns of all time.”

“Hustler is definitely becoming the ‘spoof’ company. And they’re doing a very fine job of it, too! . This Ain’t the Munsters XXX was directed by Anton Slayer, a self-described Munsters junkie. He did a superb job in almost every way and deserves kudos in three regards: casting, directing and authenticity. You simply couldn’t ask for a better cast. . Anton is to be congratulated for the measure of authenticity he brings to this Munsters spoof. . This Ain’t the Munsters XXX is an appealing and couples-friendly movie. Watch it soon!” praises Dr. Jay at”

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Carolina Jones and The Broken Covenant, the Indiana Jones porno-parody, is released this week just in time for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The film stars Ava Rose in the title role and Bree Olsen as her plucky side kick.

Z– Can you tell us about the movie?

Ava – It’s an Indiana Jones parody and it’s me, I’m Carolina Jones, and Bree Olsen she’s my sidekick, Dixie. At first I don’t want her to be my little side kick or whatever but I saved her from the clutches of Nikki Blond and from there we go have this adventure searching for the [broken] Covenant. We shot the whole thing in Budapest cause of all the old architecture. It’s set somewhere in the 1950’s.

Z– Do any notable Indiana Jones characters make appearances? Short Round? Elsa? Henry Jones (Sean Connery)?

Ava – Excuse me?

Z – Have you seen any of the Indiana Jones movies?

Ava – You know what? I’ve never seen them.

Z – You’ve never seen them?!?

Ava – Well I saw the first one. The first part of the first one. Where the boulder is rolling down after him. I guess just because it’s such a famous scene.

Z – Does archeology not do it for you? Or is Harrison Ford the problem?

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As promised, Carolina Jones and the Broken Covenant is live on the site today and let me be the first to tell you it is one slick motherfucker. The chicks are sexy, the sets are groovy, and the movie stays very true to the Indiana Jones classics.

Be sure to stay tuned later for an interview with Carolina Jones star Ava Rose and more free galleries throughout the day.

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