Tupac Sex TapeFree porn tube giant, YouPorn, has allegedly offered $150,000 as a bid for the newest hot celebrity sex tape. An anonymous adult company has also offered to pay much more for the Tupac sex tape, but only under the condition that they be able to view the celebrity sex tape first. The video is said to feature deceased West Coast rap legend, Tupac Shakur, receiving oral sex from an unidentified woman while drinking a cocktail and smoking a joint. The Tupac sex tape is also reported to feature Digital Underground member, Money B, wrapping his arm over Shakur’s shoulder in celebration of his ongoing blowjob.

Viewers of the Tupac Shakur sex tape have also expressed there may be another video connected. Many of them commenting on Tupac’s motion to continue the night’s affairs at the end of the current sex tape in question. Of course, this information has leaked very curiously. Considering a large anonymous adult company wishes to purchase the Tupac sex tape, but has not viewed it, it is difficult to understand how others have laid eyes on the footage so easily.

We’ll keep an ear to the ground and continue to update you on this story.


The seemingly untouchable blockbuster pop star, Usher, has allegedly been offered a saintly deal by CEO of Vivid Entertainment, Steven Hirsch.

This past Decemeber, Usher Raymond IV had his vehicle robbed of a cool million dollars worth of goods. Included within the stolen property were two laptops, where a sex tape was found of Usher and ex-wife Tameka Foster. Of course, the tape has been shopped around the Adult Industry…and Steven Hirsch receives every celebrity sex tape possible. Although, it seems that Mr. Hirsch has found another avenue in dealing with such situations.

Vivid has offered Usher their services in the opposite of selling his sex tape. One must wonder why a giant Adult Entertainment label, which has made millions marketing other celebrities’ poorly produced video sex romps, would suddenly have a change of heart and decide to stop another release. None the less, the offer is on the table.

“We’ve learned that a sex video of you and your ex-wife is making its way around the adult industry,” reads the letter. “As a result of this being an intimate and very personal tape we can certainly understand why you would want to stop its distribution. We may therefore be able [to] assist you in stopping your own video from any type of circulation.” – Steven Hirsch to Usher

Sources: PopEater.com

Demi Lovato, star of Disney’s “Sonny With A Chance”, continues to get help at an undisclosed treatment facility since being admitted for treatment for emotional and physical issues. Lovato has been in rehab since October, after the actress physically harmed a dancer during the South American segment of the Jonas Brothers’s world tour.

In photos obtained by The Superficial, the actress-singer is seen putting her cleavage on display as a friend snaps a picture.

In the first image, Demi Lovato is pulling down her top, almost exposing her breasts, as female friends – one of which appears to be back-up dancer Alex Welch, whom Lovato punched.

Lovato, 18, struck a similar pose in a second photo, with her hand pulling down her top and her tongue to her gal pal’s cheek.

The site also posted a series of images of the singer posing in a lacy bra.

Demi Lovato abruptly left an international tour with the Jonas Brothers after her altercation with the 21-year-old Welch. According to Welch, Lovato wrongly believed the dancer had tattled on her for a late night of partying.

recently reported a source’s claim that Demi Lovato had also “videotaped herself getting it on with a young man over the summer,” while her uncle, Francisco Lovato, allegedly prevented anyone from entering her tour bus.

Lovato‘s rep countered that “the sourcing on this report is so spotty that it is hard to fully respond.”

“Francisco Lovato is the brother of Demi‘s estranged father. He never traveled on the tour, and certainly didn’t serve as some sort of chaperone,” the rep explained.

Steven Hirsch, CEO of Vivid Entertainment, tells TMZ, “After everything that Demi Lovato has been through, we would never consider distributing a sex tape with her. In fact, we would purchase it and either give it back to her or destroy it.”

Hirsch is a recovering addict and even owns Hollywood Recovery Services, an outpatient recovery center. His personal connection to the addiction and recovery process is being credited for his uncharacteristic handling of such a celebrity sex tape.

NY Daily News – Demi Lovato Racy Pictures

NY Daily News – Demi Lovato Sex Tape Unfounded

Demi Lovato Sex Tape 1

Demi Lovato Sex Tape 2

Erica Langston, star of “The Bad Girls Club“, has reportedly sold one of her two shopped celebrity sex tapes to Vivid Entertainment.

