Capri Anderson Porn Video - CapriciousShortly after Charlie Sheen filed a lawsuit suing Capri Anderson for attempted extortion, porn actress Christina Walsh announced she was reconsidering filing her planned lawsuit against the TV star, reports.

“Through the process of Ms. Walsh appearing on ABC’s ‘Good Morning America,’ and finally issuing her public statement regarding the events of her night with Mr. Sheen, Ms. Walsh has experienced the natural emotions of many domestic violence victims… that of fear, anxiety and ultimately, a certain level of empowerment. Ms. Walsh has thus, and for the time being, opted to consult the New York City authorities regarding the events of October 26, 2010. Ms. Walsh’s refrain from the issuance of any civil lawsuit is separate and apart from any consideration of Mr. Sheen’s ludicrous lawsuit against her.” – Capri Anderson‘s attorney, Keith Davidson

A source tells that Anderson has been meeting with the New York City District Attorney’s office and plans to deal with the police investigation before deciding what to do next.

The adult film actress claims Charlie Sheen threw a lamp at her and grabbed her by the throat during the events at the Plaza Hotel. Sheen claims that Capri Anderson is just milking the exposure. On the night in question, police reportedly found the ‘Two and a Half Men’ star naked after having trashed his hotel room. Walsh was reportedly found locked in the hotel room bathroom.

Things do not look good on the surface for Charlie Sheen if Capri Anderson decides to sue him. Whether Anderson did in fact try to extort money from Sheen or not, the police report weighs heavily in Capri Anderson‘s corner. Maybe that is why we’ve heard rumor of Sheen offering Anderson $20,000 via text message to calm down.

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David Boreanaz CheatsDavid Boreanaz seems to be going for the Green Jacket!

The heartthrob star of Bones has been caught fooling around with Porn Star Demi Delia, a.k.a. Gina Rodriguez, and none other than Tiger Woods’ mistress, Rachel Uchitel. Wait, this celebrity sex scandal gets even more tangled.

Gina Rodriguez is a 43 year old mother of two and was married to male adult performer, Randy Spears. She also currently manages our favorite Tiger Woods mistress, Joslyn James. We just can’t get enough of good ‘ole Jossy.

Eyewitness reports have placed David, currently married to Jamie Bergman, at a private party last Easter with Rodriguez:

Boreanaz turned up at an Easter party at the house with another guy and he ended-up staying the night. Gina had the master bedroom and suite at the house and I saw him walking around (not fully dressed) the following morning. I had the room next-door and could hear them laughing and giggling. Gina told me after he left that he was a ‘really cute and fun guy’.”

“On another occasion one of my friends drove them to the Guys And Dolls nightclub, and I saw him at the house on at least three more occasions after that. David and Gina talked on the phone often . She knew that he was married, but she didn’t seem to care.”

“She claimed that they were ‘just friends, ’ but obviously the relationship was much more than that.”

“I think they casually dated for a few months and the relationship seemed pretty casual but Gina really liked David. She is a fun woman who has two teenage kids, and although she has worked in the porn industry she is pretty savvy when it comes to business too.” – RadarOnline

Did a Polish porn actress named Violet Kowal have an affair with Mel Gibson?

That’s what she told the National Enquirer, and they say she took and passed a lie detector test.

Gibson recently split up with Russian Oksana Grigorieva, with whom he had daughter Lucia last October, after separating from his wife Robyn.

Kowal, 26, claims she and Gibson had steamy sex while Grigorieva was pregnant.

“Mel’s breakup with Oksana doesn’t surprise me at all,” Kowal told the Enquirer.

Violet says she had steamy sex with Mel eight times at his compound in Malibu and Santa Monica office in 2009.

“Mel’s great in bed! It was the best sex I’ve ever had!”

Mel’s rep called the story an “absurd fabrication.”

In April Grigorieva characterized her split from Gibson as sudden. The pair was happily posing together in March on red carpets.

Article Courtesy of The Huffington Post