Charlie Sheen Social Media Internship

We’re very sorry for the delay in posting, but accurate information needed to be gathered on the Charlie Sheen internship process. If you have not been following “Hurricane Sheen” as of late, then you probably are not aware of the opportunity you’ve already missed.

Early last week, Charlie Sheen announced he would be making an announcement at 3pm in front of his estate’s front gates. What was announced was his official search for an 8 week paid Social Media intern. The first round of the Charlie Sheen Social Media Intern search saw 74,000 applicants via, and recently the first cuts were made.

Two of the personalities which made their way on to the second round were the Adult Industry’s own James Deen and Isis Taylor. Now, one may easily begin to believe that this contest is rigged from already established porn stars making the cuts. Although, most ranks of porn stardom don’t annually make what Charlie Sheen could effortlessly throw in an intern’s pockets.

What porn star do YOU think would make the best intern for Charlie Sheen?