Celebrity sex tape aficionado Steven Hirsch has struck again with this purchase. The Bad Girls Club is a reality television program that has been on the Oxygen Network since December 2006. The show was created by Jonathan Murray and is produced by Bunim/Murray Productions (the same company that produces the reality series The Real World). The show’s premise follows seven women with a number of personal, behavioral, and psychological problems — deemed “bad girls” — as they live together for four months. Cameras record their relationships and their attempts to accomplish specific goals.

Erica Langston was recently a contestant on Season 5 of “The Bad Girls Club” in Miami, Florida. She made it all the way both on the show, and on video with her boyfriend. Two reported sex tapes have been shopped around by this blonde reality TV bombshell. One, involving Erica, Erica’s boyfriend Adrian, and a third undisclosed participant, failed to receive an offer due to the third party requesting too much money. The second celebrity sex tape is a simple erotic event between just Erica and her boy toy. So simple in fact, that it made getting paid a six figure sum look pretty easy.

The Erica Langston sex tape is set to be released just in time for Christmas 2010.


I think it may be official that Tiger Woods gets more shit than the President of the United States. The PGA superstar loses his marriage, almost gets beaten with a golf club, returns to one of the most up-tight professional sports as a known adulterous man hoe, and still becomes named to the Ryder Cup team to represent our country on the flowing green fairways. Now Tiger’s infamous mistresses are going for his jugular again, just when he seems to be putting his problems behind him.

Devon James is claiming to have an astonishing 62 minute “recording” of her sexual encounters with Tiger Woods. Apparently, she is so confident that her “recording” will be a hit, she is asking for a minimum of $392,900 for it. “We are flying to Los Angeles today to meet with Vivid about selling the tape. If they won’t get involved, we will self-release it. It’s going to be the bomb,” said Devon James on her Tiger Woods sex tape.

Now, let’s be realistic. Steven Hirsch, CEO of Vivid Entertainment, has refused to comment on the matter. Not only that, but Devon James‘ own mother has commented on her daughter’s untrustworthy history. “My daughter is nothing but a pathological liar. There was no relationship with Tiger Woods,” says Devon’s mother Sandra Brinling. Devon is also claiming that she was working with a Christian Charity project in Hawaii when she met Tiger Woods at the ripe age of 19. Don’t get me wrong, I have known plenty of porn stars in my time here that have had religious backgrounds. It’s just a hard pill to swallow that the same woman who worked at the Bunny Ranch and claimed to have had a child by Tiger Woods only to lose in court, would be participating in a Christian Charity project.

If this Tiger Woods Sex Tape turns out to be real, I promise to post a full retraction and apologize to Devon James for false speculation, but I don’t think I will have to do so. To reference another fake ass publicity stunt that happened recently, I think Devon James has a Tiger Woods Sex Tape like Jenna Jameson got smacked down by Tito Ortiz.

Speidi Sex TapeA lot of buzz has surfaced just recently surrounding the reality television super couple, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag. The married duo, also dubbed “Speidi” by popular media, apparently has a sex tape for sale!

In what would most certainly be every horny “The Hills” fan’s wet dream, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag lay their personal sex life on camera. Spencer is laying the guidelines down at 5 million for the newest celebrity sex tape. There has not been any word of an offer in response from the Adult Industry celebrity sex tape giant, Vivid Entertainment, but you can be sure the news has crossed Steven Hirsch’s luxurious desk.

Popular opinion is that a market DOES exist for the Speidi Sex Tape. Given the long term success and continued viewership of “The Hills“, it is feasible that this reality celebrity sex tape could reach the same levels as “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Danielle Staub’s porn flick. Keep your eyes and ears open on this one. I’m giving the Speidi Sex Tape the “Sleeper” label as of right now. We’ll keep you informed as this story unfolds.

Montana Fishburne as Porn Star Chippy DWell, it’s official. After selling out 25,000 copies as “Chippy D” in her first porn film with Vivid Entertainment, Montana Fishburne is now a porn star. So much of a porn star in fact, that Vivid has seen enough success to offer her a multi-video deal.

Montana Fishburne‘s father, Laurence Fishburne, worked diligently to form a counter move to his daughter’s newly chosen adult career. He and his close friends had agreed to buy every copy for a collective cool million, and keep the light of social day from ever hitting Montana‘s raised bare ass. Unfortunately, Steven Hirsch had no intention of letting his newest celebrity daughter experiment be tampered with. The DVD had already shipped, and Laurence Fishburne‘s baby girl is now somebody else’s baby on camera.

Information regarding exactly how many films Vivid has offered Montana Fishburne is still a mystery. If they are all this successful, we may be forgetting Montana Fishburne and praising Chippy D much sooner than expected.

