The seemingly untouchable blockbuster pop star, Usher, has allegedly been offered a saintly deal by CEO of Vivid Entertainment, Steven Hirsch.

This past Decemeber, Usher Raymond IV had his vehicle robbed of a cool million dollars worth of goods. Included within the stolen property were two laptops, where a sex tape was found of Usher and ex-wife Tameka Foster. Of course, the tape has been shopped around the Adult Industry…and Steven Hirsch receives every celebrity sex tape possible. Although, it seems that Mr. Hirsch has found another avenue in dealing with such situations.

Vivid has offered Usher their services in the opposite of selling his sex tape. One must wonder why a giant Adult Entertainment label, which has made millions marketing other celebrities’ poorly produced video sex romps, would suddenly have a change of heart and decide to stop another release. None the less, the offer is on the table.

“We’ve learned that a sex video of you and your ex-wife is making its way around the adult industry,” reads the letter. “As a result of this being an intimate and very personal tape we can certainly understand why you would want to stop its distribution. We may therefore be able [to] assist you in stopping your own video from any type of circulation.” – Steven Hirsch to Usher


Charlie Sheen with Bree Olson

After Charlie Sheen‘s fantastic 2011 AVN Awards and Vegas weekend, some new developments have arisen.

Our back story resembles Charlie Sheen‘s average stay of fidelity with any one woman, brief at best. The “Two and a Half Men” star filled his hotel room with some minor comforts after the AVN Awards. Strippers, Hookers and a plethora of booze would be more than enough for any normal man to stay entertained through an evening, but we’re talking about one of the original “Men at Work” here. Normal tits and ass are no longer part’s of the Cheer Up Charlie plan.

So, what could possibly satisfy the sexual appetite of such a man? Porn stars of course. Charlie Sheen invited both Michelle “Bombshell” McGee and Bree Olson back to his lone bachelor after party to raise the stakes. The two reportedly spent the night at the hotel room, and the news we’ve picked up since has been fairly interesting.

Since their little sleep over party, rumor has it that some romance may have erupted between Bree Olson and Charlie Sheen. “She’s definitely seen him many times, but she thinks there is more,” a source reported about Sheen and Olson. “She doesn’t understand why he doesn’t get serious with his girls.”

I’ll let the massive “Awwwwww” dissipate before tainting this budding love story. Some in the industry have decided against jumping on this bandwagon too soon after hearing ugly rumors. Bree Olson had reportedly attempted shopping a “tell-all” about Charlie Sheen last week.

Is this a grand story of sexy love saving a falling star, or yet another tale of how seduction may be the world’s most dangerous weapon? We’ll keep you posted.

Capri Anderson Porn Video - CapriciousShortly after Charlie Sheen filed a lawsuit suing Capri Anderson for attempted extortion, porn actress Christina Walsh announced she was reconsidering filing her planned lawsuit against the TV star, reports.

“Through the process of Ms. Walsh appearing on ABC’s ‘Good Morning America,’ and finally issuing her public statement regarding the events of her night with Mr. Sheen, Ms. Walsh has experienced the natural emotions of many domestic violence victims… that of fear, anxiety and ultimately, a certain level of empowerment. Ms. Walsh has thus, and for the time being, opted to consult the New York City authorities regarding the events of October 26, 2010. Ms. Walsh’s refrain from the issuance of any civil lawsuit is separate and apart from any consideration of Mr. Sheen’s ludicrous lawsuit against her.” – Capri Anderson‘s attorney, Keith Davidson

A source tells that Anderson has been meeting with the New York City District Attorney’s office and plans to deal with the police investigation before deciding what to do next.

The adult film actress claims Charlie Sheen threw a lamp at her and grabbed her by the throat during the events at the Plaza Hotel. Sheen claims that Capri Anderson is just milking the exposure. On the night in question, police reportedly found the ‘Two and a Half Men’ star naked after having trashed his hotel room. Walsh was reportedly found locked in the hotel room bathroom.

Things do not look good on the surface for Charlie Sheen if Capri Anderson decides to sue him. Whether Anderson did in fact try to extort money from Sheen or not, the police report weighs heavily in Capri Anderson‘s corner. Maybe that is why we’ve heard rumor of Sheen offering Anderson $20,000 via text message to calm down.

Capri Anderson Videos

As you all know, Lindsay Lohan had been walking on thin ice for quite some time concerning her lead role as Linda Lovelace in Matthew Wilder’s Inferno. After being granted a one day pass from Betty Ford clinic and failing to meet with the film team, Wilder voiced thoughts of possibly replacing Lohan. Well, I believe the age old phrase is “you reap what you sow,” because Matthew Wilder has done just that.

Lindsay Lohan has now been officially removed from the lead role in Inferno, and replaced by none other than Malin Ackerman. Most of our readers would recognize Malin as the Silk Spectre in Watchmen or as Liane in Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle.

“Lindsay had scheduling issues due to legal obligations and is continuing to focus on getting better in rehabilitation in Palm Springs, and she really had to focus on that in our opinion – and hers,” says the film’s producer, Chris Hanley. “For herself and her career in general it was really her decision to just focus on getting better psychologically. Malin was passionate to take this challenge of the role to task,” says Hanley, “and we feel she has the talent to meet that challenge.” – PEOPLE

The decision to drop Lindsay Lohan from the film was made relatively easy by her overall current situation. Lohan‘s rehabilitation has not only been extended to at least January 3rd, but she has been moved to a “sober living facility” affiliated with the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, California. Chris Hanley has also made mention of insurance being very difficult to obtain for Lindsay. If only The Parent Trap was real, and Lohan had a real sensible, talented twin sister.

Charlie Sheen Threatens Porn Star Capri Anderson

In a world where “Men At Work” will eventually get you “Two and A Half Men” and Hanes commercials, some people find themselves caught in public embarrassment.

Charlie Sheen has once again found himself in one of these celebrity sex scandals. Early Tuesday morning, a phone call was received around 2am from Charlie Sheen‘s New York hotel room at the Plaza. Porn star Capri Anderson then told police officials that Sheen was highly intoxicated and had been throwing furniture around the room while yelling.

Charlie Sheen was not arrested at that point in time. Instead, he promptly checked himself into a hospital for a psych evaluation. Shortly after, Charlie Sheen‘s representative stated that Charlie had an “adverse reaction” to medication he had been taking. He is scheduled to be released from the hospital tomorrow, November 2nd.

Other allegations of the event have surfaced in light of Capri Anderson‘s possible lawsuit. It has been rumored that Charlie’s outburst originated from a frantic search for his wallet, cell phone, and watch after a full night of drinking and blowing lines of cocaine. Subsequent reports of the evening state that Sheen “guzzled more than $11,000 worth of vodka and vintage French wine.” Capri claims Sheen threatened her and kept her in the Plaza hotel room against her will. She was so frightened by the celebrity’s naked rampage, she notified hotel security and locked herself in the bathroom in defense.

Police officials have commented that Capri Anderson‘s claims were not stated in her original report to the police, and they do not plan to file charges against Charlie Sheen. Either way, this should progress into at least one more juicy detailed article.

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