Charlie Sheen Threatens Porn Star Capri Anderson

In a world where “Men At Work” will eventually get you “Two and A Half Men” and Hanes commercials, some people find themselves caught in public embarrassment.

Charlie Sheen has once again found himself in one of these celebrity sex scandals. Early Tuesday morning, a phone call was received around 2am from Charlie Sheen‘s New York hotel room at the Plaza. Porn star Capri Anderson then told police officials that Sheen was highly intoxicated and had been throwing furniture around the room while yelling.

Charlie Sheen was not arrested at that point in time. Instead, he promptly checked himself into a hospital for a psych evaluation. Shortly after, Charlie Sheen‘s representative stated that Charlie had an “adverse reaction” to medication he had been taking. He is scheduled to be released from the hospital tomorrow, November 2nd.

Other allegations of the event have surfaced in light of Capri Anderson‘s possible lawsuit. It has been rumored that Charlie’s outburst originated from a frantic search for his wallet, cell phone, and watch after a full night of drinking and blowing lines of cocaine. Subsequent reports of the evening state that Sheen “guzzled more than $11,000 worth of vodka and vintage French wine.” Capri claims Sheen threatened her and kept her in the Plaza hotel room against her will. She was so frightened by the celebrity’s naked rampage, she notified hotel security and locked herself in the bathroom in defense.

Police officials have commented that Capri Anderson‘s claims were not stated in her original report to the police, and they do not plan to file charges against Charlie Sheen. Either way, this should progress into at least one more juicy detailed article.

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