Laurence Fishburne Unhappy with Montana Sex Tape

It seems that our previous statements regarding Laurence Fishburne‘s approval of his 19 year old daughter, Montana Fishburne, deciding to make a hardcore porn film with Vivid Entertainment were correct. The spiritual leader of the human resistance against robotic artificial intelligence does nothing of the sort.

Montana has publicly stated that her father is angry with her decision, and that she has yet to speak to him about it. Why should she? At the ripe age of 19, Montana is considered an adult by our government and can make every decision any other citizen is given the freedom to. There has never been a 19 year old in the history of our race that has made an unintelligent decision concerning their future right? There’s no value in the advice of her wildly successful A-list celebrity movie star father right?

Montana rationalizes her decision to start her career in the Adult Industry by comparing her future to another celebrity sex tape star. “I view making this movie as an important first step in my career. I’ve watched how successful Kim Kardashian became and I think a lot of it was due to the release of her sex tape. I’m hoping the same magic will work for me.”, she says. This is all well and good as an observance, but the facts are inconclusive as to what exactly made Kim Kardashian successful.

It is true that Kardashian’s sex tape did leak at the same time as her emergence upon the world came to be. Although, it was not the only thing that she was in the public eye for. Her sex tape with former boyfriend Ray J was supplemented with the beginning of her relationship with NFL star Reggie Bush. Not to mention Kim’s tabloid presence for being one of Paris Hilton’s favorite party partners. Besides Montana‘s last name being forever linked to her father’s timeless characters, she has relatively nothing to stand on. I think instead of trying to follow in Kim Kardashian’s shoes, she might have an easier time following someone like Amanda Bynes. Now if Amanda Bynes had a sex tape releasing, I wouldn’t have an extra hand to type.

Danielle Staub Sex Tape - "Raw"Philadelphia, PA – One housewife just got really real.

Though her native New Jersey is across the river, Philadelphia just became the new home for reality television star Danielle Staub’s celebrity sex tape. The amazing display of depravity that is Danielle Staub Raw first showed up today at 12:00 PM EST, available to the public exclusively on Philly-based www.HotMovies.com and HotMovies affiliate website www.dsraw.com

“We are thrilled to be able to bring this sex tape to the world” said James Cybert, HotMovies.com director of business development. “I am a huge fan of Danielle’s show and watching her get freaky on my site is like a dream come true. She’s always been the most controversial housewife and you can bet your foreclosed mansion that all of America will be talking about this MILF again.”

Staub stumbled upon national acclaim last year when cast in the fourth installment of Bravo’s Real Housewives series, The Real Housewives of New Jersey. The athletic mother of two girls quickly gained infamy for her antics both on the show and before. Yet even her alleged appearances as an escort, drug addict and felon in the 1995 book Cop Without a Badge can’t match the wicked perversion of the footage now showing on HotMovies.

It is obvious from this homespun horn fest that Danielle Staub truly enjoys sex. The amateur recording contains moments where passion overrides videography but Staub’s sexual prowess remains amazingly uninhibited and raw. Read the rest of this entry »

(CNN) — A sex tape allegedly showing former Sen. John Edwards survived a fire that torched a North Carolina courthouse on Thursday.

Actually, the tape that was the subject of a February court hearing at the historic Chatham County Courthouse was not at the courthouse during the blaze, city officials said.

The tape, said to show Edwards and his former mistress Rielle Hunter, had been moved to another facility, said Debora Henzey, community relations director for Chatham County.

Seven fire departments responded to the blaze at the courthouse in downtown Pittsboro about 4:45 p.m. Thursday. It took firefighters hours to quell the blaze, which severely damaged the courthouse.

In February, the courthouse was the scene of the legal battle over the sex tape, with Hunter suing for its return.

At the hearing, Judge Abraham Penn Jones found former Edwards aide Andrew Young and his wife, Cheri, in civil contempt of court and ordered them to hand over the tape to the court.

In court documents, the Youngs had said that the video showed “Senator Edwards engaged in sexual activities with a woman who, from all indications, is not his wife and who the Youngs believe to be Ms. Hunter, based upon her appearance.”

In January, Edwards admitted that he had fathered a child with Hunter, a videographer who worked on his 2008 presidential campaign.

Edwards had publicly denied paternity for more than a year. About a week after his admission, he confirmed reports that he had legally separated from his wife, Elizabeth.

Those announcements came just before Andrew Young released an embarrassing book about the Edwardses and his campaign.

Article Courtesy of CNN